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release date: Mar 28, 2017
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#Breakintovc: How to Break Into Venture Capital and Think Like an Investor Whether You're a Student, Entrepreneur or Working Professional

The first of it's kind, #BreakIntoVC is an essential guide for anyone looking to gain a straightforward knowledge base on the fundamentals of venture capital. Providing research, resources, anecdotes, and information, #BreakIntoVC will help college undergrads make the most of interviews and meetings while demystifying venture capital and making the industry accessible.

With a small number of opportunities in venture capital and a growing candidate pool, set yourself up for success by getting the insights from insiders. By reading this book, you'll have a clear understanding of what an incoming analyst in a venture capital firm should know. You'll get the basics of accounting, how to pitch companies and understand valuation techniques from early to late stage companies.

If you're exploring the industry or if you're curious about venture investing, #BreakIntoVC is a great book to get you started.

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release date: Sep 24, 2018
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Greek Island Mysteries (5 Book Series)
If this summer you are thinking of travelling to the majestic, sun kissed Greek Islands, think again. A sadistic killer is on the loose.
Over the picturesque Greek Islands, bodies are piling up fast. Bodies tortured, mutilated and strangely connected to ancient Greek mythology. Hellenic Police Captain COSTA PAPACOSTA is called in to assist young, top of her year, foul mouth, food loving Cretan, Lieutenant IOLI CARA in solving their most complex case yet, while facing his own demons after the tragic loss of his daughter.
The OLYMPUS KILLER, as the tabloids refer to him by, is a cunning, sadistic murderer with a haunting past. A past revealed to us through his mother’s story set in Dayton, USA.
Will the two officers catch the murderer in time or will the Olympus Killer have his revenge?
A model with arms brutally chopped off...
Twins decapitated and their heads used to form a sun and a moon...
Papacosta and Cara are always one step behind the killer all the way to the shocking end!

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release date: Mar 25, 2016
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Death Of A Bride: A stand-alone murder mystery destined to shock you (Greek Island Mysteries Book 3)
Of all the plans a bride makes in anticipation for her wedding day, dying is definitely not one of them.
The Zampetaki mansion, on the remote island of Gadvos, welcomes dozens of guests for the grand wedding of Cassandra Zampetaki and Homer Cara. It's a wedding that will never take place. The bride's lifeless body is found, brutally murdered, on the morning of the wedding. Planned to look like an open-and-shut case, the mastermind behind it all did not figure on Hellenic Police Captain Costa Papacosta and Lieutenant Ioli Cara to be among the guests.
A storm rages outside and no one is able to leave the island. In a battle against time, the dynamic investigating duo must solve this intense case before the guilty party can depart from the island.
Everyone is a suspect and no one is safe.
Join in on the thrilling mystery and try to solve the crime. The clues are all there...
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release date: Sep 28, 2017
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Restoration (The Path to Redemption Historical Novella Book 1)
Life is hard. Death is easy. Returning from the dead is a nightmare.

On July 4th, 1917, a Master Wizard catches Abigail Davenport, a powerful magic wielder for The Agency, off guard and brutally murders her. In her efforts to survive, she breaks one of magic’s cardinal rules. She pulls the life force out of one man and uses that power to kill another. This action creates a dark shadow on her soul.
Through divine intervention, Abigail is resurrected, but she returns with that dark shadow which tries to destroy her completely. She places her faith in the one man on earth that despises her, Lincoln, an operative for The Agency. He attempts to help her cope not only with her death but with the dark shadow causing her nightmares.
In this historical novella based in The Path to Redemption Series universe, Abigail’s only hope is to accept the darkness inside her before it consumes her.
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release date: Jun 03, 2017
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Seeking Nirvana: Desires remain, even if the memory doesn't (The Dark Evoke Series) (Volume 1)
****CONTAINS AN ELEMENT OF PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE, AND IS THEREFORE ONLY RECOMMENDED TO READERS OVER THE AGE OF 18**** They say that old habits die hard, and twenty-seven-year-old, Kady Jenson, is about to discover how very true that statement is. Waking up in the hospital with a complete stranger at her bedside should have caused panic and confusion, but for some unknown reason to her, Kady finds the company of the rugged, and devastatingly handsome man simply irresistible. And that Irish brogue. Oh, my word! It’s only when she discovers that she has just awoken from a four-day coma, with a three-year void in her memory, that brings on her panic and confusion. Kady soon comes to realize that things change with time, not only appearances. And if that wasn’t enough the sexual chemistry she once shared with her boyfriend, now so long ago, and she begins to fall back into buried habits unconsciously, each day, the growing sense of foreboding becomes increasingly harder to ignore. Kady is left on her own when her boyfriend goes on a business trip; she takes it upon herself to find her Irish Stranger which sends them on a quest, in a race against time, to piece the puzzle back together.
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release date: Apr 28, 2017
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Little Miss Tress: Tressa Rabbit: She'll try anything, once, and always kisses and tells... (Daddy & Me Series) (Volume 1)
Little Miss Tress: Diary of a Submissive Switch It all began with this personal ad: “Dominant woman seeks submissive, ‘not whiny,’ male submissive.” The rules were simple. She would earn his trust and he would submit completely—his mind, body and soul—to her every fantasy. He called it a “normal fetish.” She laughed, because she knew better. She also knew to go slow. They would of course have all the time in the world to discover endless moments of pleasure and pain. Normal? Most certainly not. He would learn. She would be sure of it. She told him to pull out a marker. What she didn’t anticipate was August Sundry pulling out a few tricks of his own. And so, after a failed attempt at “love” with submissive August, Tress Rabbit has come to accept that both her Master and her own dominant side are forever lost. And so, it begins again with another ad. But Tress isn’t the kind of girl to give up so easily. This time, she will seek a man with whom she can explore the best of both worlds. It begins with another ad, for a ‘forever Daddy.’ The deal is simple. He will earn her trust and she will submit completely—her mind, body and soul—to his every fantasy. He promised to be gentle. He said he wasn’t sure he knew what he was doing. She giggled, because she could see it in him; the Daddy Dom. She agreed to be patient, but failed miserably. After all, it’s hard for little girls to sit still for forty-seven minutes, let alone a lifetime. But she’d try: For her happy ending. For Daddy. Little Miss Tress is a (mostly) true to life, living document capturing an age play relationship from its first encounter through to total submission. It offers readers a rare glimpse into the dynamic of a Daddy Dom/little girl relationship – giving insight into what drives age- play preferences and needs. Written entirely uncensored, Little Miss Tress and the "Daddy & Me" series turns on both the sugar and the spice.
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