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release date: Sep 30, 2014
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Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting (now with Bébé Day by Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting)
The runaway New York Times bestseller that shows American parents the secrets behind France's amazingly well-behaved children, from the author of There Are No Grown-ups. 



When American journalist Pamela Druckerman had a baby in Paris, she didn't aspire to become a "French parent." But she noticed that French children slept through the night by two or three months old. They ate braised leeks. They played by themselves while their parents sipped coffee. And yet French kids were still boisterous, curious, and creative. Why? How?

With a notebook stashed in her diaper bag, Druckerman set out to investigate—and wound up sparking a national debate on parenting. Researched over three years and written in her warm, funny voice, Bringing Up Bébé is deeply wise, charmingly told, and destined to become a classic resource for American parents.

release date: May 29, 2018
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There Are No Grown-ups: A Midlife Coming-of-Age Story

The best-selling author of BRINGING UP BÉBÉ investigates life in her forties, and wonders whether her mind will ever catch up with her face.

When Pamela Druckerman turns 40, waiters start calling her "Madame," and she detects a disturbing new message in mens' gazes: I would sleep with her, but only if doing so required no effort whatsoever.

Yet forty isn't even technically middle-aged anymore. And after a lifetime of being clueless, Druckerman can finally grasp the subtext of conversations, maintain (somewhat) healthy relationships and spot narcissists before they ruin her life.

What are the modern forties, and what do we know once we reach them? What makes someone a "grown-up" anyway? And why didn't anyone warn us that we'd get cellulite on our arms? Part frank memoir, part hilarious investigation of daily life, There Are No Grown-Ups diagnoses the in-between decade when... 

   • Everyone you meet looks a little bit familiar. 
   • You're matter-of-fact about chin hair. 
   • You can no longer wear anything ironically. 
   • There's at least one sport your doctor forbids you to play. 
   • You become impatient while scrolling down to your year of birth. 
   • Your parents have stopped trying to change you. 
   • You don't want to be with the cool people anymore; you want to be with your people. 
   • You realize that everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently. 
   • You know that it's ok if you don't like jazz.

Internationally best-selling author and New York Times contributor Pamela Druckerman leads us on a quest for wisdom, self-knowledge and the right pair of pants. A witty dispatch from the front lines of the forties, There Are No Grown-ups is a (midlife) coming-of-age story, and a book for anyone trying to find their place in the world.

release date: Feb 12, 2013
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Bébé Day by Day: 100 Keys to French Parenting
À la carte wisdom from the international bestseller Bringing up Bébé

In BRINGING UP BÉBÉ, journalist and mother Pamela Druckerman investigated a society of good sleepers, gourmet eaters, and mostly calm parents. She set out to learn how the French achieve all this, while telling the story of her own young family in Paris. 

BÉBÉ DAY BY DAY distills the lessons of BRINGING UP BÉBÉ into an easy-to-read guide for parents and caregivers. How do you teach your child patience? How do you get him to like broccoli? How do you encourage your baby to sleep through the night? How can you have a child and still have a life?

Alongside these time-tested lessons of French parenting are favorite recipes straight from the menus of the Parisian crèche and winsome drawings by acclaimed French illustrator Margaux Motin. 

Witty, pithy and brimming with common sense, BÉBÉ DAY BY DAY offers a mix of practical tips and guiding principles, to help parents find their own way.
release date: Jun 17, 2021
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French Children Don't Throw Food
How do the French manage to raise well-behaved children and have a life! Who hasn't noticed how well-behaved French children are - compared to our own? - How come French babies sleep through the night? - Why do French children happily eat what is put in front of them? - How can French mums chat to their friends while their children play quietly? - Why are French mums more likely to be seen in skinny jeans than tracksuit bottoms? Pamela Druckerman, who lives in Paris with three young children, has had years of observing her French friends and neighbours, and with wit and style, has written a memoir that is ideally placed to teach us the basics of parenting a la francaise.
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release date: Mar 25, 2008
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Lust in Translation: Infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee
Compared to the citizens of just about every other nation, Americans are the least adept at having affairs, have the most trouble enjoying them, and suffer the most in their aftermath and Pamela Druckerman has the facts to prove it. The journalist's surprising findings include:
  • Russian spouses don't count beach resort flings as infidelity
  • South Africans consider drunkenness an adequate excuse for extramarital sex
  • Japanese businessmen believe, "If you pay, it's not cheating."

Voyeuristic and packed with eyebrow-raising statistics and interviews, Lust in Translation is her funny and fact-filled world tour of infidelity that will give new meaning to the phrase "practicing monogamy."

release date: Feb 20, 2014
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French Parents Don't Give In: 100 Parenting Tips From Paris
Parenting advice from the No.1 Sunday Times bestseller French Children Don't Throw Food, now distilled into 100 short and easy tips.
Parenting advice from French Children Don't Throw Food, now distilled into 100 short and easy tips. In response to the enthusiastic reception of her bestselling parenting memoir French Children Don't Throw Food, Pamela Druckerman now offers a practical handbook that distils her findings into one hundred short and straightforward tips to bring up your child a la francaise. Includes advice about pregnancy, feeding (including meal plans and recipes from Paris creches), sleeping, manners, and more.
release date: Jan 01, 2013
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Criancas Francesas Nao Fazem Manha (Em Portugues do Brasil)
A jornalista americana se muda para Paris logo apos se casar. La, alem das diferencas culturais mais conhecidas, comeca a observar que as criancas se comportam de forma muito mais educada do que jamais viu. Estarrecida, ela percebe que os jantares nas casas dos franceses nao sao eventos caoticos em que criancas interrompem os adultos, brigam com os irmaos ou reclamam dos legumes.

Esse e apenas um dos exemplos que a fazem querer descobrir qual e a mistura de autoridade e relaxamento dos pais que faz com que as criancas francesas sejam tao comportadas, sem ficarem reprimidas ou sem personalidade. Afinal, qual e o segredo para que durmam a noite toda? Para que nao tenham ataques de birra em publico? Para que sentem-se de maneira educada a mesa e experimentem muito mais do que nuggets e batatas? Para que desenvolvam a autoestima e se tornem articuladas?

Os pais que ela observou em Paris parecem ter encontrado o equilibrio perfeito entre ouvir os filhos e deixar claro que sao os adultos que mandam. Dentro de um limite conhecido como cadre, essas criancas tem total liberdade e autonomia, mas fora dele, quem exerce autoridade sao os pais.

Pamela nota que os franceses conseguem balancear admiravelmente suas necessidades e as das criancas, nao se acorrentam a um falso conceito de pais perfeitos e, ainda assim, sao atentos, carinhosos e criam filhos educados e felizes. A autora empreende uma surpreendente jornada pela cultura francesa e passa a rever alguns conceitos da criacao de filhos.

Por anos, ela investiga as respostas a essas e outras questoes, alem de viver muitas experiencias no proprio cotidiano, ja que se torna mae em Paris. O resultado e um relato inteligente, bem-humorado e ao mesmo tempo bem-fundamentado dos segredos dos franceses para ter filhos criativos e educados e tambem um manual para os pais nao se tornarem escravos de pequenos tiranos.
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release date: Mar 20, 2013
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Bringing Up Bebe (Korean Edition)
Bringing Up Bebe (Korean Edition)
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release date: Jan 01, 2014
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Criancas Francesas Dia A Dia (Em Portugues do Brasil)
Um guia pratico para pais e cuidadores. Como ensinar seu filho a ter paciencia? Como fazer com que ele experimente legumes e verduras? Como encorajar seu bebe a dormir a noite toda? E possivel ter um filho e, ainda assim, ter vida social e momentos romanticos a dois? Em 'Criancas francesas dia a dia', Pamela Druckerman revela as licoes do estilo frances de criar filhos de forma simples e direta e traz ainda as receitas favoritas dos cardapios das creches parisienses. Espirituoso, conciso e repleto de bom senso, o livro oferece uma mistura de dicas e principios vitais para ajudar os pais a encontrarem seu caminho.
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release date: Jun 17, 2021
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C�mo ser una mam� cruas�n
Rare book
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