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release date: Sep 04, 2018
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All-American Murder: The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez, the Superstar Whose Life Ended on Murderers' Row
The first book to investigate Aaron Hernandez's first-degree murder conviction and the mystery of his own shocking and untimely death. A #1 New York Times bestseller for 3 months.

Aaron Hernandez was a college All-American who became the youngest player in the NFL and later reached the Super Bowl. His every move as a tight end with the New England Patriots played out the headlines, yet he led a secret life--one that ended in a maximum-security prison snd suicide. What drove him to go so wrong, so fast?

"Ripped from the headlines . . . Combining in-depth, investigative reporting and fresh interviews, the authors effectively tabloid-proof this shocking, celebrity-driven story by lining up the facts and labeling rumors." --USA Today

release date: May 01, 2012
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Store of the Worlds: The Stories of Robert Sheckley (New York Review Books Classics)
An NYRB Classics Original

Robert Sheckley was an eccentric master of the American  short story, and his tales, whether set in dystopic city­scapes, ultramodern advertising agencies, or aboard spaceships lighting out for hostile planets, are among the most startlingly original of the twentieth century. Today, as the new worlds, alternate universes, and synthetic pleasures Sheckley foretold become our reality, his vision begins to look less absurdist and more prophetic. This retrospective selection, chosen by Jonathan Lethem and Alex Abramovich, brings together the best of Sheckley’s deadpan farces, proving once again that he belongs beside such mordant critics of contemporary mores as Bruce Jay Friedman, Terry Southern, and Thomas Pynchon.
release date: Mar 07, 2017
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Bullies: A Friendship

**Vulture's The Best Books of 2016**
**Kirkus Reviews Best Nonfiction Books of 2016**
**featured in NPR's Guide to 2016's Great Reads**

The powerful account of one writer's unlikely friendship with his childhood bully, now the president of a motorcycle club in one of America's most dangerous cities.

Once upon a time, Alex Abramovich and Trevor Latham were mortal enemies: miniature outlaws in a Long Island elementary school, perpetually at each other's throats. Then they lost track of each other. Decades later, when they met again, Abramovich was a writer and Latham had become President of the East Bay Rats, a motorcycle club in Oakland.

In 2010, Abramovich moved to California to immerse himself in Latham's world - one of fight clubs, booze-filled nights, and beat-downs on the city's streets. But dangerous, dysfunctional Oakland was also becoming one of America's most rapidly gentrifying cities, and the questions Abramovich had arrived with were thrown into brutal relief: How do we live with the burden of violence? How do we overcome it? Do we overcome it?

As Trevor, the Rats, and the city they live in careen between crises and moments of renaissance, Abramovich explores issues of friendship, family, history, and destiny - and looks at what happens when those things fail. Bullies is at once a vivid, visceral narrative of an unusual friendship and an incisive portrait of a beautiful, terrible city.

release date: Jun 01, 2002
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Cinderella Story: Notes on Contemporary Culture
Cinderella Story collects the best work by one of the freshest young voices to have emerged in the (virtual) pages of Feed magazine. Though remarkably varied, each of the fifteen essays here exhibits an abiding concern for how the products of America's culture industry impact upon real American lives. "Abramovich cares deeply about some things it would be politic not to," Sam Lipsyte writes in his preface, "and dismantles popular lines of thought with no regard to free drinks forsaken. His stubborn course eschews easy categorizations, embraces nuance, paradox, sensation. Indeed, if there could be such a thing, you might call him a Method Critic - the way his felt actuality bleeds into his cultural knowledge."
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release date: May 15, 2010
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The Literary Review: How To Read Music
Read remarkable fiction, poetry, translations, and serious conversations about literature in the Spring 2010 issue of The Literary Review, an international quarterly publishing astonishing writing since the middle of the last century. In How To Read Music, the universe doesn't always arrange itself in equal measures. Contributors include Rebecca Goldstein, Alex Abramovich, Elena Poniatowska, Percival Everett, Kelly Cherry, Noah Elliot Blake, Nina Soifer, and Aaron Shulman on harmony, art, the sublime, the unimaginable, and related enigmas.
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