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release date: Jul 07, 2017
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Solar Eclipse 2017: The Complete Kids' Guide and Activity Book for the Great American Solar Eclipse
On Monday, August 21st, 2017, The Great American Solar Eclipse will be witnessed by tens of millions of people all across America – the first total solar eclipse to cross the U.S. mainland in 38 years! Solar Eclipse 2017: The Complete Kids' Guide and Activity Book contains science and viewing guides, maps, and 30 pages of puzzles, games, and activities to help kids remember this rare and exciting event. Enjoyable before, during, and after the eclipse - for ages 5-11.
release date: Nov 04, 2016
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Mary Andromeda and the Amazing Eye (The Journals of Evergreen Isle) (Volume 1)
11-year-old Mary Andromeda is unusually imaginative and unquenchably curious. So when her cruel uncle suddenly sends her away to Evergreen Isle, a mysteriously abandoned island-of-science, she quickly sets out to discover the truth - and learns secrets both wonderful and terrible: about the history of the island, the disappearance of her mother, the plans of a secret scientific society, and her own place in an ancient family of astronomers.

Follow Mary as she is cast into a thrilling adventure, an adventure which is sure to encourage a deeper appreciation of science, nature, and the cosmos.

"Exciting... fun... and educational!"-Lindsey W., children's librarian and mother of three, Colorado Springs, CO.

"Wonderful... effortlessly weaves science into a captivating adventure story."-Linda N., PhD physics and mother of two, Boston, MA.

★ "Mary Andromeda is so awesome. She's the coolest!"-Dani, age 7.

"Rich and alive... explores the magic that is our REAL world!"-Andrew S., K-8 teacher and father of two, Mancos, CO.

★ "My grandkids raved about this book."-Kit K., grandfather of five, San Diego, CA.

"Mary is so smart!"-Erika, age 10.

"Captivating!... I couldn't put it down"-Stephen S., Albuquerque, NM.

★ "Great story to keep young girls interested in science."-Amazon Customer Review

"I loved it!"-Cassie, age 9.

★ "... a compelling adventure."-H.B, father of two, NY.

★ "I was hooked on the first page... an ingenious idea... a great read-aloud!"-Stephanie G., grandmother of five, Monument, CO.
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release date: Sep 22, 1983
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Ancient Egypt: A Social History
The rich and extensive floodplain of the River Nile can claim to be the cradle of one of the earliest and most spectacular civilizations of antiquity. Ancient Egypt: A Social History, first published in 1983, presents an innovative perspective on the ancient societies which flourished in the Nile Valley from the Predynastic period to the conquest by Alexander the Great. From the introduction of a subsistence economy through the establishment of the first agricultural communities to the development of urban centres and the political state, this volume traces the process of political, social and economic change. The emphasis on the social and economic aspects of Egyptian society and the integration of archaeological and historical data mark a new departure in Egyptian studies.
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release date: Feb 28, 2017
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Bigger, Better, and BAD! - A 3rd Grade Disaster: (A Chapter Book for Ages 6-8) (The Quantum Coloring Book) (Volume 2)
Ages 6-9 | Grades 1-4

When our 3rd grade hero Brandon Black discovers how to make much larger objects come out of the quantum coloring book, things start to go bad, and they quickly go from bad to worse! And before he can stop it, his drawings start to GROW out of control!  How will Brandon stop the giant of army of giants that will surely destroy the town of Grayville? And will he give up the quantum coloring book for good? Well, what would YOU do?
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release date: Jan 27, 2017
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50 Science Blessings: Prayers, Toasts, & Proverbs for Holidays, Special Occasions, and Daily Life
By mingling the hard facts of science with humor, gratitude, and unbridled wonder, author J.G. Kemp turns traditional blessings into Science Blessings in this one-of-a-kind, hilarious and poignant, reverent and irreverent book, written especially for skeptics and serious science nerds!

Contains 50 science-themed blessings for: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Solstice, Mole Day, Pi Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mornings, Evenings, Mealtimes and Goodbyes, as well as a collection of "science proverbs" for any occasion.

Whether you read it in the bathroom (see the proverb on seratonin), or you want to impress your dinner guests with your knowledge of the microbiome (see "Blessings for Mealtimes"), or you need something to say at that Pi Day celebration for which you've just baked 314 miniature pies, 50 Science Blessings has the nerdy words to make you laugh, cry, and remind you (and your science loving friends) of the beauty and wonder of it all.
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release date: Feb 15, 2017
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The Thing With Fangs - A 3rd Grade Disaster (The Quantum Coloring Book) (Volume 1)
A Chapter Book for ages 6-9, grades 1-4

Before Brandon Black travels back in time to destroy the Quantum Coloring Book - and stop the black hole that has devoured Grayville - our 3rd grade hero tells how he discovered the book's power, and how he accidentally used the coloring book to create a tiny ferocious beast which wreaked hilarious havoc in his elementary school.  Strange things are starting to happen in Grayville... very strange things...

The Thing With Fangs is the first book in The Quantum Coloring Book series - a series of chapter books for readers in 1st through 4th grade.

Also Available:
The Quantum Coloring Book - The Complete First Season - which contains all 4 of the Quantum Coloring Book chapter books, plus coloring pages, a how-to-draw feature, and "the science behind the scenes" - which delves into theories of black holes and the quantum multiverse!
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release date: Jul 14, 2020
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Designing Effective Instruction (text only) 6th (Sixth) edition by G.R.Morrison,S.M.Ross,J.E.Kemp,H.Kalman
Designing Effective Instruction [Paperback] Gary R. Morrison (Author), Steven M. Ross (Author), Jerrold E. Kemp (Author), Howard Kalman (Author)
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release date: Mar 23, 2017
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Too Many Troubles! - A 3rd Grade Disaster (The Quantum Coloring Book) (Volume 3)
After the disaster with the giants, Brandon vows to only use the coloring book to help people - to rebuild Smudge Street, to finish his math homework, and to make robots that will do his chores. But when the quantum coloring book starts to run out of pages, he is struck with a sudden terror, so he makes MORE quantum coloring books!

Soon, one disaster piles on top of another and in a moment of panic, Brandon draws the one thing that can solve his problems - a paper shredding robot that he commands to "DESTROY THEM ALL"! But will it?
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release date: Apr 03, 2017
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Travels in Time! - A 3rd Grade Disaster (The Quantum Coloring Book) (Volume 4)
Back in time to destroy the quantum coloring book, Brandon comes to a shocking and painful realization about how the book came to him in the first place, and questions abound:

Can he change the past at all? Can he stop the black hole? Can he save the universe? And if so, at what cost?

Find out in the stunning conclusion of The Quantum Coloring Book!
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release date: Apr 15, 2017
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The Quantum Coloring Book: The Complete First Season (Special Edition)
For ages 6-9 | grades 1-4

"Yes, the words on the cover were definitely glowing, Brandon thought, and then he was gone!"

The Quantum Coloring Book tells the story of Brandon Black - owner of a strange book with a black cover; a book marked with eerie, glowing, blue letters; a book that can make anything real. ANYTHING I tell you! Ferocious beasts, robots, time-machines, chocolate! Unlimited CHOCOLATE! Even a black hole that has swallowed Grayville and threatens to destroy the entire universe!

Oh NO! What has Brandon done? And how will he fix it!? How can he save... EVERYTHING!?

The Quantum Coloring Book - The Complete First Season, contains all 4 chapter books in the original Quantum Coloring Book series plus special features: How to Draw like Brandon Black, and The Math and Science Behind the Scenes, which explores theories of black holes, time travel, and the quantum multiverse.

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