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release date: Mar 13, 1989
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The Stranger
Through the story of an ordinary man unwittingly drawn into a senseless murder on an Algerian beach, Camus explored what he termed "the nakedness of man faced with the absurd." First published in 1946; now in a new translation by Matthew Ward.
release date: Apr 22, 2017
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Weight Watchers: Your Complete Smart Points Guide to Naturally Lose Weight – 3 Month Meal Plan Included
The Best System for Losing Weight Fast

This book aims to help you obtain a slim, fit, and healthy body without depriving yourself of the proper nutrients. You don’t need to starve yourself to death just to lose weight or keep the pounds off. You get to enjoy food the way it should be savored. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight ever again just as long as you stick to your personal Smart Points allowance. Working out or doing things to make your body active can also help you feel good.

There are foods, like fruits and vegetables, that have 0 Smart Points value and you can consume as much as you want when you need it. However, it is still advisable to keep things in moderation to maintain the discipline in dealing with your food consumption.

This book will: 

  • Give you the best information regarding the Weight Watchers’ diet program
  • Teach you how things work and also provide some helpful tools that you can use in determining your personal Smart Points allowance as well as the points value of each food

  • Teach you how you can spend your Smart Points and take advantage of the flexible points

  • Provide more than 100 recipes and food combinations that you can mix and match to help you obtain or maintain your target weight

  • Help you create your meal plan with our 3-month meal plan that will serve as your guide to help you get started

You will experience a different kind of diet program. You can savor the pleasure of eating scrumptious and delectable dishes without getting fat. Each recipe has its own Smart Points value to help you plan your meal. Each recipe is full of flavor that even the whole family or your guests will surely enjoy.

release date: Mar 13, 2017
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Bright Eyes, Ape City: Examining the Planet of the Apes Mythos
Since 1968, PLANET OF THE APES (based on Pierre Boulle’s French novel MONKEY PLANET) has spawned nine films, two television series, several novels, and one of the most respected franchises in pop-culture history. BRIGHT EYES, APE CITY, edited by the same team behind Sequart’s SACRED SCROLLS: COMICS ON THE PLANET OF THE APES, examines every Apes film, TV show, and novel, from 1968 to the present. This anthology features insightful, analytical essays about the franchise’s long history, from film historians, novelists, bloggers, and subject-matter experts. If you’re eager to learn more about Apes lore, you’ll need to get your stinkin’ paws on this book. From Sequart Organization. More info at
Supporting Students with Special Health Care Needs: Guidelines and Procedures for Schools, Third Edition

Essential for every school health office, this fully illustrated reference is the ultimate guide to caring for and supporting children with special health care needs in educational settings. A comprehensive update of the classic guide school nurses trust, this authoritative book compiles the latest guidelines on working with students with special health care needs, step-by-step procedures for using today's medical technologies, and access to more than 50 reproducible planning forms and checklists. Experts from nursing, medicine, and parent advocacy across the country reviewed and vetted the content, so you can implement the techniques and guidelines with confidence. A must for school nurses and related professionals, this practical reference tool will help schools deliver the services and supports that promote health, safety, and success for children with special health care needs.

  • Supporting students with a wide range of special care needs, such as respiratory concerns, neurological issues, diabetes, allergies, and bladder and kidney issues
  • Safely and skillfully using medical technologies, including feeding tubes, insulin administration devices, baclofen pumps, ventilators, ostomies, intravenous lines, oxygen and more
  • Planning supportive classrooms that meet legal requirements and are well prepared for both everyday care and medical emergencies
  • Collaborating with a student's whole health care team to create a family-centered, child-centered health care plan
  • Meeting the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse families
  • Facilitating a student's smooth transition from the pediatric to adult health care systems

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: More than 100 high-quality illustrations, plus printable online forms and checklists to ensure organized record keeping, training, and program planning.

With 50+ reproducible materials!
  • Dozens of skills checklists for specific medical technologies
  • Entrance Process Checklist
  • Individualized Health Care Plan forms
  • Emergency Plan form for students
  • One-Page Portable Medical Summary Template
  • Latex Allergy Checklist for Schools
  • School and Camp Medication Order
  • and more!
release date: Feb 06, 2002
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Smithsonian Handbooks: Herbs
The visual guide to more than 700 herb species from around the world. Authoritative text, crystal--clear photography, and a systematic approach make this the most comprehensive pocket guide to the herbs of the world. Packed with more than 1,500 full--color photographs of over 700 species, the Smithsonian Handbook of Herbs is designed to cut through the process of identification, enabling you to recognize herbs easily. Photo--Encyclopedic Approach: Each expertly written entry combines a concise description with annotated photographs to highlight the herb's distinguishing features and chief uses. Color illustrations show the whole plant or tree in its most typical form, while color--coded bands provide at--a--glance facts for quick reference. In--Depth Guide: For beginners and established enthusiasts alike, the Smithsonian Handbook of Herbs explains what an herb is, identifies which parts are collected and prepared, and describes the different uses to which they can be put -- from cooking and medicine to beauty treatment, aromatherapy, and crafts. Essential details of the species' size, habitat and natural range complete every entry, and a concise glossary gives instant understanding of the technical and scientific terms used.
release date: Jul 25, 1990
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The Fashion System
In his consideration of the language of the fashion magazine—the structural analysis of descriptions of women's clothing by writers about fashion—Barthes gives us a brief history of semiology. At the same time, he identifies economics as the underlying reason for the luxuriant prose of the fashion magazine: "Calculating, industrial society is obliged to form consumers who don't calculate; if clothing's producers and consumers had the same consciousness, clothing would be bought (and produced) only at the very slow rate of its dilapidation."
release date: Sep 01, 1984
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The Collected Stories of Colette

The Collected Stories of Colette beings together in one volume for the first time in any language the comprehensive collection of short stories by the novelist known worldwide as Colette, and now acknowledged, with Proust, as the most original French narrative writer of the first half of our century. of the one hundred stories gathered here, thirty-one appear for the first time in English and another twenty-nine have been newly translated for this volume.

release date: Jan 25, 2020
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Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Rulebook
This book is a complete guide to collecting, painting and gaming with Games Workshop's huge range of The Lord of The Rings miniatures. It contains all the rules and information you need to fight out the battles of The Fellowship of The Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of The King on your own tabletop.
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release date: Oct 01, 2008
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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines
The Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes are Humanity's ultimate warriors, dedicated to the defence of the Emperor and the Imperium of Man. They are barely human at all, but superhuman, having been made superior, in all respects, to a normal man by a harsh regime of genetic modification, psycho-conditioning and rigorous training. Organised into small independent armies called Chapters, their unswerving loyalty is to the Emperor of Mankind and no other. This 144-page Warhammer 40,000 Codex contains all the rules you'll need to field a Space Marine army, as well as detailed background information, bestiary, accompanying artwork and 'Eavy Metal showcase. You must possess a copy of Warhammer 40,000 in order to use the contents of this book.
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release date: Mar 11, 2017
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The History of Alpha Phi Alpha: Origins of the Eastern Region
Although organized in 1932, the history of the Eastern Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity can be traced to the beginnings of the Fraternity. The region, also known as "AlphaEast," is home to some of the oldest chapters in the fraternity. Founded December 4, 1906, the fraternity’s first chapter, Alpha, is seated in Ithaca, New York at Cornell University. Comprising over 18,500 brothers, the Eastern Region of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has become a shining example of what is known as the "work of Alpha." Chapters within the region have supported community groups, provided scholarships to African American youth, and created non-profit organizations to support the community. The region comprises seven districts that cover eleven states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia – Washington D.C., and the international areas of Bermuda, Germany, Liberia, South Africa and the United Kingdom (London). The members of the region have founded organizations and universities. They have changed the course of African American history through their work in the Civil Rights movement. Members have made lasting contributions to the fabric of the fraternity and the nation. Brothers like Martin Luther King, Jr., Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and Charles Hamilton Houston made great strides in the arena of Civil Rights. Brothers like Brother Lutrelle Fleming Palmer, Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, and Samuel Myers, Sr. have made great contributions to the field of education. Through the various chapter foundations which have been established, the brothers and chapters within the region have left their mark on local communities. AlphaEast has truly lived up to its motto, "First of All, Leading the Way."
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