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release date: Sep 04, 2018
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The Man I Never Met: A Memoir

A powerful true story of loss and hope by one of the biggest names in sports media.

On September 11, 2001, Joe Maio went to work in the north tower of the World Trade Center. He never returned, leaving behind a wife, Sharri, and 15-month old son, Devon. Five years later, Sharri remarried, and Devon welcomed a new dad into his life.

For thousands, the whole country really, 9/11 is a day of grief. For Adam and Sharri Maio Schefter and their family it’s not just a day of grief, but also hope. This is a story of 9/11, but it’s also the story of 9/12 and all the days after. Life moved on. Pieces were picked up. New dreams were dreamed. The Schefters are the embodiment of that.

This book will give voice to all those who have chosen to keep living. It’s gratifying and beautiful. But also messy and hard. Like most families. Except that one day every year history comes roaring back. How do you embrace that? How do you honor that?

The Man I Never Met is also a peek at Adam Schefter, the man behind the headlines and injury reports; a real person who has a real family. His book will follow in the path of recent ESPN books by Tom Rinaldi and the late Stuart Scott – books that have transcended sport to examine the raw emotion of life.

release date: Aug 01, 2012
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Michigan Football: The History of the Nation's Winningest Program

Reviewing a record that few schools can match—11 national championships, 42 conference championships, three Heisman Trophy winners, and countless All-Americans—this sports history spotlights the University of Michigan’s football legacy. The book presents 122 years’ worth of action captured by the school’s student-run newspaper, the Michigan Daily, drawing from the devoted reporters and photographers who covered the sidelines. Featuring stories and images that were originally published in the periodical, the account presents a record of these young journalists’ outstanding work as well as a must-have keepsake for anyone who ever strolled the campus in Ann Arbor or attended games at Michigan Stadium. The school’s legendary coaches, greatest players, and most memorable victories are related, from the teams of Fielding Yost and Fritz Crisler through the Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr eras to Brady Hoke’s current bowl-winning club. Conducting a spectacular journey through the past of one of college football’s top programs, this is an all-inclusive companion for die-hard UM fans.

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release date: Aug 28, 1998
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TD : Dreams in Motion

On a sun-filled January day, running back Terrell Davis stood atop a fire truck that slowly wound through downtown Denver during the Broncos' Super Bowl victory parade while 650,000 raucous fans were chanting "TD! TD! TD!"

It was a moment of exhilaration and accomplishment for Terrell, whose record-setting, three-touchdown performance against the Green Bay Packers earned him the Super Bowl XXXII MVP. As he waved and gave the Mile High Salute, Terrell couldn't help but think of how unbelievable it all was, how it had taken so much to get to this shining moment.

"If I were to jump outside my body and get a chance to read my life story, I would say, `Man, that's amazing.' I've never heard, seen, or read a story like this--never."

Terrell had faced hurdles that make carrying a football seem easy in comparison. There were blinding migraine headaches that had haunted him from the age of seven and almost removed him from the Super Bowl; a capricious father, who toughened Terrell in unorthodox ways, yet helped mold him into the person and player he is today; an arrest in college that could have cost him everything he ever wanted; a contentious relationship with his head coach at the University of Georgia that made him more determined than ever.

At Lincoln High School, before being switched to fullback during his senior year, Terrell was a nose guard, attracting scant attention from colleges. At Long Beach State, his college of choice, the football program folded two seasons after Terrell arrived. At Georgia, Terrell saw his stock and reputation almost irreparably damaged, all leading to him becoming the 196th player and 21st running back selected in the 1995 NFL draft. Finally, in his rookie year with the Broncos, he battled from being a sixth-string running back to starter in the span of only one summer. Not since his Pop Warner days, when he was known as "Boss Hogg," was he thought of as a go-to guy, and now, here he was, one of the NFL's top players.

TD: Dreams in Motion is a candid and surprising autobiography, unlike any sports book. It takes you on a journey through Terrell's life and into his mind and heart. It explains how Terrell has been able to maintain the edge that others have lost. It spells out the origins of the Mile High Salute that became a nationally recognized sports symbol and celebration. It discusses the unique relationship he shares with his mother, a remarkable and compassionate woman.

Perhaps most important, TD: Dreams in Motion is inspirational. It helps you understand why Terrell has been able to persevere while others he has known have veered off the road.

Terrell will overwhelm you not with his moves on the football field, but with his words on the page. Searing and gut-wrenching, lighthearted and funny, honest and real, this is Terrell Davis's own story, the memoirs of a champion.

release date: Jul 21, 2009
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The Class of Football: Words of Hard-Earned Wisdom from Legends of the Gridiron

Insightful, poignant, inspiring, and witty, The Class of Football is a heartfelt collection of hard-earned wisdom and life's lessons from the Hall-of-Fame induction speeches of the NFL's all-time greatest players.

Compiled in conjunction with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, The Class of Football brings together sage advice from legends of the game whose knowledge, leadership, experience, and athletic prowess made them heroes on and off the field. George Halas speaks on history, Alan Page on justice, Gale Sayers on perseverance, John Madden on passion, Steve Largent on mentors, Mike Singletary on childhood, Michael Irvin on family, Marv Levy on philosophy, and Willie Davis and the rest of the great Green Bay Packers on Vince Lombardi. Each Hall of Famer reflects on his life and career and, even more important, addresses how and why he was able to arrive, once and for all, in Canton, Ohio. Motivating and gripping, these wise words from nearly five decades of Hall-of-Fame history will live on long after the cheering.

release date: Aug 18, 1999
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Think Like A Champion: Building Success One Victory at a Time

Mike Shanahan believes that the game of life is won--or lost--before you take the field. You can't win any important game without a plan for how to win it, nor live a successful life or pursue a rewarding career without a clear outcome in mind and a detailed plan for how to achieve your goals.

 Coach Shanahan knows about achieving big goals. Armed with his plan, he and his world champion Denver Broncos have elevated themselves to spectacular levels of performance. In three amazing years, they transformed a "mediocre," aging" franchise--and their legendary quarterback who just "couldn't win the big game--into the most feared powerhouse in the league; with back-to-back Super Bowl rings to prove it.

 Now, in Think Like a Champion, Shanahan opens his playbook to show the X's and O's of winning, a detailed game plan to help you storm the field with foolproof strategies, confidence, and the indomitable will to win. Shanahan's principles of success are as deceptively simple as they are challenging:

  • "Preparation is key." Having prepared for every possible contingency, Shanahan expects to win every game he plays. He's usually right.
  • "Whatever the sacrifice, it is worth the price of pursuing your passion." Give every game everything you've got, or don't bother to suit up.
  • "Break down the competition's weakness and learn from their strengths." There's a system to studying game films, to observing your competitors on their home field before the big game. Apply it every time you enter a new market, pitch to a new customer, or face a critical decision.
  •  "Pick great leaders and give them the power to inspire." There's a John Elway on your team. Give him the ball, and let him lead.
  •  "Set huge goals." Hey, this isn't going to be easy. "It's about work ethic and balance." In short, it's about believing that achieving the impossible is all in a day's work.

 Everything in Mike Shanahan's life has prepared him to write this powerful book. He has worked with some of the best and some of the most difficult owners and coaches in the game, and he has coached a roster of players ranging from underachievers to All-Pros. In the ultra-competitive world of the NFL, he is a champion among champions. With his innovative mind, tenacity, and determined leadership, Shanahan has risen to the elite coaching ranks in the NFL. Armed with his vision, and these proven success principles, you can improve your chances on Game Day--or any day of the week.

release date: Jun 14, 2021
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Think Like A Champion: Building Success One Victory at a Time by Mike Shanahan (1999-08-18)
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release date: Jun 14, 2021
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Romo: My Jekyll and Hyde Life
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