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release date: Jan 07, 2014
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Stocks for the Long Run 5/E:  The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns & Long-Term Investment Strategies


Much has changed since the last edition of Stocks for the Long Run. The financial crisis, the deepest bear market since the Great Depression, and the continued growth of the emerging markets are just some of the contingencies directly affecting every portfolio in the world.

To help you navigate markets and make the best investment decisions, Jeremy Siegel has updated his bestselling guide to stock market investing.

This new edition of Stocks for the Long Run answers all the important questions of today: How did the crisis alter the fi nancial markets and the future of stock returns? What are the sources of long-term economic growth? How does the Fed really impact investing decisions? Should you hedge against currency instability?

Stocks for the Long Run, Fifth Edition, includes brand-new coverage of:

Siegel provides an expert’s analysis of the most important factors behind the crisis; the state of current stability/instability of the financial system and where the stock market fits in; and the viability of value investing as a long-term strategy.

The economies of these nations are more than one-third larger than they were before the 2008 financial crisis; you'll get the information you need to earn long-term profits in this new environment.

Learn all there is to know about the nature, size, and role of diversifi cation in today’s global economy; Siegel extends his projections of the global economy until the end of this century.

Can stocks still provide 6 to 7 percent per year after inflation? This edition forecasts future stock returns and shows how to determine whether the market is overvalued or not.

Essential reading for every investor and advisor who wants to fully understand the forces that move today's markets, Stocks for the Long Run provides the most complete summary available of historical trends that will help you develop a sound and profitable long-term portfolio.


“Jeremy Siegel is one of the great ones.” ―JIM CRAMER, CNBC’s Mad Money

“[Jeremy Siegel’s] contributions to finance and investing are of such signifi cance as to change the direction of the profession.” ―THE FINANCIAL ANALYST INSTITUTE

“A simply great book.” ―FORBES

“One of the top ten business books of the year.” ―BUSINESSWEEK

“Should command a central place on the desk of any ‘amateur’ investor or beginning professional.” ―BARRON’S

“Siegel’s case for stocks is unbridled and compelling.” ―USA TODAY

“A clearly written, neatly organized, highly persuasive exposition that lifts the veil of mystery from investing.” ―JOHN C. BOGLE, founder and former Chairman, The Vanguard Group

"A book that all investors―nervous Nellies in particular―should read." ―

release date: Mar 08, 2005
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The Future for Investors: Why the Tried and the True Triumph Over the Bold and the New
The new paradigm for investing and building wealth in the twenty-first century. The Future for Investors reveals new strategies that take advantage of the dramatic changes and opportunities that will appear in world markets.

Jeremy Siegel, one of the world’s top investing experts, has taken a long, hard, and in-depth look at the market and the stocks that investors should acquire to build long-term wealth. His surprising finding is that the new technologies, expanding industries, and fast-growing countries that stockholders relentlessly seek in the market often lead to poor returns. In fact, growth itself can be an investment trap, luring investors into overpriced stocks and overly competitive industries.

The Future for Investors shatters conventional wisdom and provides a framework for picking stocks that will be long-term winners. While technological innovation spurs economic growth, it has not been kind to investors. Instead, companies that have marketed tried-and-true products for decades in slow-growth or even declining industries have superior returns to firms that develop “the bold and the new.” Industry sectors many regard as dinosaurs—railroads and oil companies, for example—have actually beat the market.

Professor Siegel presents these strategies within the context of the coming shift in global economic power and the demographic age wave that will sweep the United States, Europe, and Japan. Contrary to the popular belief that these economic and demographic trends doom investors to poor returns, Professor Siegel explains the True New Economy and how to take advantage of the coming surge in invention, discovery, and economic growth.

The faster the world changes, the more important it is for investors to heed the lessons of the past and find the tried-and-true companies that can help you beat the market and prosper in the years ahead.
release date: Nov 27, 2007
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Stocks for the Long Run: The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns & Long Term Investment Strategies, 4th Edition

Stocks for the Long Run set a precedent as the most complete and irrefutable case for stock market investment ever written. Now, this bible for long-term investing continues its tradition with a fourth edition featuring updated, revised, and new material that will keep you competitive in the global market and up-to-date on the latest index instruments.

Wharton School professor Jeremy Siegel provides a potent mix of new evidence, research, and analysis supporting his key strategies for amassing a solid portfolio with enhanced returns and reduced risk. In a seamless narrative that incorporates the historical record of the markets with the realities of today's investing environment, the fourth edition features:

  • A new chapter on globalization that documents how the emerging world will soon overtake the developed world and how it impacts the global economy
  • An extended chapter on indexing that includes fundamentally weighted indexes, which have historically offered better returns and lower volatility than their capitalization-weighted counterparts
  • Insightful analysis on what moves the market and how little we know about the sources of big market changes
  • A sobering look at behavioral finance and the psychological factors that can lead investors to make irrational investment decisions

A major highlight of this new edition of Stocks for the Long Run is the chapter on global investing. With the U.S. stock market currently holding less than half of the world's equity capitalization, it's important for investors to diversify abroad. This updated edition shows you how to create an “efficient portfolio” that best balances asset allocation in domestic and foreign markets and provides thorough coverage on sector allocation across the globe.

Stocks for the Long Run is essential reading for every investor and advisor who wants to fully understand the market-including its behavior, past trends, and future influences-in order to develop a prosperous long-term portfolio that is both safe and secure.

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release date: Jun 21, 2002
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Stocks for the Long Run : The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns and Long-Term Investment Strategies

"One of the ten best investing books of all time."--The Washington Post

One of investing's most celebrated icons updates his classic work to reflect today's world and markets

In this long-awaited and eagerly anticipated update, Jeremy iegel provides his legendary perspective and guidance to an investment world turned upside down. Stocks for the Long Run combines a compelling and timely portrait of today's turbulent stock market with the strategies, tools, and techniques investors need to maintain their focus and achieve meaningful stock returns over time.

This completely updated edition includes entirely new data, charts, and figures as it provides answers on the five major issues concerning investors and professionals today:

  • How will events related to September 11 tragedy affect long-term market returns?
  • What behavioral roadblocks stand in the way of achieving financial success?
  • Are "countries" still relevant for global investing?
  • Will stock "indexing" match its past performance?
  • Can tomorrow's stock market deliver the same returns as markets in the past?

Praise for previous editions of Stocks for the Long Run:

"Should command a central place on the desk of any 'amateur' investor or beginning professional."--Barron's

"A simply great book."--Forbes

release date: Sep 24, 2018
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The Future for Investors: Why the Tried and the True Triumph Over the Bold and t
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release date: Oct 20, 2005
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Bold Thinking on Investment Management: The FAJ 60th Anniversary Anthology
This exclusive anthology, Bold Thinking on Investment Management, provides the collective wisdom of the most penetrating minds in the investment industry. Nobel Laureates Harry M. Markowitz and Clive W.J. Granger, and towering figures in finance such as John C. Bogle, Dean LeBaron, Martin L. Leibowitz, and Peter L. Bernstein use their decades of successful market experience to identify turning points in the industry's past, present, and future. A CD-ROM containing stimulating presentations from the FAJ 60th Anniversary Conference accompanies each anthology.
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release date: Feb 09, 2015
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GuIa para invertir a largo plazo (Spanish Edition)
Rare book
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release date: Oct 01, 1993
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Revolution on Wall Street: The Rise and Decline of the New York Stock Exchange
New technology and investor demands are threatening the market share, if not the very existence, of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). By burrowing in the archives of the NYSE itself, the author found that while the institution had the necessary information to foresee and adapt to changing conditions, they simply discounted the growth of institutional investing, computerized trading and the like. In short, their self-righteousness got in the way of seeing and accepting the realities before them. A fascinating and well documented account. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
release date: Dec 30, 2014
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Long-term stock market magic (the original book version 5) (one of the ten best-ever investment books. get a stable income over the complex changes in the market the ultimate guide)(Chinese Edition)
Language:Chinese.Paperback. Pub Date: 2014-12-30 Pages: 408 Publisher: Machinery Industry Press since the fourth book layout City. the global stock market has changed greatly. 2008 financial crisis since the Great Depression deepest bear market. and continued growth in emerging markets is just one of several incidents directly affect all the world portfolio. To help you swim and make the best investment decisions in the stock market. Jeremy Siegel again updated its best-selling book. 5th edition of this book answers all the important issues in today's stock market: the financial crisis and the financial markets will be future stock returns made what change? What is the source of long-term economic growth? Investors should not hedge the exchange rate stability it? Version 5 includes the following new elements: the financial crisis on the financial crisis Siegel determinants o...
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release date: Mar 01, 1998
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Stocks for the Long Run, Revised and Expanded, 2/e
a breakdown on the stocks that will be around after retirement
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