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release date: Oct 20, 2015
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Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel

From the creators of the wildly popular Welcome to Night Vale podcast comes an imaginative mystery of appearances and disappearances that is also a poignant look at the ways in which we all struggle to find matter where we live.

"Hypnotic and darkly funny. . . . Belongs to a particular strain of American gothic that encompasses The Twilight Zone, Stephen King and Twin Peaks, with a bit of Tremors thrown in."--The Guardian

Located in a nameless desert somewhere in the great American Southwest, Night Vale is a small town where ghosts, angels, aliens, and government conspiracies are all commonplace parts of everyday life. It is here that the lives of two women, with two mysteries, will converge.

Nineteen-year-old Night Vale pawn shop owner Jackie Fierro is given a paper marked "KING CITY" by a mysterious man in a tan jacket holding a deer skin suitcase. Everything about him and his paper unsettles her, especially the fact that she can't seem to get the paper to leave her hand, and that no one who meets this man can remember anything about him. Jackie is determined to uncover the mystery of King City and the man in the tan jacket before she herself unravels.

Night Vale PTA treasurer Diane Crayton's son, Josh, is moody and also a shape shifter. And lately Diane's started to see her son's father everywhere she goes, looking the same as the day he left years earlier, when they were both teenagers. Josh, looking different every time Diane sees him, shows a stronger and stronger interest in his estranged father, leading to a disaster Diane can see coming, even as she is helpless to prevent it.

Diane's search to reconnect with her son and Jackie's search for her former routine life collide as they find themselves coming back to two words: "KING CITY". It is King City that holds the key to both of their mysteries, and their futures...if they can ever find it.

release date: Oct 17, 2017
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It Devours! CD: A Welcome to Night Vale Novel

From the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel Welcome to Night Vale and the creators of the #1 international podcast of the same name, comes a mystery exploring the intersections of faith and science, the growing relationship between two young people who want desperately to trust each other, and the terrifying, toothy power of the Smiling God.

Nilanjana Sikdar is an outsider to the town of Night Vale. Working for Carlos, the town’s top scientist, she relies on fact and logic as her guiding principles. But all of that is put into question when Carlos gives her a special assignment investigating a mysterious rumbling in the desert wasteland outside of town. This investigation leads her to the Joyous Congregation of the Smiling God, and to Darryl, one of its most committed members. Caught between her beliefs in the ultimate power of science and her growing attraction to Darryl, she begins to suspect the Congregation is planning a ritual that could threaten the lives of everyone in town. Nilanjana and Darryl must search for common ground between their very different world views as they are faced with the Congregation’s darkest and most terrible secret.

Pharmacy Law Digest

Updated annually, Pharmacy Law Digest provides a general overview of the legal system as it affects the practice of pharmacy. The book addresses federal laws regulating controlled substances, constitutional considerations in dealing with governmental inspections, regulation of pharmaceuticals, civil liability, and business law. Pharmacy Law Digest also includes a condensed review of actual civil and criminal cases involving the practice of pharmacy as well as reprints of the NABP Survey of Pharmacy Law. Also included is discussion of the Federal Freedom of Information Act, the FDA’s current regulations for professional package labeling and for labeling of OTC products, a section on the Internet and controlled substances, and information on the distribution of methadone. Study questions are at the end of some chapters, incorporating critical thinking, research opportunities, and collaborative learning strategies.

release date: Jan 30, 2014
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Workers in Hard Times: A Long View of Economic Crises (Working Class in American History)

Seeking to historicize today's "Great Recession," this volume of essays uses examples from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia to situate the current economic crisis and its impact on workers in the context of previous abrupt shifts in the modern-day capitalist marketplace. Contributors argue that factors such as race, sex, and state intervention have mediated both the effect of economic depressions on workers' lives and workers' responses to those depressions. Further, the direction of influence between politics and economic upheaval, as well as between workers and the welfare state, has often shifted with time, location, and circumstance. These principles inform a concluding examination of today's "Great Recession": its historical distinctiveness, its connection to neoliberalism, and its attendant expressions of worker status and agency around the world. Ultimately, the essays in this volume push us toward a rethinking of the relationship between capital and labor, the waged and unwaged, and the employed and jobless.

Contributors are Sven Beckert, Sean Cadigan, Leon Fink, Alvin Finkel, Wendy Goldman, Gaetan Heroux, Joseph A. McCartin, David Montgomery, Edward Montgomery, Melanie Nolan, Bryan D. Palmer, Scott Reynolds Nelson, Joan Sangster, Judith Stein, Hilary Wainright, and Lu Zhang.

release date: Feb 01, 1999
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Performing Hybridity
Amid the modern-day complexities of migration and exile, immigration and repatriation, notions of stable national identity give way to ideas about cultural "hybridity". The authors represented in this volume use different forms of performative writing to question this process, to ask how the production of new political identities destabilizes ideas about gender, sexuality, and the nation in the public sphere.

Contributors use forms such as the essay, poem, photography, and case study to examine historically specific cases in which the notion of hybridity recasts our ideas of identity and performance: the struggle for Aboriginal land rights in Australia; Bahian carnival; the creolization and pidginization of language in the Caribbean world; queer videos; and others.

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release date: Sep 01, 2002
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Recovering the Riches of Anointing: A Study of the Sacrament of the Sick

Recovering the Riches of Anointing is a collection of the papers presented at an international symposium sponsored by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) as part of a long-term exploration of topics of theological and pastoral concern in pastoral care of the sick. This book looks at the anointing of the sick from the vantage point of theology, history, and canon law.

Since Vatican II the training and commissioning of lay Eucharistic ministers has enabled the sick and dying to receive the nourishment of Christ's body and blood regularly in their confinement at home or an institution. The sacraments of penance and the anointing of the sick, however, have become less and less available as the number of ordained priests in chaplaincy is decreasing. In response to this pastoral problem Bishop Richard J. Sklba, auxiliary bishop of Milwaukee, suggested that the NACC gather theologians together to explore the history and practice of this sacrament and other rituals in the rich tradition of the Church. Thus the papers concerning this particular sacramental ministry were written and delivered at this conference.

Recovering the Riches of Anointing will be helpful for professional ministers of pastoral care; professional pastoral, liturgical, and sacramental theologians; and those engaged in pastoral ministry formation.

Chapters and contributors are Introduction," by Kevin Tripp and Genevieve Glen, OSB; "The Paschal Mystery: The Intersection of Ecclesiology and Sacramental Theology in the Care of the Sick," by Susan K. Wood, SCL; "Anointing of the Sick and the Forgiveness of Sins," by Peter E. Fink, SJ; "The Practice of Anointing and the Development of the Doctrine," by Michal Drumm; "The Development of Sacramental Doctrine in the Church: Theory and Practice," by Kevin Irwin; "Ministers and Rites for the Sick and Dying: Canon Law and Pastoral Options," by John M. Huels, OSM; and "Going Forth in the Spirit: The Road Before Us," by Genevieve Glen, OSB

Genevieve Glen, OSB, is oblate director and a member of the retreat staff at the Abbey of St. Walburga in Virginia Dale, Colorado. She has written and lectured extensively on liturgical theology and spirituality.

release date: Sep 07, 2020
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The Day Was Short, the Work Was Vast: A Memoir 1944-1949
This is a telling of events not previously recorded. It is a collection of memories of the work done by the dedicated persons - civilian and military - who carried out the US/UN postwar efforts in Germany. Their task was unprecedented in human history - to bring some semblance of peace and order to the shattered lives of hundreds of thousands of persons who had been forcibly uprooted from homes that no longer existed and separated from loved ones who were no longer living. Joseph Fink was recruited by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee straight from a job administering a UNRRA DP (displaced persons) camp in North Africa. With support and resources from North America's Jewish communities, a number of enlightened corporations, and the US Armed Forces, he helped organize and administer the effort in Germany to maintain large numbers of displaced persons in a command camp environment until international resolution could be achieved.
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release date: Oct 19, 2007
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Drugs, Ethics, and Quality of Life: Cases and Materials on Ethical, Legal, and Public Policy Dilemmas in Medicine and Pharmacy Practice
Weigh pivotal healthcare ethics, law, and public policy issues that resulted in tipping-point legal actions

Weighing the ethical considerations in healthcare and drug issues can be emotionally difficult and mentally challenging. Drugs, Ethics, and Quality of Life: Cases and Materials on Ethical, Legal, and Public Policy Dilemmas in Medicine and Pharmacy Practice is a fascinating casebook that clearly discusses the most contentious ethical conflicts that resulted in legal actions. This easy-to-read text provides all sides of controversial real-life cases that provoke spirited debate while teaching the fundamentals of pharmacy law and ethics. The book is a unique exploration into the basic principles of bioethics, end of life care, and drug research.

Drugs, Ethics, and Quality of Life explains in detail the concepts of ethics, quality of life, beneficence, nonmaleficence, autonomy, and justice. Recent cases provide illuminating backdrops for the exploration of these concepts, making them easily understood. A special introduction includes important information about ethics and the pharmaceutical code of ethics. Two appendixes provide further opportunities for discussion and the examination of law and decisions, and resources about drug use decisions and situations. This thought-provoking textbook plainly shows the crucial role ethics plays in today’s society.

Ethical topics explored in Drugs, Ethics, and Quality of Life includes legal cases on:
  • tobacco
  • COX-2 inhibitors
  • medical marijuana
  • the “morning after” pill and other emergency contraceptives
  • pain medications and palliative care drugs
  • physician-assisted suicide
  • drug use in medically futile situations
  • gene therapy

Drugs, Ethics, and Quality of Life is valuable, insightful reading as well as a good adjunct text for pharmacy students, pharmacists, medical students, physicians, bioethicists, students interested in bioethics, institutional ethics committee members, and anyone interested in bioethics.
release date: Jan 01, 2016
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Welcome To Night Vale (Em Portugues do Brasil)
O podcast Welcome to Night Vale conta as historias da cidade de Night Vale, uma amistosa comunidade no meio do deserto onde todas as teorias da conspiracao sao reais. No formato de um programa de radio, Cecil Palmer, locutor da radio comunitaria, informa a todos as pequenas estranhezas dessa pacata cidadezinha onde fantasmas, anjos, alienigenas e agencias governamentais misteriosas e ameacadoras fazem parte do cotidiano dos cidadaos. Desta vez, a chegada de um homem de paleto bege faz com que as vidas de duas mulheres, cada uma com seu misterio, virem de cabeca para baixo.

Como todos em Night Vale, a proprietaria da loja de penhores, Jeckie Fierro, gosta de sua rotina. Por isso, quando um homem de paleto bege aparece na loja e interrompe a imutavel rotina da jovem, ela fica sem chao. Ele lhe entrega um papel com duas palavras escritas a mao: KING CITY. Tudo naquele homem a deixa nervosa, especialmente o papel, do qual Jackie nao consegue se livrar.

Diane Crayton tem um filho de quinze anos. Josh e um adolescente normal: de humor e forma inconstantes. Ele as vezes e humano, mas em certas ocasioes prefere parecer um abajur ou ter asas e tentaculos. Josh esta cada vez mais curioso sobre o pai que nunca conheceu, o que deixa Diane transtornada, pois Troy, pai do menino, comeca a aparecer em todos os lugares onde ela esta (e com a mesma aparencia de quando deixou a cidade e se mudou para King City, anos atras). E um desastre iminente.

As duas mulheres vao se unir na busca por respostas, assombradas por aquelas palavras que parecem ser a solucao de tudo: KING CITY, a chave para todos os segredos, que, tomara, trancara o passado e abrira as portas do futuro. Isso se elas conseguirem acha-la.

Caros ouvintes, bem-vindos a Night Vale.
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release date: Sep 06, 2016
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Mostly Void, Partially Stars: Welcome to Night Vale Episodes, Volume 1

From the authors of the New York Times bestselling novel Welcome to Night Vale and the creators of the #1 international podcast of the same name, comes a collection of episodes from Season One of their hit podcast, featuring an introduction by the authors, behind-the-scenes commentary, and original illustrations.

In June of 2012, the creators of Welcome to Night Vale began airing twice-weekly podcasts. By the anniversary show a year later, the fanbase had exploded, vaulting the podcast into the #1 spot on iTunes. Since then, its popularity has grown by epic proportions, hitting more than 100 million downloads, and Night Vale has expanded to a successful live multi-cast international touring stage show and a New York Times bestselling novel. Now the first two seasons are available as books, offering an entertaining reading experience and a valuable reference guide to past episodes.

Mostly Void, Partially Stars introduces us to Night Vale, a town in the American Southwest where every conspiracy theory is true, and to the strange but friendly people who live there.

Mostly Void, Partially Stars features an introduction by creator and co-writer Joseph Fink, behind-the-scenes commentary and guest introductions by performers from the podcast and notable fans, including Cecil Baldwin (Cecil), Dylan Marron (Carlos), and Kevin R. Free (Kevin) among others. Also included is the full script from the first Welcome to Night Vale live show, Condos. Beautiful illustrations by series artist Jessica Hayworth accompany each episode.

Mostly Void, Partially Stars is an absolute must-have whether you’re a fan of the podcast or discovering for the first time the wonderful world of Night Vale.

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