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release date: Jun 27, 2017
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Robert E. Howard's Conan the Cimmerian Barbarian: The Complete Weird Tales Omnibus

This collection contains all of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Cimmerian stories published during his lifetime, contextualized with biographical details of their author.

A full e-book copy of this book in Interactive PDF format is included and can be downloaded by clicking the "PDF" link in your Audible library (it's in the "Title" column). This PDF includes the audiobook chapter numbers, to make navigation easier.

Excerpt from the introduction:

"When the first Conan of Cimmeria story appeared in the pages of Weird Tales magazine in December 1932, nothing quite like it had ever before appeared in print. Author Robert E. Howard had been writing stories broadly similar to it for half a decade; but it was with Conan, and the Hyborian Age storyworld in which he was placed, that Howard finally fully doped out the sub-genre that would become known as "sword and sorcery", of which Howard is today considered the founding father.

"Conan's origins date back to an experiment in 1926 titled "The Shadow Kingdom", featuring the character Kull, exile of Atlantis. The idea - Howard's great innovation - was, at its core, historical fiction set in a pre-historical period. That pre-historical period - being, of course, lost in the mists of time - could contain anything Howard might like to include: evil races of sentient snake-things, sorcerers, undead creatures, demons walking upon the earth, anything.

"In other words, Howard was creating a secular mythology."

release date: Aug 24, 2018
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The Beginner's Guide to Healthy Juices and Smoothies (Smoothies and Juices)
Fresh juices invigorate, energize, cleanse and maintain. The variety of brews, through various combinations of ingredients, is endless and the benefits span a similar spectrum. This book is for everyone who wants to experience the transformation that fresh, homemade and preservative free juices can provide. The Beginner's Guide to Juices and Smoothies provides over a 100 unique smoothie and juice recipes, as well as a complete description of the benefits associated with the fruits, vegetables, herbs and nutrients which are featured in this book.
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release date: Jun 16, 2015
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Love Sucks
Fall into a world full of passion, romance, first dates, and first kisses, but be prepared, love doesn’t always end well. This world is filled with all kinds of paranormal creatures. Vampires, weredogs, ghosts, and even a mummy take to the pages. Amusing stories filled with love gone sideways. This collection contains twenty stories and poems written by a talented bunch of authors. They bring to life magical adventures. Authors and contributors are Matthew Wilson, Faith Marlow, Shannon Eckrich, Sabina Bundgaard, Gina A. Watson, Lindsay Jayne, Mariana Thorn, Emma Michaels, Michael Cross, Jordanne Fuller, Reven Archer Black, Kelly Matsuura, A.J. Summer, Cathrina Constantine, Lily Luchesi, E.M. MacCullum, K.C. Finn, and Nicole L. Daffurn
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release date: May 10, 2017
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Unearthly Sleuths
Crime solving becomes extraordinary when the rules of Planet Earth as we know it don't apply.
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release date: Apr 25, 2016
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Game of Risk: Risqué, Book 3

Going about her uneventful life, the last thing commitment-phobe Layla Jansen expects is to be abducted from a business meeting by one of her brother's crazy friends. But her brother, Drew, does know how to get himself into trouble and this time he's investigating a case of corruption that goes all the way to the top.

Ruger Warner has a debt to settle and protecting the pretty behind of his old ally is an easy way to put the past to rest. But the sassy vixen has legs which go all the way to heaven and a mouth that can match his wit.

Layla promises her brother she'll do as she's told and let Ruger keep her alive. But that doesn't mean she plans to make it easy for the hulk of a man who thinks he can charm his way into every woman's good graces.

Layla had been accused of many things in her time, being easy wasn't one of them, and Ruger is about to learn that the hard way.

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release date: Dec 16, 2017
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The Shadow Over Deathlehem: An Anthology of Holiday Horrors for Charity
O little town of Deathlehem, Within you death doth lie! Beneath thy deep and rutted streets Tormented souls do cry. Yet in your dark streets shineth A cold and ghostly light. The fears and tears of all the years Are met in thee tonight. Well, here we are again, folks — Deathlehem … … where Krampus isn't the only creature to fear when the holiday draws near… … where holiday treats aren't safe to eat … … where not even the apocalypse will keep people from celebrating the holiday … … where even Chanukah isn't safe to celebrate … Twenty-five more tales of holiday horror to benefit The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
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release date: Jul 02, 2015
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Asian Pulp
Following in the tradition of the best selling Black Pulp, from Today's Best Authors and up and coming writers comes Asian Pulp from Pro Se Productions! A collection of stories featuring characters of Asian origin or descent in stories that run the gamut of genre fiction! Asian Pulp includes works from Don Lee, Naomi Hirahara, Kimberly Richardson, Percival Constantine, William F. Wu, Gary Phillips, Calvin McMillin, Mark Finn, Dale Furutani, Steph Cha, Henry Chang, Sean Taylor, Gigi Pandian, Louise Herring-Jones, Alan J. Porter, and David C. Smith. The anthology opens with an introduction from Leonard Chang, novelist and writer and co-producer of the TV crime drama Justified. Mysteries, westerns, stories of crime and noir, and more, all with Asian characters in the lead! Between these covers are 17 tales of action, adventure, and thrills featuring heroes and heroines of a different shade that will appeal to audiences everywhere! Asian Pulp! From Pro Se Productions!
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release date: Jan 01, 2009
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Claude Lightfoot: Or How the Problem Was Solved
The story opens upon Claude Lightfoot, a reckless 12 year old boy who constantly acts first and thinks later. After being in clash with some bullies, Claude is obliged to miss his First Communion. In the course of the story, Fr. Finn manages to cover a host of topics, including smoking, drinking, the devil, Confession, Holy Communion, retaining one s Baptismal innocence, the 9 First Fridays, the priesthood, mothers and sisters, truthfulness, lying, courage, effeminacy, atheism, sacrilege, baseball, Americanism (true and false), Latin, virtue, honor, leadership, etc.
release date: May 10, 2012
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The Philosophy Skills Book: Exercises in Philosophical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

The Philosophy Skills Book will help you to master the core skills you need to succeed in your study of Philosophy.

Taking you through a series of exercises that will help you practise and perfect your reading and writing of Philosophy, this book covers such topics as: 

Finding arguments and drawing conclusions
Finding and resolving inconsistencies
Brainstorming and planning your essays
Summarizing and defending your argument
Using quotations
Avoiding common errors

Whether you want to get your studies off to a flying start or improve your final grade, The Philosophy Skills Book will help you develop the skills you need to be a better Philosopher.

release date: Jul 13, 2021
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Tom Playfair or Making a Start
Tom Playfair is the first book of "Fr. Finn's Famous Three". Along with sequels Percy Wynn and Harry Dee, Tom Playfair was the most popular of Fr. Francis J. Finn's twenty-seven Catholic novels for young people. Resembling a Catholic version of Charles Dickens' stories, or even the Hardy Boys, the various adventures of Tom Playfair were read by hundreds of thousands of young people in the late 19th and 20th centuries. But young Catholics today love Tom Playfair too! Their quaint turn-of-the-century language is part of the charm of the stories as is Fr. Finn's own brand of humor. When the kids "get into" his style they find it hilarious!
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