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release date: May 19, 2017
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A Handbook for Personalized Competency-Based Education: Ensure All Students Master Content by Designing and Implementing a PCBE System

In K-12 education's growing movement of competency-based education and personalized learning, both contradictory and overlapping definitions come up around these two terms. To clear up this confusion, A Handbook for Personalized Competency-Based Education delves into the components of a personalized competency-based education (PCBE) system.

This handbook explores approaches, strategies, and techniques that schools and districts should consider as they rethink traditional instruction to fit a PCBE system and support student learning. The authors share examples of how to use proficiency scales, standard operating procedures, behavior rubrics, personal tracking matrices, and other tools to aid in instruction and assessment.


  • Receive clear guidance on implementing a personalized competency-based education (PCBE) system.
  • Determine what content to focus on and what standards to prioritize in personalized instruction.
  • Read vignettes that illustrate the shifts that should occur to foster PCBE.
  • Learn how a flexible PCBE learning environment of student agency can foster self-efficacy.
  • Understand the variety of assessments available for measuring student proficiency in a PCBE system.


Chapter 1: Why Competency-Based Education and Personalized Learning?

Chapter 2: What Content Will Be Addressed?

Chapter 3: How Will the Learning Environment Promote Student Agency?

Chapter 4: How Will Instruction Support Student Learning?

Chapter 5: How Will Student Proficiency Be Measured?

Chapter 6: How Will Scheduling Accommodate Student Learning?

Chapter 7: How Will Reporting Facilitate Student Learning?

Chapter 8: How Do Schools and Districts Transition to a PCBE System?


Appendix A: Tools to Support Student Agency

Appendix B: A Model of Effective Instruction

Appendix C: Sample Grading Sheet

Appendix D: Resources for Creating a Shared Vision

release date: Feb 14, 2017
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Debris & Detritus
"Debris and Detritus, the lesser-known Greek gods...*
These words launched over a dozen alternate realities and histories, invaded existing universes, and even inspired a book or two with Debris and Detritus running amok through every world they touch.

With nothing else to go on, writers from various genres created deities that might or might not actually be Greek, might or might not be of any particular gender, might or might not be of this Earth but they always wreak havoc in ways that range from darkly horrific to brightly comedic.

Join in the fun, but be forewarned about reading at night. Some of these compulsively readable tales will give you nightmares, while others will have you startling the parakeet by hooting with laughter.

Debris & Detritus Unpredictable, Unbelievable, Un-put-down-able

*Writer Rhonda Eudaly cannot be held responsible for the results of those blithely spoken words. Editor Patricia Burroughs, however, might.
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release date: Jun 24, 2018
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Punk Vs Metal
What happens when a team of writers who swear allegiance to punk are pitched into brutal, no-holds-barred story war with a squad of scribes pledging loyalty to metal? When it comes to rivalries between musical genres, there are few as storied, enduring, and hostile, as the one between punk rock and heavy metal. For two styles that have much in common, this pair of rebellious, aggressive musical beasts have long been at loggerheads with each other. So, what happens when a team of writers who swear allegiance to punk are pitched into brutal, no-holds-barred story war with a squad of scribes pledging loyalty to metal? With Michael Fisher captaining team punk and Jim Goforth at the helm of team metal, we're about to find out. As we go thirteen rounds in a battle anthology like no other. Strap on your guitars. Turn the volume to eleven. And, be prepared to launch yourself into a world where heavy music rules over all. And horror and bizarro authors sling savage ink in the name of their chosen genre. In this knock-down, drag-out war of words, two teams fight for supremacy, and you will be the judge. You make the final call. You decide who wins the ultimate battle that is... PUNK VS METAL
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release date: Jun 01, 1995
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Marilyn's Addresses: A Fan's Guide to the Places She Knew
This is a collection of little-known facts about Marilyn Minroe which lists 250 locations associated with her life. It is illustrated with over 30 photographs. Locations include: the spot where Marilyn stood on the street in New York City for the skirt-blowing sequence in "The Seven Year Itch"; where she lived for the first 12 days of her life; where she went to night school when she was already an established star; where she and Jo DiMaggio met on a blind date; where she ate after posing nude for Tom Kelley; and where she held her secret meetings with President John F. Kennedy.
release date: Mar 01, 2017
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My Brother Tom

Tom was born earlier than expected and had the doctors worried. His big brother wasn't worried though, he saw angels outside his window and knew everything would be okay.

My Brother Tom is a story for older siblings of premature babies to help them make sense of what is happening at a difficult time.

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release date: Sep 01, 2011
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Barista Coffee: Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee and Delicious Cakes to Have with It
Ever wondered how the professional barista can make all of those great designs on the top of your coffee? Well, here is your opportunity to learn and become your family's own barista. The process of preparing and serving espresso-related beverages seems to the average person, a relatively simple task. However, as you start to use your machine you will find, initially, that the production is anything but simple. In Barista Coffee, Michelle Finn will provide you with all the 'coffee art' steps, designed to assist you to become an effective barista. You will love the intricate designs and be surprised at how easy they can be achieved. Also included are some fantastic cake and biscuit recipes containing coffee as an ingredient.
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release date: May 21, 2013
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Each the Same
The cows are in the milking shed, the horses are in the stable and the sheep are in the field. They all have their jobs to do to help make the farm a happy place to live. Someone s squelching in the mud and it s not the pigs. Who can it be?
release date: Nov 01, 2010
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The Best Australian Poems 2010
The Best Australian Poems 2010 vibrates with correspondences. The images in some poems are reflected in others … until the individual poems begin to read like stanzas in some epic story of this country.’ —Robert Adamson

Selected by one of Australia’s most acclaimed poets, this inspired collection captures the richness and scope of present-day Australian verse. It features innovative and exciting poems – many published here for the first time – from our best-known poets as well as daring and insightful works from rising stars.

Together they create a lively sense of conversation, of voices criss-crossing the continent, exploring the many themes that animated and inspired the nation’s poets in 2010.

Contributors include: Chris Andrews, Judith Beveridge, Ken Bolton, Peter Boyle, David Brooks, Pam Brown, Joanne Burns, Elizabeth Campbell, Justin Clemens, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Luke Davies, Bruce Dawe, Laurie Duggan, Stephen Edgar, Anne Elvey, Lionel Fogarty, Lisa Gorton, Robert Gray, Martin Harrison, Kevin Hart, Barry Hill, Sarah Holland-Batt, L.K. Holt, Lisa Jacobson, John Kinsella, Anna Krien, Anthony Lawrence, Geoffrey Lehmann, Kate Lilley, Astrid Lorange, Roberta Lowing, Rhyll McMaster, Jennifer Maiden, Kate Middleton, Peter Minter, Derek Motion, Les Murray, Geoff Page, Peter Rose, Gig Ryan, Jaya Savige, Craig Sherborne, Vivian Smith, Peter Steele, John Tranter, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Petra White and many more.

‘A welcome part of the summer readingscape’ —Sydney Morning Herald

‘Richly impressive’ —Australian Book Review

Robert Adamson is the author of The Golden Bird (winner of the CJ Dennis Prize for Poetry in the 2009 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards) and editor of The Best Australian Poems 2010.
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release date: May 16, 2015
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Tales of the Fairy Anthology II: Steampunk Fairies (Tales of the Fairy Anthology Series) (Volume 2)
Never before have magic and machines come together in such a way as brought to you by the sixteen authors, poets, and artists of this collaboration. When the world of the Fae meets Steampunk, all things are possible and there are no limits to the places you will visit, the creatures you will meet, and the technology that you will discover. Put a little magic in your gears and open up your minds and hearts as you enter the world of Steampunk Fairies. Contributing Authors: Catherine Stovall Lexi Ostrow Samantha Allard Andrea L Staum Kristin Snyder Emma Michaels Michael Cross Beth W. Patterson Michelle Cornwell-Jordan Nicole L. Daffurn Andrea L. Staum Audrey Gibson Stephen T. De Marino KC Finn CL McCollum Samantha Ketteman Jeannette Joyal Elizabeth A. Lance Cover Art: Craig Tracy Cover Design: Emma Michaels
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release date: Mar 01, 2013
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Start of the Ocean
Have you ever felt small when you stand at the start of the wide, blue ocean? Waves slosh, children splash and grown ups walk in a line to nowhere and back again. But if you take the time to look high, look low and look underneath, you never know what you will find.
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