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release date: Oct 15, 2018
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What’s in It for Me? (Responsible Me!)
Noodle is always being told what to do. Pull the weeds. Make his bed. Kick the ball a certain way in soccer. Ugh!

But he wonders, why? What's in it for him? Luckily, the adults in Noodle's life are there to teach him the importance of moving 'need tos' into 'I did Its!' Join Noodle as he learns the value of practicing small chores now, so he'll be ready for life's big challenges later.

release date: Jul 24, 2018
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Be Where Your Feet Are!
From the bestselling author of Bubble Gum Brain and My Mouth is a Volcano!, comes a hilarious story about learning to be present wherever we are... and what can happen when we're not.

These are my feet and this is me.
Sometimes I'm not where I'm supposed to be.

My brain gets crowded. There's so much going on.
I do three things at once, and get two of them wrong!

"Be where your feet are," I hear people say.
"Do one thing at a time. Its a much better way."

Each day, there are so many things to think about. Getting ready for school, turning in homework, taking a math test, band solo tryouts, soccer practice...and it is a long way from your head to your feet.

Be Where Your Feet Are! reinforces the concepts of mindfulness and being present in a fun way children will remember, and shows what can happen when we learn to appreciate the world - and people - around us.

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release date: Jun 18, 2018
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Rumor Has It (Building Relationships)
Whether we've been the subject of a rumor or the one spreading a rumor about someone else, most of us have been involved with rumors somehow. But how many people really stop to think about the damaging effects?

Fortunately, award-winning author Julia Cook does, and cleverly brings this serious subject to light in an entertaining and funny, but cautionary, tale about the importance of NOT starting or spreading rumors.

Told through the eyes of the rumor marble, the story describes how a simple misunderstanding starts a chain reaction that can't be undone.

K-6 students will laugh as they read this story and are reminded that it's much easier to prevent a train or a rolling rumor marble from starting to roll forward than trying to stop one!

release date: Jun 01, 2018
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Introduction to Housing
This foundational text for understanding housing, housing design, homeownership, housing policy, special topics in housing, and housing in a global context has been comprehensively revised to reflect the changed housing situation in the United States during and after the Great Recession and its subsequent movements toward recovery. The book focuses on the complexities of housing and housing-related issues, engendering an understanding of housing, its relationship to national economic factors, and housing policies. It comprises individual chapters written by housing experts who have specialization within the discipline or field, offering commentary on the physical, social, psychological, economic, and policy issues that affect the current housing landscape in the United States and abroad, while proposing solutions to its challenges.
release date: May 22, 2018
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Decibella and Her 6 Inch Voice (Communicate with Confidence  Book 2)
Isabella is a spirited girl who enjoys shouting out her thoughts, ideas and feelings. In fact, she loves using her loud voice so much, it's earned her the nickname "Decibella!" Young readers will be entertained as they see how Isabella learns the "five volumes" of voice and discovers that different situations require different tone.
Award-winning author Julia Cook uses a fun, yet educational, style to show kids how and when to use their five voices - whisper, 6-inch, table-talk, strong speaker and outside.
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release date: May 21, 2018
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Baditude (Responsible Me Book 2)
Everything in Noodle's life stinks, or so he thinks. Homework stinks. Practice stinks. Yard work stinks. And family pictures? They REALLY stink!
This is the Story of a boy whose attitude, or "baditude," is alienating everyone around him. Can Noodle let go of his angst and try to find the brighter side of life?
With help from a teacher and his mom, Noodle learns how to turn his 'have tos' into "get tos" and his baditude into gratitude!
release date: Apr 17, 2018
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Deployment: One of Our Pieces is Missing
New from bestselling author Julia Cook, comes a story about the challenging (and fun) changes a military family goes through when a parent is deployed.

I think I am pretty lucky because I am part of a military family. It makes me really proud to know my parents are working to keep our country safe.

I get to do stuff other kids do not.
My life is kinda unique.
I have tried on night vision goggles,
and I have looked inside a Humvee.

Life is full of unique opportunities and challenges for military families. They live in different places, shop on military bases, and have to navigate changes in how they operate as a family when a parent is deployed. In Deployment: One of Our Pieces is Missing, our family must learn to stretch and adapt as they find their new normal while Dad is gone. And once home again, they work through a mix of emotions as he settles back into the family frame.

With tips for adults to help children process their questions and feelings, this book serves to honor the sacrifices our military families make each day by equipping them with an approachable way to discuss the highs and lows of deployment.
release date: Apr 03, 2018
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Foster Care: One Dog's Story of Change

In this heartfelt story from the bestselling author of My Mouth is a Volcano!, Foster meets new friends and a kind foster mom who help him navigate the fears and feelings associated with going into foster care. Foster has lived with his mom and "sometimes dad" all of his life...until now. And like so many others entering foster care, he has more questions than answers and so many new feelings to deal with.

"I don't know what's going to happen to me. Will I end up being like Zeke? Will I have a new forever mom? Can I visit my mom once a week?"

"I have so much going on inside me right now. I feel angry, guilty, scared, hurt, and sad. But maybe the others are right. Maybe being here isn't so bad."

Written in an honest, approachable way, Foster Care will encourage children entering or already in foster care and help them understand they are not alone. Foster, Daisy, Zeke, Simpson, and Rex all have different circumstances which brought them to foster care. Together they talk through their stories and realize this is right where they need to be for now; under the caring watch of foster mom, Miss Beulah.

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release date: Feb 01, 2018
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Uniquely Wired: A Story About Autism and Its Gifts
Zak is obsessed with watches. Before that it was trains. He owns hundreds of watches and is quick to tell everyone everything about them. Zak also has autism, so he sometimes responds to the world around him in unconventional ways. As Zak describes his point of view, young readers gain a better understanding of his behaviors and learn valuable lessons about patience, tolerance and understanding. Grades K-5.
Amazing Me:  It's Busy Being 3
In this story, an amazing kangaroo named Joey shows all of the amazing activities (represented as developmental milestones, such as first words, first steps, potty training) he can do now that he is 3 years old. This book will show you what to look for as your child grows and develops.   Appropriate for children ages 2-3.  Cognitive learning, thinking, and problem-solving begins at this age along with movement and physical development.  

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