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release date: Mar 18, 2010
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The Magical Scarecrows Special RSPCA Edition: For The Magical Scarecrows "Let's Make Magic" program with the RSPCA's "Million Paws Walk" ~ 2010
The Magical Scarecrows have been magically brought to life by the great power some know as Mother Earth to help look after our precious wildlife, the environment, and our planet. Each Magical Scarecrow has a special name, a hat representing their country, and animal friends who share their special magical secret of being alive. Through exciting adventure stories in a series of books available at their website, The Magical Scarecrows teach us valuable lessons about life, history, culture, and our place in this beautiful world. Here all the Magical Scarecrows from around the world have come together to listen to stories told by children who each tell the tale of their favourite animal... but first the ten Magical Scarecrows would like to introduce themselves, each saying, "Hello" in their own language.
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