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release date: Mar 01, 2005
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'Tis Herself: An Autobiography
A first-ever, revealing and candid look at the life and career of one of Hollywood’s brightest and most beloved stars, Maureen O’Hara .

In an acting career of more than seventy years, Hollywood legend Maureen O’Hara came to be known as “the queen of Technicolor” for her fiery red hair and piercing green eyes. She had a reputation as a fiercely independent thinker and champion of causes, particularly those of her beloved homeland, Ireland. In ‘Tis Herself, O’Hara recounts her extraordinary life and proves to be just as strong, sharp, and captivating as any character she played on-screen.

O’Hara was brought to Hollywood as a teenager in 1939 by the great Charles Laughton, to whom she was under contract, to costar with him in the classic film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She has appeared in many other classics, including How Green Was My Valley, Rio Grande, The Quiet Man, and Miracle on 34th Street. She recalls intimate memories of working with the actors and directors of Hollywood’s Golden Age, including Laughton, Alfred Hitchcock, Tyrone Power, James Stewart, Henry Fonda, and John Candy. With characteristic frankness, she describes her tense relationship with the mercurial director John Ford, with whom she made five films, and her close lifelong friendship with her frequent costar John Wayne. Successful in her career, O’Hara was less lucky in love until she met aviation pioneer Brigadier General Charles F. Blair, the great love of her life, who died in a mysterious plane crash ten years after their marriage.

Candid and revealing, ‘Tis Herself is an autobiography as witty and spirited as its author.
release date: Oct 07, 2014
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Styling the Stars: Lost Treasures from the Twentieth Century Fox Archive
A stunning collection of behind-the-scenes hair, makeup, and wardrobe continuity photographs taken before the cameras rolled on many of Hollywood’s most fashion-inspiring stars and cherished films. Culled from the Twentieth Century Fox archive, Styling the Stars features images of more than 150 actors—such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, and Paul Newman—from more than 100 Fox classics, including Miracle on 34th Street, The Sound of Music, Cleopatra, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Revered for their indisputable sense of style, classic Hollywood films continue to inspire today’s fashions. But the carefully crafted appearances of the timeless characters personified by the likes of Clark Gable, Julie Andrews, and Audrey Hepburn came as the result of meticulous hairstyling, makeup, and costume design. In Hollywood’s trendsetting world of glamour and glitz, continuity photographs ensured that these wardrobe elements remained consistent throughout the filming process. Now, decades later, these shots provide a striking record of the evolution of Hollywood fashion from the 1930s to the early 1970s. Written by Angela Cartwright and Tom McLaren, with a foreword by Maureen O’Hara, this collection of candid rarities offers a glimpse into the details of prepping Hollywood’s most iconic personalities, plus revelatory stories about Twentieth Century Fox classics. Here readers find images of Shirley Temple as she runs a brush through her trademark curls, Marilyn Monroe as she’s fitted for an elegant evening gown, Cary Grant as he suits up for a swim, and Paul Newman donning a six-shooter. The result is a stunning collector’s volume of film and fashion photography, as well as an invaluable compendium of movie history. © 2014 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
release date: Jul 04, 2017
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How to Prevent Autism: Expert Advice from Medical Professionals
The statistics are alarming and become more so every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 68 children have been identified with an autism spectrum disorder, making it one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the United States. Further, the CDC estimates that parents with a child on the autism spectrum can have nearly a 20 percent chance of having a second child with autism.

In How to Prevent Autism, Dara Berger shares her personal journey with autism. She describes everything that went wrong with her son that led to an autism diagnosis and everything she did differently to prevent her daughter from suffering the same fate. She interviews eight well-known ASD experts--including doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and scientists--about the factors that have led to the growing epidemic of autism. Based on the best practices for preventing autism in children, each professional offers perspectives grounded in their own research and their patients’ improvements. The book covers every detail--from the importance of mothers’ cleaning out their bodies preconception, through common genetic mutations that may put children at risk, to the crucial role of nutrition in prevention.

All parents agree that every choice counts when it comes to the health of their children. As Dara Berger makes clear in this personal, informative, and authoritative book, the stakes could not be higher when it comes to autism.
release date: Jan 29, 1998
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Market Microstructure Theory
Written by one of the leading authorities in market microstructure research, this book provides a comprehensive guide to the theoretical work in this important area of finance.
release date: Oct 25, 2016
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Something for Nothing: Arbitrage and Ethics on Wall Street

From a leading financial economist, a searching examination of the ethics of modern finance.

In 2001, Goldman Sachs structured a complex financial contract so that its client, the government of Greece, would appear to have far less debt than it actually did. When news of this transaction came out years later, the inevitable question arose: Even though Goldman’s actions were legal, were they ethically wrong? Is modern finance itself inherently unethical?

In Something for Nothing, financial economist Maureen O’Hara explains that one of the key innovations of modern finance is its reliance on arbitrage, the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets to generate profits and remove inefficiencies. When done correctly, arbitrage can create value at little or no cost (in effect, getting “something for nothing”); but it can also be an exploitative tool.

In a lucid, insightful discussion of the ethics of arbitrage in modern finance, O’Hara reveals how the rules can often be stretched into still-legal yet highly unethical business practices. Examining key cases in clear and persuasive prose, O’Hara illuminates various aspects of financial ethics, from the Goldman Greek transaction to Lehman Brothers’ attempt to cover up its debt, JPMorgan Chase’s maneuvers in California’s energy markets, Bernie Madoff’s trading strategies in the 1980s, high-frequency trading practices, and toxic loans in France.

Ultimately, O’Hara turns to philosophy and religion to argue for a new, humanistic approach to ethics in the financial industry. She makes a strong case for a way forward: fewer rules and more standards to foster a morally responsible outlook. Fearlessly raising the questions at the moral heart of our financial system, Something for Nothing is a masterful treatise on the ethics of modern finance.

release date: Sep 30, 2013
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High-frequency Trading
This is the survival guide for trading in a world where high-frequency trading predominates in markets, accounting for upwards of 60% of trading in equities and futures, and 40% in foreign exchange. High-frequency trading is the subject of extensive debate, particularly as to whether it is beneficial for traders and markets or instead allows some traders to benefit at others expense. This book provides you with an important overview and perspective on this area, with a particular focus on how low-frequency traders and asset managers can survive in the high frequency world.

With chapters written by the leading practitioners and academics in the area the book will show you how issues such as big data come into play, how high-frequency should affect optimal execution algorithms and how markets inter-connect in new ways that affect volatility and market stability. Contributors also discuss the new regulatory challenges that arise in the high frequency world.

Chapters include:

- Machine Learning for Market Microstructure and High-Frequency Trading (Michael Kearns and Yuriy Nevmyvaka)
- Execution Strategies in Fixed Income Markets (Robert Almgren)
- The Regulatory Challenge of High-Frequency Markets (Oliver Linton, Maureen O Hara and J.P. Zigrand)
- Do Algo Executions Leak Information? (George Sofianos and JuanJuan Xiang)

This book is essential reading for anybody who wants or needs to learn about this changing subject area, including institutional traders, exchanges and trading system operators, regulators and academics.

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Holiday Radio Theater Case Collection V1-5 Audio CDs-Radio Christmas Classics
Holiday Radio Theater Collection Volume 1 5 Audio CD's Case Sealed Beautiful Collection Enjoy hours of old time radio show entertainment! 1947-1953 Live Radio Theater Shows - Drama Presentation Makes a wonderful gift-FREE Holiday Gift Wrap Available! "Miracle On 34th Street"...Starring Maureen O'Hara, Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwenn as Santa. "It's A Wonderful Life"...Starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in this 1947 classic original Lux Radio Shows Broadcast. "Little Women"...Starring June Allyson, Peter Lawford, Janet Leigh and the talented Margaret O'Brien. This radio show drama will become one of your favorite tradition during the holidays. "Father Knows Best"...Starring Robert Young in this 1950's Christmas program. Two shows "Christmas Program and "New Years Sitter" Radio City Playhouse drama at its best! Enjoy Willis coopers "Three Men" 1948 and Paul Gallico "Twas The Night Before Christmas" 1949
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release date: Oct 31, 2012
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Dancing at the Edge: Competence, Culture and Organization in the 21st Century
In his 1980 essay, The World of Tomorrow and the Person of Tomorrow, the psychologist Carl Rogers contemplated the future. He described those who would usher in this new era as people with the capacity to understand, bring about and absorb a paradigm shift. He added: "I have an uneasy feeling about this chapter... It is a beginning, an outline, a suggestion... I believe that what I am saying here will some day be fleshed out much more fully, either by me or someone else." Maureen O'Hara and Graham Leicester are uniquely qualified fleshers-out. They draw on their own extensive research and practical experience observing some of today's most successful cultural, political and business leaders to explore the competencies that can best help us navigate the 'blooming, buzzing confusion' of the 21st century. They conclude that these are innate and within reach of all of us - given the right setting, plenty of practice and some gentle guidance. But they are seldom seen because they are routinely undervalued in today's culture. That must change, the authors insist, and this book is intended to begin that change. Theodore Hesburgh, President Emeritus of Notre Dame University, once said that leadership demands certainty: "You cannot blow an uncertain trumpet." On the contrary, argue Leicester and O'Hara, we must all learn to play the uncertain trumpet like virtuosos. It is an image that conveys the subtle discipline required of 'persons of tomorrow.' "They are the people already among us who inhabit the complex and messy problems of the 21st century in a more expansive way than their colleagues... They dance at the edge."
release date: Jan 01, 2009
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Irish American Chronicle
The Irish American Chronicle is the definitive illustrated book of the Irish American experience. Part of the acclaimed Legacy Chronicle series of books from Publications International, Ltd., the Irish American Chronicle presents the story of Irish influence in every aspect of American life. The 448-page book shares an in-depth account of how the Irish helped change America, shaping America s music, politics, literature, and slang.

The Irish American Chronicle begins with an absorbing history of Ireland and chronicles the Irish in America from the Revolutionary War to the present. Hundreds of Irish Americans are profiled, from presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to automaker Henry T. Ford, activist Mother Jones, and writer Anna Quindlen. In words and pictures, the Irish American Chronicle relates the complete Irish American experience, including these topics:
The Irish Democratic Party s rise to power, beginning with the story of Honest John Kelly and Tammany Hall.
Irish American movie stars such as Buster Keaton, Maureen O Hara, James Cagney, and Grace Kelly.
The men of the Civil War s Irish Brigade and World War I s Fighting 69th.
The proud tradition of Notre Dame football.
Riverdance, Frank McCourt s Angela s Ashes, and the works of Eugene O Neill and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The handsome hardcover volume includes more than 1,000 photos and a detailed timeline of events in Irish American history. Celebrated Irish American actress Maureen O'Hara wrote the foreword, and renowned Irish writer Peter Quinn wrote the preface.
release date: Apr 06, 2009
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Ten Things to do in a Conceptual Emergency
If the idea of a conceptual emergency seemed original when it was introduced in the first edition of this booklet, it now appears inescapable. Brought on by the global credit crunch and the collapse or effective nationalisation of so many familiar institutions (HBOS, Lehman Brothers, Woolworths...), we face a fresh crisis of faith, as the instability of our previous perceptions of identity, morality, cultural coherence and social position is revealed. In a world where we are losing our collective bearings, we urgently need leadership inspired by fresh and insightful thinking. This little book provides a remarkable amount of both. The authors are writing under the banner of the International Futures Forum (IFF), an innovative and forward-thinking group that has inspired many communities to respond powerfully to severe social and economic challenges. Ten Things records IFF's learning over seven years on how to take more effective and responsible action in a world we do not understand and cannot control. This second edition has been expanded and updated with seven inspirational case studies from around the world, generated by IFF's work. Insightful yet playful, compact, readable and touchingly illustrated, this is a gem of a book. It will appeal to managers and organisational and political leaders but also to environmental campaigners, social psychologists and educationalists.
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