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release date: May 30, 2016
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Bible Study: A Comprehensive Overview of the Bible: Learn all 66 Books of the Bible Effectively Through the Word of God!

The easy approach to learning all 66 books of the Bible! Draw close to God through these fundamental scriptures!

Get to know the Bible today! A comprehensive overview of all 66 Bible books! A great way to increase and enhance your christian faith! Get to know the Bible today!

Bible Study: A Comprehensive Overview of the Bible is written in clear and concise words. This book will go through some very fundamental scriptures and provide you with answers to all your questions, through the word of God! By reading this book, you will find yourself drawing closer to our Lord. You will be able to understand what God's purpose is for the earth and for you! You will be able to take what you have learned and apply it to your daily life.

Why this book?

This book Bible Study: A Comprehensive Overview contains proven steps and strategies on how to study all 66 books of the Bible using God’s Word. For many the Bible can be a daunting book to read. First, because of the number of books that needs to be covered. It is after all comprised of sixty-six lengthy and substantive books about the Christian faith spanning centuries. Second, because of the divine wisdom that is meant to be understood and absorbed in the reading of the scripture. Third, because of the time and commitment required to read each page and absorb the divine wisdom it is supposed to impart.

Although Bible Study is often a long process, something which takes years to accomplish, especially if it is an immersive study of the Word of God, there is no limit set on fast tracking the process. If you prefer a quick study of the Bible then this book is for you. Each chapter contains a short synopsis of 10 books of the Bible. We begin with Genesis, the first book in the Old Testament, and conclude with the book of Revelation, the last book in the New Testament.

Here is quick preview of what is inside...

  • Old Testament: Genesis to 2 Samuel
  • Old Testament: 1 Chronicles to Proverbs
  • Old Testament: Ecclesiastes to Amos
  • Old Testament: Obadiah to Malachi
  • New Testament: Matthew to Ephesians
  • New Testament: Philippians to James
  • New Testament: 1 Peter to Revelation

I hope by reading this book, it will encourage you to devote more time and energy to serious Bible Study. And allow yourself to be blessed by God through a deeper spiritual understanding of his Word.

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release date: Jun 16, 2007
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Private Passions and Public Sins: Men and Women in Seventeenth-Century Lima (Diálogos Series)

Premarital sex, consensual relations, bigamy, polygamy, births out of wedlock, and clandestine affairs between clergy and laity were common components of everyday society in colonial Latin America. Private Passions and Public Sins focuses on the frequency and significance of illegitimacy and extramarital relationships in Lima, Peru, during the seventeenth century. Lima was Maria Mannarelli's selection for this study because it was the administrative, commercial, and religious center of the Viceroyalty of Peru and was home to numerous ethnic and social groups.

Chapter one deals with the Iberian family and extramarital relations in fifteenth-century Spain. Chapter two reconstructs the unequal numbers of men and women in Lima's population throughout the century. Chapter three shows the reactions of civil and church authorities and ordinary citizens to extramarital relationships. Chapter four explores adultery and chapter five follows with illegitimacy and its significance in Lima's society.

The relationship between illegitimacy and women is the focus of chapter six, with a view of colonial women and the emphasis on control of sexuality. The problem of child abandonment resulting from extramarital relationships is discussed in chapter seven.

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release date: Dec 12, 2017
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User Experience in Libraries Yearbook 2017: stories, techniques, insights

The first annual UX in Libraries Yearbook.

UX in Libraries is a global community of practice committed to exploring, sharing, and advocating for, UX research methods in library and learning services. Each year since 2015 an annual international conference has taken place in the UK. Last year’s third iteration took place in Glasgow. This volume collects together the proceedings of that conference, incorporating the keynotes, workshops, the team challenge and the many papers presented by delegates working in both academic and public libraries, together with images from the event.

If you are already conducting user experience research or are just starting on that journey the UXLibs Yearbook should prove to be an invaluable companion to your endeavours.

This volume is edited by UX trainer and consultant Andy Priestner, who is also the Chair and creator of the UX in Libraries conference.

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release date: Oct 19, 2017
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The Simple Guide to Sensitive Boys: How to Nurture Children and Avoid Trauma (Simple Guides)

What do Pablo Picasso, Prince and Martin Luther King Jr have in common? All have been described as having been highly sensitive boys and all grew up to be outstanding, sensitive men.

Too often, adults think of sensitive boys as shy, anxious and inhibited. They are measured against society's ideas about 'manliness' -- that all boys are sociable, resilient and have endless supplies of energy. This highly readable guide is for any adult wanting to know how to understand and celebrate sensitive boys. It describes how thinking about boys in such old-fashioned ways can cause great harm, and make a difficult childhood all the more painful. The book highlights the real strengths shared by many sensitive boys - of being compassionate, highly creative, thoughtful, fiercely intelligent and witty. It also flips common negative clichés about sensitive boys being shy, anxious and prone to bullying to ask instead: what we can do to create a supportive environment in which they will flourish?

Full of simple yet sage advice, this book will help you to encourage boys to embrace their individuality, find their own place in the world, and to be the best they can be.

release date: Aug 24, 2017
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Nightmare Realities: Scary Stories for Dark Nights

Short Spooky Spine Chilling Stories for Children

Nightmare Realities is a collection of 7 scary stories for kids. These children's / teenager short horror stories are just the thing if you're looking for short, spooky, spine-chilling tales. Fans of Goosebumps books and those a little older will love what author A.J. Evans has to offer.

All Hallows Eve: Is one boy brave enough to spend an hour in the Reaper's graveyard and what is the outcome?

Campfire Tales: Sometimes our greatest fear can turn out to be our greatest gift. For Melissa, it's seeing ghosts. And the annual girl guide trip brings up the harrowing story of one girl's murder and how her body was never recovered, until Melissa's ghost leads the way.

Ghost Train of Horror: What would you do if the ghost train brought you face to face with the demons from hell and the devil himself? Could you escape?

Grandpa and the Hunt: An Irish bone chiller tale featuring evil leprechauns, being hunted by wild creatures, demon trees, and more.

The NGD: You've heard of the BFG right? Well what about the NGD - your very own nightmare giving demon?

The Medallion: Be careful what you dream of. The heart's desire can be misleading, as Bryce finds out when he accepts a medallion from a strange gypsy lady while at the fair with his dad.

The Mirror: There's more to life than looking good for cheerleading photos, as Ann soon discovers when she spends too much time in front of the mirror.

Delve into the mystery and chills that will make your nightmares a reality with these short horror stories for children. Suitable for ages 9 and upwards these spine-chilling stories are sure to capture the attention of even the most skeptical of young readers.

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release date: Apr 01, 2013
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The Baby-Making Bible: Simple Steps to Enhance Your Fertility and Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Essential reading for every couple who wants to ensure the healthiest possible conception and pregnancy

Written by a complementary fertility specialist, this book draws upon Emma Cannon's years of experience and success in treating couples hoping to get pregnant. Her special plan blends the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with the highest standards in Western medical practice. Whether one is trying for a natural conception or undergoing treatment for assisted conception, she offers a practical plan to create a fertile environment and encourage healthy baby-making. Emma approaches fertility in its widest context by taking readers through her essential couples' health and lifestyle check, and makes suggestions to help achieve optimum dietary, environmental, and emotional health. She also offers specific advice for anyone who has been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or who is embarking upon fertility treatment.

release date: Sep 11, 2015
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Hot Knights and Fairy Tails: 16 Book Excite Spice MEGA Bundle
And they lived happily ever after… This 16 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle takes you to lands far, far away where innocent maidens are wooed and handsome kings rule. This bundle will re-tell many fairy tales with familiar names like Goldilocks, Red and Alice. Beware, here there be sexy creatures from fairies to beasts, witches to warlocks.

Sixteen of erotica’s hottest authors give you over 230,000 words of fantasy that will enchant and entice you into a world of powerful, fierce heroes, and feisty, sassy heroines. Take a journey into new worlds of romance, danger, mystery and intrigue that you’ll never forget.

Let yourself fall down the rabbit hole, because it’s time to find your happily ever after.

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release date: Sep 10, 2010
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Work-A-Day Doings (1914)
This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.
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release date: Aug 21, 2017
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Attachment and Emotional Development in the Classroom: Theory and Practice

As of 2016 the Department for Education (DfE) want to ensure all trainee teachers have an understanding of emotional development and attachment, and so this book presents the key concepts that are essential for training in this area to ensure all teachers are up to date.

Attachment issues and mental health have a huge impact on pupils' performance and so an understanding of young people's emotional development is crucial for any teacher. Increasing teachers understanding and skills around emotional development can prevent many long term mental health difficulties in our schools and in our communities.

Key topics such as attachment theory, emotion coaching, tackling disruptive behaviour and the trauma continuum are introduced and explained, with advice and tips for a classroom setting offered throughout. The experiences of practitioners in the field are presented alongside those of researchers, offering a range of diverse perspectives including education, psychology and health. This is an essential text for trainee and practising teachers.

release date: Mar 17, 2014
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Murder in Style
The author of this cleverly written first mystery has been a newspaper reporter, foreign correspondent, American correspondent for London papers and press chairman of the Fashion Group. Consequently this story of murder and intrigue in the glamorous world of style and silhouette is told with a competence and sparkle which make it truly outstanding. A committee meeting of the Tomorrow Club, fashion arbiters supreme, was interrupted by the sudden collapse of Nancy Pierce, blonde, ornate, too showy for really good style, and a public menace to every male creature between eighteen and eighty. The other members felt that it was quite typical of Nancy to die publicly and conspicuously, consequently the first impression of suicide was given credence. Too many factors upset that convenient theory, and the district attorney's office sent young Lyle Curtis up to take charge. With the aid of Susan Yates, a charming and intelligent young person who gave him the clues to fit into a confusing pattern, Curtis followed through to another meeting of a fashion group, and found that death could end a case as well as begin one. Amusing, well plotted, and exceedingly well characterized, Murder in Style is the first of what promises to be a popular group of stories featuring Lyle Curtis and Susan Yates.
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