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release date: Apr 05, 2013
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Karel J Robot: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Karel J Robot is an introduction to computer programming for novices. It uses the Java programming language to introduce the principles of object-oriented programming. It is the latest version in the Karel The Robot series, originally developed by Richard Pattis. It is a true successor to the original, emphasizing problem solving in a simple but "Turing Complete" and interesting virtual world.

Karel J Robot stresses problem solving rather than language syntax. It has been shown to be an effective learning environment for novice programmers. A student able to do the exercises in this book, or one of its companions, is truly on his or her way to a deep understanding of programming.

Learn to write sophisticated Java code in a few weeks. It is not a comprehensive treatment of Java, but emphasizes problem solving using objects, writing classes, and developing skill in algorithmic and polymorphic thinking. It goes beyond thinking of computing as just "if" and "while".

The advantages pointed out by reviewers of Karel J Robot follow:

Karel J Robot is an excellent introduction to modern computer science, without letting students get overwhelmed by the details of a programming language (even though it is real Java). KJR provides a framework for understanding Object-Oriented Programming from the very beginning. Students are encouraged to develop problem-solving skills by producing projects that solve very complex problems with a relatively small set of tools.
Don Slater, Carnegie-Mellon University

I have been successfully introducing students in grades 9 through 12 to programming using Karel for the past twenty years and Karel J Robot is the most effective version yet. Students love it! They find principles of OOP (class design, constructors, methods, inheritance, polymorphism) come naturally to them, even before they learn about control structures. They discover recursive solutions without ever being taught recursion. Best of all, Karel is gender neutral --- both girls and boys are so involved and excited that I have to push them out the door and on to their next class when the period ends.
Kathy Larson, Kingston High School, Kingston New York

Karel J Robot: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Object-Oriented Programming in Java takes you on a well-sequenced and thoughtful journey through the essential concepts in a first semester computer science course. Experience computer science at the level that it is most inspiring – the conceptual level. The visual environment will help you teach and your students learn because everyone will have immediate visual feedback, enabling them to see what they are doing. You will leave the Karel world with a deep understanding of polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, modularization, and step-wise refinement, to name just a few topics. If you are an AP Computer Science teacher, you have just found the perfect guide to help ensure you do not lose sight of the forest (i.e., computer science) through the trees (i.e., the details of the language).
Dave Wittry, Troy High School

Karel J Robot provides an uncluttered setting for laying the foundation for all of the key OO concepts. The perfect "starter" for understanding objects, OO design and OO programming.
Michael Goldweber, Xavier University

release date: Jun 08, 2017
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Designing and Leading a Successful SAR: A Guide for Sex Therapists, Sexuality Educators, and Sexologists
This professional guidebook and training manual introduces the Sexual Attitudes Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) training program for professionals working in the broad field of sexology. The authors, who have led 43 SAR training programs in seven different countries, provide an overview of the history and modern day context of SARs in the first part of the book. In Part II, they provide a toolkit for creating your own SAR, using 21 photocopiable workbook pages, handy checklists, and practical tips. Part III focuses on lessons learned from past SARs and future predictions for cutting-edge SARs. This book is necessary reading for clinicians and educators who wish to offer SAR training programs or integrate “The SAR Approach” into their practice.
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release date: Oct 04, 2012
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Research on Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Assessments (IUPUI Series on Service Learning Research)
The purpose of this work is to improve service learning research and practice through strengthening its theoretical base. Contributing authors include both well-known and emerging service learning and community engagement scholars, as well as scholars from other fields. The authors bring theoretical perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines to bear as they critically review past research, describe assessment methods and instruments, develop future research agendas, and consider implications of theory-based research for enhanced practice.

This volume, 2A, opens with chapters focused on defining the criteria for quality research.

It then moves on to research related to students, comprising chapters that focus on cognitive processes, academic learning, civic learning, personal development, and intercultural competence. The concluding faculty section presents chapters on faculty development, faculty motivation, and faculty learning.

Constituting a rich resource that suggests new approaches to conceptualizing, understanding, implementing, assessing, and studying service learning. Each chapter offers recommendations for future research. Research on Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Assessment will be of interest to both new and veteran service learning instructors seeking to enhance their practice by integrating what has been learned in terms of teaching, assessment, and research. Staff and faculty who are responsible for promoting and supporting service learning at higher education institutions, evaluating community service programs, and working with faculty to develop research on service learning, will also find this volume helpful. For scholars and graduate students reviewing and conducting research related to service learning, this book is a comprehensive resource, and a knowledge base about the processes and outcomes of innovative pedagogies, such as service learning, that will enable them to locate their own work in an expanding and deepening arena of inquiry.

Volume 2B, sold separately, also opens with chapters focused on defining the criteria for quality research. It looks at community development, and the role of nonprofit organizations in service learning. It then focusses on institutions, examining the institutionalization of service learning, engaged departments, and institutional leadership. The final section on partnerships in service learning includes chapters on conceptualizing and measuring the quality of partnerships, inter-organizational partnerships, and student partnerships.
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release date: Dec 07, 2010
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Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy
Nine-year-old Velvet has had enough of mean kids calling her a pixie just because she's bald. And when Rodney O'Leary yanks her hat off and calls her baldy, she stamps on his foot and takes off through the forest. Tramping through the woods, she watches kangaroos and birds, but when she stops to pick wildflowers, she stumbles upon a fairy caught in the bow of a tree. The fairy promises to grant Velvet a wish if she saves her and proclaims to be Roseberry -- Fairy of Crabtree Forest. Velvet doesn't believe in magic and thinks someone's playing a trick, but she rescues the so-called fairy anyway. But just like she thought, her wish of getting her hair back doesn't work and the sneaky Roseberry tries to escape. But when she tries to fly away, she falls off the tree with a thump. And now, as well as having no magic powers, her wings are broken. Velvet feels sorry for the helpless little sprite and decides to look after her until she recovers. Happy to have a friend, Velvet hides Roseberry in her bedroom, but she soon wonders why she's even bothered to help such an ungrateful little snot. The fairy isn't at all endearing--she's rude, demanding, bad-mannered and spoilt. She acts like a princess, expecting to be waited on. Velvet figures Roseberry doesn't know how to use her powers because she didn't pay attention in Magic School. And when Roseberry deliberately gets her into trouble, Velvet threatens to take her back into the woods. But before she has a chance, Rodney and his gang kidnap her. Realising she cares for the little sprite, Velvet's heart breaks. Now she'll have to rescue Roseberry, or who knows what they'll do to her.
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release date: Jul 11, 1995
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Karel The Robot: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Programming
Uses a creative approach to teach the basic skills and concepts of programming quickly. This edition offers excellent insights into problem solving and program design processes. It will also improve comprehension of such computer science considerations as loop invariants and recursion. Includes 60 color line drawings.
release date: Oct 18, 2014
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The 11th Percent (The 11th Percent Series) (Volume 1)
When Jonah Rowe wished for his boring twenty-three years of living to have some meaning, he never imagined that wish would be granted. His life is forever altered when Jonathan, an enigmatic figure who literally appears from nowhere, tears asunder his illusions about humans using only ten percent of their brain. Jonah discovers that he is an Eleventh Percenter, an ethereal human that has access to a portion of their brain called The Eleventh Percent, which grants him the ability to communicate with spirits and influence the spiritual world itself (a practice known as ethereality). He learns that he is not alone in having access to spirits when he meets fellow Eleventh Percenters who, like him, have to continuously hone the gifts they possess while remaining integrated within the world of Tenth Percenters (non-ethereal humans.) Jonah must also contend with an Eleventh Percenter on the other side of the equation, who has his own schemes and motives for the spiritual world. As Jonah navigates this new world in which he has found himself, he will begin to learn about true paranormal activity, auras, and the actual nature of life. Understanding them all may very well be his key to survival. Follow the journey of Jonah Rowe as he goes from unmotivated accountant to the centerpiece of a spectral battle in this new breed of ghost story!
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release date: Jun 07, 2017
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Sweet Dreams, Baby (Love & Mystery in the 6-oh-3) (Volume 3)
Who killed Judge Shaw Buchanan aka “the hanging judge,” on the day of his wife’s funeral? When Harper Buchanan, the judge’s estranged daughter, witnesses her father’s murder in the small town of Barley, New Hampshire, she promises to find his escaped killer. She hires local private investigator, Finn O’Rourke to track down the shooter. Soon, they are working together, and Harper finds herself drawn to Finn’s looks, smarts, and self-reliance. But she’s fallen for the wrong type of man before. She vows not to repeat her mistake and to keep their relationship professional. Finn does his best to deal with their growing chemistry by focusing on the job. But when someone attempts to kill Harper to prevent her from uncovering the identity of her father’s murderer, his goal changes. Harper’s protection becomes Finn’s full-time priority, even though it means risking his life for a woman who may never love him.
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release date: Aug 02, 2002
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Possession Obsession: Andy Warhol And Collecting
"So many categories!" Andy Warhol would complain, in the course of his daily trawl of antique stores, galleries, auction houses and flea markets. Though best known as an artist, Warhol was also a passionate and informed collector of unlikely antiquities and offbeat Americana. Possession Obsession proposes that collecting was another form of artistic practice for Warhol, certainly one that provides as much insight into his interests, tastes and ideas as his art. Accompanying essays examine the how, why, and what of Warhol's collection, the all-consuming role it played in his life, the aesthetic quality and historical associations of the objects themselves, the psychological and sexual aspects of collecting, other artists' use of collecting and the relationships between collecting and mass culture. Also included are Robert Mapplethorpe's wonderful photographs of Warhol's home, for which Patti Smith provides an introduction.
release date: Nov 26, 2012
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Paradox - Bound By Blood
Paradox - Bound By Blood – book 3 in the Paradox Series The story continues… Love is not counted in years Love is counted in heartbeats Love is not bound by distance Love is bound by blood In the Ancient World In the New World Love will prevail Some will kill for love — Some will die for love Some will love until it hurts. And some will make the greatest sacrifice of all.
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Paradox - Equilibrium (Volume 4)
The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off.
--Gloria Steinem.
For years, the truth was concealed from Grace Connors, masked cleverly by coercion, denial, and make believe.Grace always felt that there was a part of her that didn't resonate with this world, as if she were a square block in a round hole. When her father died, it was her mother's unconditional love, Wade's fatherly presence, and Angela, Grace's quirky next door neighbor that gave her strength. United, they were her beacon, the lighthouse that guided her in from the storm. That was until she learned the truth ... And the truth, Grace discovered, regardless of what she'd been told, does not always set you free.Make no mistake, the Grigori is the Original Vampire, and regardless of what you believe, they are here, walking among us, and they intend to stay.
  • Paradox Series.Paranormal/sci-fi/time travel/dystopian/romance...Adventure.
  • Paradox - The Angels Are Here.A Novella - and introduction into the Paradox Series.
  • Paradox - Progeny Of Innocence.
  • Paradox - Bound By Blood.
  • Paradox - Equilibrium.
  • Paradox - Elemental.
  • Coming soon- Paradox - Breathe
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