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release date: Mar 25, 2014
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Your Survival Instinct Is Killing You: Retrain Your Brain to Conquer Fear and Build Resilience
Stop running. Nothing is chasing you.

Thanks to technology, today’s world is more comfortable than ever, but our survival instinct that evolved to protect us from danger is on high alert.  Though mild discomforts such as work demands, traffic jams, family conflict, or having to perform under pressure are not life threatening, they can still trigger the brain’s fight or flight fear reaction.  And this response can lead to a reliance on drugs, alcohol, overeating, insomnia, phobias, chronic pain, illness, or just losing our temper for no apparent reason. In this eye-opening book, psychologist Dr. Marc Schoen offers practical strategies to tame your overly reactive survival instinct and conquer fear, build resilience, boost decision-making, and improve every aspect of your life.
release date: Feb 01, 2017
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Network Medicine: Complex Systems in Human Disease and Therapeutics

Big data, genomics, and quantitative approaches to network-based analysis are combining to advance the frontiers of medicine as never before. Network Medicine introduces this rapidly evolving field of medical research, which promises to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. With contributions from leading experts that highlight the necessity of a team-based approach in network medicine, this definitive volume provides readers with a state-of-the-art synthesis of the progress being made and the challenges that remain.

Medical researchers have long sought to identify single molecular defects that cause diseases, with the goal of developing silver-bullet therapies to treat them. But this paradigm overlooks the inherent complexity of human diseases and has often led to treatments that are inadequate or fraught with adverse side effects. Rather than trying to force disease pathogenesis into a reductionist model, network medicine embraces the complexity of multiple influences on disease and relies on many different types of networks: from the cellular-molecular level of protein-protein interactions to correlational studies of gene expression in biological samples. The authors offer a systematic approach to understanding complex diseases while explaining network medicine’s unique features, including the application of modern genomics technologies, biostatistics and bioinformatics, and dynamic systems analysis of complex molecular networks in an integrative context.

By developing techniques and technologies that comprehensively assess genetic variation, cellular metabolism, and protein function, network medicine is opening up new vistas for uncovering causes and identifying cures of disease.

release date: Feb 27, 2018
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Poster Town

Lucerne―Switzerland’s poster town―has a vibrant graphic design scene which has become widely known in recent years for its sophisticated posters. Some of these are designed for big cultural events, but others are more local, designed to advertise little theater performances or local music festivals. But the impact of these local designs can be felt further afield: in 2015 alone, 26 of the 100 best posters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland came from Lucerne and the surrounding area―in other words, more than a quarter of all the award-winning works. What’s behind this? How can such a relatively small city produce so many well-designed posters? The book Poster Town tracks this phenomenon with a wealth of images and texts by curators, art historians and design researchers, and creates a record of Lucerne’s poster designs for posterity.

release date: Jul 01, 2001
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When Relaxation is Hazardous to Your Health: Why We Get Sick After the STRESS is Over, and What You Can Do Now to Protect Your HEALTH
The new MIND-BODY MEDICINE that deals with the LET DOWN EFFECT which causes us to become sick after the stress is over. Do you become sick after a stressful project at work?

Do you find yourself becoming sick after exams or stressful events?

Do you become ill during or after vacations?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then this book may make a big difference in helping you protect your HEALTH.

Learn how relaxing too quickly leads to the Let Down Effect and illness.

Learn how the Let Down Effect causes illness and painful physical symptoms, such as headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, colds, and the flu.

Learn what you can do in a few minutes a day to help stop the Let Down Effect and remain healthy.

Learn to use the new rapid HYPNOSIS techniques called SOMAFOCUS, proven by clinical research, to positively affect the IMMUNE SYSTEM and HEALING.

release date: Jun 01, 2012
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The New Handbook of Multisensory Processing (The MIT Press)

The major reference work for a rapidly advancing field synthesizes central themes, reports on current findings, and offers a blueprint for future research.

Scientists' attempts to understand the physiology underlying our apprehension of the physical world was long dominated by a focus on the individual senses. The 1980s saw the beginning of systematic efforts to examine interactions among different sensory modalities at the level of the single neuron. And by the end of the 1990s, a recognizable and multidisciplinary field of "multisensory processes" had emerged. More recently, studies involving both human and nonhuman subjects have focused on relationships among multisensory neuronal ensembles and their behavioral, perceptual, and cognitive correlates. The New Handbook of Multisensory Processing synthesizes the central themes in this rapidly developing area, reports on current findings, and offers a blueprint for future research. The contributions, all of them written for this volume by leading experts, reflect the evolution and current state of the field.

This handbook does more than simply review the field. Each of the volume's eleven sections broadly surveys a major topic, and each begins with a substantive and thought-provoking commentary by the section editor that identifies the major issues being explored, describes their treatment in the chapters that follow, and sets these findings within the context of the existing body of knowledge. Together, the commentaries and chapters provide an invaluable guide to areas of general agreement, unresolved issues, and topics that remain to be explored in this fast-moving field.

release date: Aug 16, 2009
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Race and Reconciliation in America
Race and racism have played a divisive and defining role throughout much of America's history. Slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, and Ku Klux Klan terrorism have inflicted deep psychic wounds, social disparities, and economic disadvantages that have diminished the promise of equal rights and opportunities for all.

While much progress in race relations has been made in recent years―including the election of Barack Obama as President of the United State―it's clear that our journey to a post-racial era is far from complete. In virtually every measurable category, whether income levels, job opportunities, access to health care, life expectancy, high school diplomas, incarceration rates, do not fare well compared to their white counterparts.

The dialogue entitled Race and Reconciliation in America was convened to provide a forum for a long overdue, open, honest, and constructive discussion among people of good will about the need for the American people to truly grasp the depth of past misdeeds, why the legacies of past oppression persist, and how we can achieve a more fair and just society embodied in the American Dream.
release date: Sep 09, 2011
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Fallstudien zum Internationalen Management: Grundlagen - Praxiserfahrungen - Perspektiven (German Edition)
In 57 realen Fallstudien werden die vielfachen Facetten der internationalen Unternehmenstätigkeit vorgestellt. Die didaktisch geschickt aufbereiteten Fallstudien decken die zentralen Bereiche des Internationalen Managements ab. Zu jeder Fallstudie gehören neben der Problembeschreibung konkrete Fragen mit Lösungshinweisen. In der 4. Auflage wurden zahlreiche Fallstudien durch neue und aktuelle Case Studies ersetzt; die verbleibenden wurden vollständig überarbeitet. Um die zunehmenden englischsprachigen Vorlesungen im Fach Internationales Management zu unterstützen, sind in der 4. Auflage etwa die Hälfte der Fallstudien in englischer Sprache.
release date: Dec 31, 2013
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Operations Research Proceedings 2012: Selected Papers of the International Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR), Leibniz ... of Hannover, Germany, September 5-7, 2012
​This book contains selected papers presented at the "International Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society (OR2012)" which was held September 4 -7, 2012 at the Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany. The international conference, which also serves as the annual meeting of the German Operations Research Society (GOR), attracted more than 500 participants from more than 39 countries. Special attention at the conference was given to the three topics "Energy, Markets and Mobility". The OR2012 conference has addressed these topics from an OR perspective, treating them not only in isolation, but also with respect to their numerous and exciting interconnections, such as new energy for new mobility concepts and new market mechanisms for sustainable energy production to name but a few. The proceedings show that this conference topic is an important and promising area to apply Operations Research. The book also contains numerous papers addressing the full scope of fields in Operations Research.
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