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release date: Apr 15, 2010
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Seriously Funny: Poems about Love, Death, Religion, Art, Politics, Sex, and Everything Else

Can serious poetry be funny? Chaucer and Shakespeare would say yes, and so do the authors of these 187 poems that address timeless concerns but that also include comic elements.

Beginning with the Beats and the New York School and continuing with both marquee-name poets and newcomers, Seriously Funny ranges from poems that are capsized by their own tomfoolery to those that glow with quiet wit to ones in which a laugh erupts in the midst of terrible darkness.

Most of the selections were made in the editors’ battered compact car, otherwise known as the Seriously Funny Mobile Unit. During the two years in which Barbara Hamby and David Kirby made their choices, they’d set out with a couple of boxes of books in the back seat, and whoever wasn’t driving read to the other. When they found that a poem made both of them think but laugh as well, they earmarked it.

Readers will find a true generosity in these poems, an eagerness to share ideas and emotions and also to entertain. The singer Ali Farka Touré said that honey is never good when it’s only in one mouth, and the editors of Seriously Funny hope its readers find much to share with others.

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release date: Jan 11, 2012
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Writing to Clients and Referring Professionals about Psychological Assessment Results: A Handbook of Style and Grammar
This book is the first on the craft of effective writing structured expressly for the psychologist-assessor. Author J. B. Allyn, a professional writer who specializes in psychology, combines reference book with tutorial. She blends information on the qualities that create a writer’s unique presence on the page with illustrations of correct English grammar. All of the questions, answers, and illustrations evolved from the concerns of psychologist-assessors, as did the examples, which are grounded in their writing and communication needs. The result creates a guide for report writing that can be used by either practicing professionals or graduate psychology students.
The book divides into three sections: The first and third sections discuss various aspects of effective communication, while the second is a handbook of common grammar problems. Helpful elements guide the reader through the text, including frequent bullet lists, tables and graphs, and grammar and style examples that are framed around assessment reports. It is also written in a conversational tone, which creates the same style it proposes for effectively written reports, and is a key tool for clear and appropriate communication. Readers will refer back to this book, both for quick tips on style and grammar, which are appropriate for any mental health practitioner, and for more detailed advice on writing and communication in assessment reports.
release date: Jul 18, 2021
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The Transatlantic Review: Number 27 Winter 1967 - 68
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release date: Jul 18, 2021
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Making Your Own Telescope
Making Your Own Telescope:
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release date: Feb 28, 2013
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Herman's Horrible Day: a collection of 31 read-aloud stories for kids (knowonder! stories)
This collection includes stories about riddle-crazed merchants & toilet paper telescopes, hippos with frogs in their throats & teachers with frogs in their pants, mystery-solving detectives & daring hero monsters. There are fairies & swamp monsters, aliens and reindeer... a little something for everyone! - - - Knowonder! Publishing brings you a special collection of read-aloud stories designed by experts to drive literacy through research-backed stories and methods. The single-most important factor in determining a child’s success in life (socially, mentally & economically) boils down to just one thing - literacy. And the best way to create a literate child? With read-aloud stories. Every day.

- - - - -

Our Stories

knowonder! stories are Read-Aloud stories.

In fact, the whole Knowonder! Literacy Program is built up around this core difference.

Read-aloud stories and picture books are very different from each other. They are both needed, but they provide very different benefits. (learn more on

Consider these key benefits of read-aloud stories:

  • Listening skills are built
  • concentration improves as children learn to sit still and focus
  • comprehension and understanding of events (cause and effect relationships) is enhanced
  • imagination is actively exercised as children imagine the scenes, characters and worlds the words create
  • vocabulary is increased as children discover new words
  • a child’s ability to guess meanings of new words grows
  • children become more confident because they know they are cared for and loved and becuase they can express their thoughts and needs
  • children are better-enabled to make friends and good relationships because their communication skills are increased
  • learning in all subjects becomes much easier because the brain is literally being wired to learn and take in new information
  • family bonds are strengthened and reinforced, creating an atmosphere of love, trust and communication in the home which will last a lifetime

While it can be said that many of these benefits come from picture books, most of them are developed much better, faster, and deeper with read-aloud stories. When you consider the sum-total of all these benefits, it’s easy to see why reading to your child every day from birth is the single-most important thing a parent can do to ensure a child’s success in life.

Designed by Experts

The knowonder! story collections have been designed by literacy experts and educators specifically to enable, enhance and promote daily family reading from a young age. The books make it easy and fun for parents to read to kids every day!

Each story is written by professional children’s writers from around the world giving you and your child insight into many different ideas, people, cultures and more, thoughts, experiences and more.

Stories in this volume:

1. Herman's Horrible Day
2. Bungling Lulu
3. The Bean Curd Beauty
4. He Digs Candy
5. Delia & the Other Beanstalk
6. Miss Rosencrantz Had a Frog in Her Pants
7. Kabungo’s Grandpa, Part I
8. Kabungo’s Grandpa, Part II
9. Teena and Trevor Save Donna Dingle
10. Toilet Paper Telescope
11. Mei Ling’s Scents of Adventure
12. Starlight and Pondweed
13. Pink Boots
14. The Tooth Fairy and the Sandman
15. Crocodiles Don’t Have Hair
16. The Snow Ball
17. Dark Chocolate
18. Mrs. Tuddlehumper’s Birthday Party
19. The Little Cloud That Cried
20. Galloping Galoshes Grandma!
21. The Chocolate Cake Bait
22. Following Mr. Bandoofernen
23. The Adventures of Shooz and Sox
24. Jessica Doubt
25. Cloogurt’s Mysterious Find
26. Queensicle
27. Mia’s Swamp Song
28. Hippytoe Gets a Frog in Her Throat
29. How Harris and Grace Saved Their House
30. The Oh! Zone
31. Tree of Knowledge
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