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release date: Jan 11, 2018
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Kickass Keto: Your 28-Day Quick Start Guide to Health, Fat-burning, and Weight-loss
Meal plans, recipes, exercise tips for every level, and the guidance you need to kick-start nutritional ketosis, heal your body, become a fat-burner, and lose weight.
Whether you are a newcomer to the Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle, or are struggling to turn existing keto understanding into a solid practice, Kickass Keto: Your 28-Day Quick Start Guide To Health, Fat-Burning, & Weight Loss is designed for you.
To begin your 28-day challenge, the authors break down the science behind keto into easy-to-understand chunks. More importantly, the plan outlines steps to incorporate those chunks into your daily life. You’ll find guidance for fitness, mindset, and workarounds for common pitfalls, plus a full cookbook of 44 delicious, easy, Certified Ketogenic recipes for dinners, sides, and supplemental fat bombs to get you through your first month of keto, and beyond.
If you’ve tried a keto diet on your own, but found you need a structured, cohesive plan to get you into that awesome state of fat-burning nutritional ketosis, join Brian, Carrie, and Rekka on this 28-day journey, and raise your keto to new, kickass levels.
You can find a TON more fantastic (and free!) KETO Resources for your keto journey at:
There's podcasts, Facebook Groups, Communities, Recipes, Articles, Challenges, and so much more! JOIN US! We'd love to share the full gamut of KETO awesomeness with you!
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release date: Jul 15, 2017
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The KETO Ice Cream Scoop: 52 amazingly delicious ice creams and frozen treats for your low-carb high-fat life
For anyone wanting to feel fantastic without giving up taste, improve their health dramatically, and lose body-fat, this cookbook is crammed with scrumptious ice cream recipes that will help in the quest for improved wellness and increased fat-loss goals.

Carrie Brown busted out a legion of ice cream churners to bring you 52 fantastic ice cream recipes + 19 mix-ins to rock your KETO tastebuds and bring total food enlightenment to your low carb lifestyle. You no longer have to go without your favorite premium ice creams in order to be healthy.

  • Recipes that require minimal prep.
  • Ice creams that scoop and taste better than Premium regular brands.
  • Simple recipes that the least experienced cook can follow and get great results.
  • All the basic tenants of KETO: no grains, gluten, sugars, starches, soy, or industrialized processed vegetable and seed oils.
  • Ingredients that are very low- or no-carb, and / or are low on the glycemic index.
  • Delicious recipes that no one will know were created for a ‘special’ diet or lifestyle.
  • 52 different flavors for every palate to save the time and frustration of searching for recipes online that you don’t know will work, and don’t know will be delicious.

    Flavors include:
  • Double Cherry Choc Chunk
  • You Had Me At Hazelnut
  • You're Bacon Me Crazy
  • Butterscotch Bling
  • Boy Howdy Blueberry
  • Boom! Boom! Basil
  • Sassy Goat
  • Immortal Avocado
  • Frozen Mocha Cocoa Fudge Cheesecake 
  • Maple Bacon Crack
  • Nutty Mud Puddle
  • Banana Cream Pie
  • Dirty Hippie
  • Cranberry Schmanberry
  • Bubblegum Bliss
  • Ballistic Coffee
  • Lavender Caramel Surprise
  • Triple X Zone
  • Apple Pie a la Mode
  • Kept In The Dark Chocolate
  • All The Beans
  • Butter Me Up Pecan
  • Mind-Blown Blackberry
  • Pistachio Rose

    Developed for awesome people following any of the following lifestyles: KETO, LCHF, LowCarb, SANE, Paleo, Wheat Belly, Banting, Primal, Wild Diet, Clean Eating, weight-loss, gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, egg-free, diabetic, and other real-food dietary lifestyles!

    All recipes are free of sugar, grains, gluten, eggs, and soy. Most can be easily modified to accommodate folks who are dairy-free. Safe for Diabetics.

    For more lip-smacking recipes and all of Carrie's cookbooks, visit

    Foreword by Brian Williamson, Ketovangelist and Author of The KETO Diet - A Beginner's Guide. Because he's AWESOME.
  • release date: Jul 25, 2017
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    Secret Agents Jack and Max Stalwart: Book 1: The Battle for the Emerald Buddha: Thailand (The Secret Agents Jack and Max Stalwart Series)
    For fans of the award-winning SECRET AGENT JACK STALWART comes a must-read new chapter book series! Now Jack teams up with his older brother, Max, to solve new international mysteries, using their special training as secret agents.

    Temporarily retired from the GPF-Global Protection Force-and on family vacation, Jack Stalwart and his older brother, Max, are motivated to act when a band of thieves takes the Emerald Buddha from the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Without the help of the GPF, they're on their own. They're also up against one of the smartest and wealthiest villains they've ever faced. Can Jack and Max find Thailand's most precious statue before it's too late?
    release date: Jul 25, 2017
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    Secret Agents Jack and Max Stalwart: Book 2: The Adventure in the Amazon: Brazil (The Secret Agents Jack and Max Stalwart Series)
    For fans of the award-winning SECRET AGENT JACK STALWART series comes a must-read new chapter book series! Now Jack teams up with his older brother, Max, to solve new international mysteries, using their special training as secret agents.

    Secret agents Jack and Max Stalwart are sent to the Amazon jungle to investigate the disappearance of an important Global Protection Force scientist. Soon, they discover that the scientist's disappearance is no accident. A greedy outlaw is illegally mining for gold and he'll stop and nothing to keep his secret safe. Can Jack and Max save themselves and the scientist from almost certain death?
    release date: Dec 05, 2017
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    Doctor Who : The Twelfth Doctor Complete Year One
    The Twelfth Doctor has just regenerated – but the universe won’t give him a minute’s rest! Not when there’s a violent star on the warpath on a terraformed ice planet – or an ancient alien, masquerading as the celestial Okti, murdering her way towards resurrection in the year 2314!
    Enter the TARDIS with the Doctor and Clara for stunning new adventures! First, the pair battle an enemy who can slide between the cracks of the universe and take over unwilling human hosts – the FRACTURES! Then, the pair discovers an alien invasion in 1960s Las Vegas – forcing them to team up with gangsters!
    Next, The Doctor and Clara are back with a jaunt back to 1845, where the pair discover a horrifying secret hidden in a stately home! Then, the malevolent Hyperions return to scorch the solar system of all life – and the Doctor is pulled into in an epic war for the future of all humankind!
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    release date: Jul 25, 2017
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    The Secret Agent Training Manual: How to Make and Break Top Secret Messages: A Companion to the Secret Agents Jack and Max Stalwart Series (The Secret Agents Jack and Max Stalwart Nonfiction Series)
    Want to learn how to make and break TOP SECRET messages like a real spy? If so, this book is for you! In this exciting, award-winning nonfiction companion to the debut series SECRET AGENTS JACK AND MAX STALWART, readers ages 8 - 12 years old can learn behind-the-scenes codebreaking and spy skills.

    Inside are more than 80 pages of tips, tricks, and practice exercises for writing and deciphering cryptic communications. You'll learn how to make your own invisible ink, hide your messages, create unbreakable ciphers, and craft your own decoder gadgets. You can use this manual to learn how to exchange top secret notes with friends.

    Expanded and republished!
    release date: Oct 26, 2017
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    PMI-PBA® Exam Practice Test and Study Guide (Best Practices and Advances in Program Management)

    The PMI-PBA® Exam Practice Test and Study Guide attempts to address all your questions and concerns by providing two of the most sought-after study aids: memory maps and practice questions. The systematic use of memory maps helps aid in the efficient recall of information and can boost confidence during the exam. Well-crafted practice questions are fantastic study aids that can be used to track your progress as you learn new concepts, introduce you to the complex sentence structure that is likely to appear on the exam, and concentrate your studies by domain, essentially preparing you to pass the very challenging PMI-PBA® Exam in the allotted four hours.

    In addition to study hints and exam topics, this book provides references to tools and techniques that should be incorporated into your work immediately. For each of the five domains outlined in the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® Examination Content Outline 2013 (the ECO), twenty practice questions test your knowledge. Also included is a challenging 200-question practice exam, which is representative of the actual exam.

    To enhance your studies, a timed, online simulated exam is also provided. At the end of the simulated exam, you can see your score per the number of questions you answered correctly. These exam questions are crafted to foster learning and reinforce content; they are not obscure or overly complicated, but rather are representative of the actual exam.

    Knowing what to do must be translated into doing what you know. This book helps you prepare for the PMI-PBA® exam by instilling knowledge and encouraging critical thinking. As a result, the skills attained can lead to improved project success and outcomes, and you’ll have a much stronger understanding of the material, along with the tools and techniques of business analysis.

    PMI-PBA® is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute.

    release date: May 15, 2017
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    Water in Kentucky: Natural History, Communities, and Conservation
    Home to sprawling Appalachian forests, rolling prairies, and the longest cave system in the world, Kentucky is among the most ecologically diverse states in the nation. Lakes, rivers, and springs have shaped and nourished life in the Commonwealth for centuries, and water has played a pivotal role in determining Kentucky's physical, cultural, and economic landscapes. The management and preservation of this precious natural resource remain a priority for the state's government and citizens.

    In this generously illustrated book, experts from a variety of fields explain how water has defined regions across the Commonwealth. Together, they illuminate the ways in which this resource has affected the lives of Kentuckians since the state's settlement, exploring the complex relationship among humans, landscapes, and waterways. They examine topics such as water quality, erosion and sediment control, and emerging water management approaches. Through detailed analysis and case studies, the contributors offer scholars, practitioners, policy makers, and general readers a wide perspective on the state's valuable water resources.
    release date: Mar 06, 2018
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    Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor: Time Trials Volume 2: The Wolves of Winter
    The brand new Year Three comic adventures of the critically acclaimed Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, along with companion Bill Potts!

    In Bill's first comic adventure, the TARDIS crashes into the heart of a Viking camp! But this is no interactive history lesson, and it seems that a terrifying alien force has taken hold over the icy kingdom. As the snow melts, the Doctor realises that he is about to face an unwelcome face from the past...

    And in a one-shot adventure, the Doctor takes Bill and Nardole on a trip to an intergalactic supermarket, where they make an unexpected new friend!

    Collects Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year Three #5-7 and #9.
    release date: Jul 17, 2018
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    Secret Agents Jack and Max Stalwart: The Fate of the Irish Treasure: Ireland (Book 3) (Secret Agents Jack and Max Stalwart Series)
    The third jet-setting installment in the thrilling chapter book series SECRET AGENTS JACK AND MAX STALWART, by award-winning children's author Elizabeth Singer Hunt (SECRET AGENT JACK STALWART). Now Jack teams up with his older brother Max to solve an intriguing Irish mystery, using their special training as secret agents.

    Ireland's greatest national treasure, the sacred Book of Kells, vanishes from a library in Dublin. Clues point to the Mastermind being involved. Will Jack and Max be able to find the Book and uncover the Mastermind's identity before he strikes again?
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