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release date: Feb 07, 2012
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Collaborative / Therapeutic Assessment: A Casebook and Guide
A guide to conducting Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment topromote client growth

Mental health professionals are increasingly enthusiastic aboutand ready to use psychological test data, research, and theory inlife-relevant ways to improve diagnosis, client care, and treatmentoutcomes. With Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment (C/TA), clientsparticipate actively with the assessor in exploring how their testscores and patterns reflect who they are in their daily lives andhow they can learn to help themselves cope with life'schallenges.

Using a case study approach to demonstrate how to apply C/TA inpractice, Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment providespractitioners with a variety of flexible and adaptable caseexamples featuring adults, children, adolescents, couples, andfamilies from different backgrounds in need of treatment forassorted concerns.

Designed for both experienced and novice clinicians, the bookbegins with a brief history of C/TA, and provides clear definitionsof the distinctions among many common approaches. It uniquelypresents:

  • Eighteen diverse C/TA assessments covering: depression, multiplesuicide attempts, severe abuse, dissociation, an adolescentpsychiatric ward, custody evaluation, a couple in crisis, andcollaborative neuropsychology

  • Guidance on how both client and clinician can agree on the bestcourse of action through joint exploration of assessmentprocedures, results, and implications

  • Closely related approaches to psychological testing, includingIndividualized Assessment, Collaborative Assessment, TherapeuticModel of Assessment, Collaborative/Therapeutic NeuropsychologicalAssessment, and Rorschach-based psychotherapy

  • Clearly labeled Teaching Points in each chapter

Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment providespsychologists in all areas of assessment, and at all levels ofexperience, with powerful C/TA examples that can dramaticallyilluminate and improve clients' lives.

release date: Sep 01, 2005
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Qualitative Research Methods for Psychologists: Introduction through Empirical Studies
Qualitative Research Methods for Psychologists is a collection of 14 original articles that teaches readers how to conduct qualitative research. Instead of characterizing and justifying certain methods, the contributors show by means of actual research studies what assumptions, procedures, and dilemmas they encountered. Fischer's introduction, which emphasizes the practical nature of qualitative research and the closing chapter, which uses a question-and-answer format to investigate, among other subjects, what is scientific about qualitative research, are complemented by a glossary and other features that increase the book's utility and value.
  • Addresses a range of practical examples from different traditions such as phenomology, grounded theory, ethnography and discourse analysis through actual case studies
  • Discusses various methodology and combinations of methods like assimilation analysis, dialogal approach, intuitive inquiry, and conceptual encounter
  • Terms are defined within chapters and/or in a glossary
  • Helps readers bridge from experimental to qualitative methods
  • Provides in-depth, philosophically grounded, and compelling research findings
  • Includes practical introduction about steps in qualitative research
release date: Jan 12, 2012
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Writing to Clients and Referring Professionals about Psychological Assessment Results: A Handbook of Style and Grammar
This book is the first on the craft of effective writing structured expressly for the psychologist-assessor. Author J. B. Allyn, a professional writer who specializes in psychology, combines reference book with tutorial. She blends information on the qualities that create a writer’s unique presence on the page with illustrations of correct English grammar. All of the questions, answers, and illustrations evolved from the concerns of psychologist-assessors, as did the examples, which are grounded in their writing and communication needs. The result creates a guide for report writing that can be used by either practicing professionals or graduate psychology students.
The book divides into three sections: The first and third sections discuss various aspects of effective communication, while the second is a handbook of common grammar problems. Helpful elements guide the reader through the text, including frequent bullet lists, tables and graphs, and grammar and style examples that are framed around assessment reports. It is also written in a conversational tone, which creates the same style it proposes for effectively written reports, and is a key tool for clear and appropriate communication. Readers will refer back to this book, both for quick tips on style and grammar, which are appropriate for any mental health practitioner, and for more detailed advice on writing and communication in assessment reports.
release date: Jan 01, 1994
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Individualizing Psychological Assessment: A Collaborative and Therapeutic Approach
Assessments by psychologists, educators, and other human-service professionals too often end with the client being reported in terms of scores, bell-shaped curves, traits, psychodynamic forces, or diagnostic labels. Individualizing Psychological Assessment uses these classification devices in ways that facilitate returning from them to the individual's life, both during the assessment session and in written reports. The book presents an approach and procedures through which a person's actual life becomes the subject matter of assessment. Thoroughly revised from the previous edition, the book presents a wide range of concrete examples and illustrative cases that will serve both students and practicing professionals alike in individualizing assessments.
release date: Jul 01, 2016
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The Qualitative Vision for Psychology: An Invitation to a Human Science Approach
This volume, edited by three leading proponents and practitioners of human science psychology, serves as an invitation to readers new to this approach while also renewing that invitation to those who have long embraced and advanced research in the field from this perspective. It is a timely and important invitation. In 2009, the American Psychological Association declared psychology to be a core STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) discipline and advocated the teaching and practice of psychology with this natural science understanding in mind, but in 2014 further reaffirmed alternative methods by adding a new journal, Qualitative Psychology. The varied essays in this volume, certainly, bolster the view that a purely STEM-centered vision would ignore much about the very experience of being human.

In fact, it would be dangerous to rely solely on the methods of the natural sciences to study human beings, who operate in the realm of meanings, lived experience, and complex and complicated relationships with self and others. We create societies and belief systems, orient ourselves in time, experience beauty and pain. The Qualitative Vision for Psychology: An Invitation to a Human Science Approach argues that because we have aspects that are distinctly and uniquely human—we are not rats, hydrogen, or rocks, for example—this necessitates a distinctly human science, one that regards persons as humans rather than objects of study. The laws and formulas of the natural sciences simply do not take into account that particularly human way of being in the world.

There are few comprehensive books on psychology conceived as a human science, even though it has a long history with roots in phenomenology, existentialism, psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, and hermeneutics. In recent years, as these essays discuss, the field has been transformed through its contact with feminism, critical historical analysis, and deconstruction, and it has continued to examine new challenges. Further, we see here its specific applicability to issues as diverse as empathy, cultural history, apartheid, sexual assault, fetishes, and our natural environment.
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release date: Oct 10, 2016
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On the Way to Collaborative Psychological Assessment: The Selected Works of Constance T. Fischer (World Library of Mental Health)

This collection of articles by Constance T. Fischer represents many of her major contributions to Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment. Fischer’s work on the conceptual foundations and practices for individualized/ collaborative psychological assessment are assembled in this volume. Also included are her thoughts about how to teach individualized assessment to students. This monograph will serve mental health professionals interested in Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment and instructors and students in graduate courses on psychological assessment.

release date: Jul 16, 2021
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Individualizing Psychological Assessment: A Collaborative and Therapeutic Approach by Constance T. Fischer (1994-01-01)
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