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release date: Sep 01, 2012
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Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us
Sh*tty Mom is the ultimate parenting guide, written by four moms who have seen it all. As hilarious as it is universal, each chapter presents a common parenting scenario with advice on how to get through it in the easiest and most efficient way possible. With chapters such as How to Sleep Until 9 A.M. Every Weekend and When Seeing an Infant Triggers a Mental Illness That Makes You Want to Have Another Baby, as well as a Sh*tty Mom quiz, this is a must-have, laugh-out-loud funny book for the sh*tty parent in all of us.
release date: Nov 16, 2008
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Who is Belladonna?

In New York City, she's known only as the mysterious masked woman who presides over the most exclusive, opulent club of the times.

In Virginia's blue-blood countryside, she's known as the Contessa, the elusive heiress who flaunts convention and shuns human contact.

But then there are a wretched few who remember her from "The Club" and knew her as a fresh-faced innocent whom they desired...and misled...and left to the sadistic devices of a nobleman who robbed her of her youth, her dignity, and, ultimately her heart.

As Belladonna's story, told by one of her faithful manservants, slowly unfolds, we learn the horrifying truth behind Belladonna's masks and her insatiable desire for vengeance. It is a truth that involves betrayal, murder, depravity -- a truth so chilling that it will pit brother against brother, father against son, and will force Belladonna to ultimately confront the one man who can ultimately either destroy her, or set her free.
release date: Apr 30, 2013
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Lunch: A Novel

For readers of The New York Times bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and Bared to You comes this intoxicating novel of passion and ultimate surrender . . .

As a mega-superstar, Nick Muncie is accustomed to having any woman he wants. But lately, he's become disenchanted—until he notices a stunning woman in the trendy London restaurant where he is having lunch. Much to his surprise, Nick's charms, which have never failed him before, fall flat with artist Olivia Morgan. Instead of feeling defeated, he becomes consumed with making her desire him. He commissions a portrait, and during the sexually charged sessions, the seduction begins as Nick engages Olivia in a twisted, erotic game of control.

Extremely talented and confident, Olivia believes she's immune to Nick's attentions. But it isn't long before she finds herself fantasizing about him and succumbing to his power to give pleasure yet cruelly deny it. As their lunchtime trysts quickly escalate, another player soon topples the rules and tests how far Olivia and Nick will go in their destructive cycle of submission and obsession.

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release date: Mar 27, 2007
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Good-Enough Mother: The Perfectly Imperfect Book of Parenting
In an ideal world, mothers would have time to hand-sew their kids' costumes for the school play, prepare all-organic meals, and volunteer in the classroom at the drop of a hat. In reality, most moms have to settle for plopping their little ones in front of SpongeBob so that they can prepare yet another chicken nugget-based dinner, guiltily convinced they're falling down on the job.

In Good-Enough Mother, René Syler pulls back the curtain to reveal the truth about modern mothering and reassure time-stressed moms that even if their children are strangers to made-from-scratch cookies, they can emerge as happy, well-adjusted, fully functioning members of society. Mother to two great kids of her own, Syler explains how she learned to chuck perfection for practicality -- in short, how she became a Good-Enough Mother. She shows other women seeking to balance family, work, and some semblance of a personal life how to happily join the ranks of Good-Enough Mothers, who occasionally serve breakfast for dinner yet give their children plenty of what really matters -- love, time, and support.

Each essay provides welcome empathy and sage advice on navigating life's different obstacles, whether it's dealing with annoying Supermoms, bluffing through a third grader's math homework, or coping with the words that strike terror into every parent's heart ("Your son's teacher on line one"). Offering real wisdom tempered with humor and warmth, Good-Enough Mother will have every modern mom laughing in relief and recognition.
release date: Jun 17, 2013
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Rabenmütter: Solange die Kinder überleben, ist alles erlaubt (German Edition)
Lieber gelassene Rabenmutter als perfekte Überglucke.

Wie reiche ich den kleinen Liebling unauffällig weiter, wenn die Windel voll ist? Wie schmuggle ich den eindeutig ansteckenden Goldschatz an der misstrauischen Kindergärtnerin vorbei? Wie schaffe ich es, die quengeligen Engel bei den Großeltern abzuladen – für einen Tag, für die Sommerferien, für immer? Und wie zum Teufel spiele ich mit meinem Nachwuchs Puppenhaus, ohne mich dabei aus dem Fenster stürzen zu wollen? Mit Augenzwinkern aber durchaus praxistauglichen Tipps zeigen die vier Autorinnen, wie man mit viel Gelassenheit und Humor von der perfekten Überglucke zur entspannten Rabenmutter wird – sie selbst sind dafür das beste Beispiel.

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release date: Apr 01, 2007
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The Bird Flu Pandemic: Can It Happen? Will It Happen? How to Protect Yourself and Your Family If It Does

Based on the recent avian flu outbreaks that have emerged into human populations, the World Health Organization now warns us that bird flu--if mutated into a supercontagious pandemic form--could visit millions of homes within two years.

The Bird Flu Pandemic provides definitive answers to the questions on all our minds:

- Should we be getting reading for a world catastrophe, and if so, what should we be doing?
- Will masks help?
- Should we feed our kids poultry?
- Will we be able to go to work?
- Will we be able to leave the house?
- What about pets?
- Just how bad could this get?

Dr. Greene knows exactly what we need to do to keep our families safe, sane, and secure in the face of what is potentially an unprecedented and life-threatening worldwide scourge.

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