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release date: Sep 01, 2015
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The Value of the Novel
Peter Boxall's The Value of the Novel offers a reappraisal of the ethical, political and literary value of the novel as a genre at turning point in the history both of literature and of criticism. As the dominant critical concerns of the twentieth century faded, and new cultural and technological environments emerged, Boxall argues that we lost our collective sense of the purpose of the novel. This book responds to this predicament by demonstrating why and how the novel matters to us today. Ranging from Daniel Defoe to Zadie Smith, Boxall shows how the formal properties of the novel allow us to imagine the worlds in which we live. This is a vibrant, compelling and richly informed critical perspective that asks us to see anew how central fiction is to our idea of the world, and how richly the novel informs our attempts to understand our present and our future.
release date: Jun 25, 2013
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Twenty-First-Century Fiction
The widespread use of electronic communication at the dawn of the twenty-first century has created a global context for our interactions, transforming the ways we relate to the world and to one another. This critical introduction reads the fiction of the past decade as a response to our contemporary predicament – one that draws on new cultural and technological developments to challenge established notions of democracy, humanity, and national and global sovereignty. Peter Boxall traces formal and thematic similarities in the novels of contemporary writers including Don DeLillo, Margaret Atwood, J. M. Coetzee, Marilynne Robinson, Cormac McCarthy, W. G. Sebald and Philip Roth, as well as David Mitchell, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Dave Eggers, Ali Smith, Amy Waldman and Roberto Bolaño. In doing so, Boxall maps new territory for scholars, students and interested readers of today's literature by exploring how these authors narrate shared cultural life in the new century.
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release date: Jun 05, 2008
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The Oxford Handbook of Human Resource Management (Oxford Handbooks)
HRM is central to management teaching and research, and has emerged in the last decade as a significant field from its earlier roots in Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, and Industrial Psychology. People Management and High Performance teams have become key functions and goals for manager at all levels in organizations.

The Oxford Handbook brings together leading scholars from around the world - and from a range of disciplines - to provide an authoritative account of current trends and developments. The Handbook is divided into four parts:

* Foundations and Frameworks,

* Core Processes and Functions,

* Patterns and Dynamics,

* Measurement and Outcomes.

Overall it will provide an essential resource for anybody who wants to get to grips with current thinking, research, and development on HRM.
release date: Nov 03, 2011
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Since Beckett: Contemporary Writing in the Wake of Modernism (Continuum Literary Studies Book 201)
Samuel Beckett is widely regarded as 'the last modernist', the writer in whose work the aesthetic principles which drove the modernist project dwindled and were finally exhausted. And yet despite this, it is striking that many of the most important contemporary writers, across the world, see their work as emerging from a Beckettian legacy. So whilst Beckett belongs, in one sense, to the end of the modernist period, in another sense he is the well spring from which the contemporary, in a wide array of guises, can be seen to emerge.
Since Beckett looks at a number of writers, in different national and political contexts, tracing the way in which Beckett's writing inhabits the contemporary, while at the same time reading back through Beckett to the modernist and proto-modernist forms he inherited. In reading Beckett against the contemporary in this way, Peter Boxall offers both a compelling re-reading of Beckett, and a powerful new analysis of contemporary culture.
release date: Feb 22, 2015
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J Curve
J Curve is a humorous contemporary tale of how a high flyer in business allows greed to become his main motivation and potentially his downfall.
The story opens in October 2014 in the City of London. Brett Hunter, the supposedly suave and sophisticated, Managing Director of Sobbolds Leisure; brewery owners, with an extensive portfolio of hotels, pubs, restaurants and much more, is about to embark on his biggest deal to date. The takeover of Gulbey- Barrett’s, the sleeping drinks conglomerate giant. Hunter believes that he is nearing the pinnacle of his career, with the social trappings associated with this. His parallel life though is driven by greed. In the weeks that follow Hunter’s world begins to disintegrate, but he hasn’t got to where he is without the ability to fight his corner. Max Shadpole though, the Executive Editor of The Sunday Post, a national tabloid newspaper has been on his case for a long time and whilst Hunter is distracted by the impending business deal, Max edges towards exposing the real Hunter. Throughout J Curve looks at the characters and their lives; magnifying warts and all of those involved in the impending City takeover. The glamorous, high flying bankers, Jayne Russell and Jane Morgan play prominent roles and their contrasting characters are illuminated as the story progresses. The Directors at Gulbey’s, in particular the upstanding Edward Goodyear and the eccentric Guy Gulbey, prove that tragedy and day to day humour are both fundamental to everyday life. Threaded throughout the story is how life at the top can be very lonely. J Curve avoids the technicalities of business, concentrating on how life spins in many directions for all those involved, moving at a fast pace, culminating in many revelations and an unexpected twist of fate.
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release date: Aug 29, 2016
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Life in the Medium Paced Lane ~ The Sporting Memoir of a Journeyman
As a 56 years old male living in the suburbs of London, sport has played a major part in my life. Life in the Medium Paced Lane tracks almost 50 years of performing at the highest level (achieveable). Like limbo, the bar gets lower as time moves on. This is a memoir that will excite almost all of the population (okay slightly ambitious). It takes in the sixties (just) through to the noughties. It encompasses a sporting life that has rubbed shoulders with the good, great and the ugly. From the playing fields of Essex to golf courses on the other side of the world. Catching a cricket ball from an international superstar to catching an egg out of the midnight sky. The grandeur of Lord’s to a burning sofa on a wicket in South Essex. Hopefully as humorous as it is true. A page turning read that leaves you just wondering...well just wondering – Enjoy!
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release date: Mar 16, 2016
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Thinking Poetry

This collection brings together some of the most prominent critics of contemporary poetry and some of the most significant poets working in the English language today, to offer a critical assessment of the nature and function of poetic thought. Working at once with questions of form, literary theory and philosophy, this volume gives an extraordinarily diverse, original and mobile account of the kind of ‘thinking’ that poetry can do. The conviction that moves through the collection as a whole is that poetry is not an addition to thought, nor a vehicle to express a given idea, nor an ornamental language in which thinking might find itself couched. Rather, all the essays suggest that poetry itself thinks, in ways that other forms of expression cannot, thus making new intellectual, political and cultural formulations possible.

This book was originally published as a special issue of Textual Practice.

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release date: Jul 05, 2011
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Stumped Identity
If Trollope, Cooper and Christie could ever have collaborated on a novel they would probably come up with something very similar to ‘Stumped Identity’.
Rory Embers, a teenager in long term foster care along with his four younger siblings in urban North London, wants to find his real father and seeks retribution for the life he has given them. To find his father he gains the help of Sophie Anderson, a young Social worker who, unbeknown to Rory, has an agenda of her own.
Their investigations lead them to the seemingly idyllic West Country village, Craig Dell, where the cricket club is the hub of the village. Here in the heart of middle England, villagers go about their business and pleasure. Behind the net curtains all is not quite so straight forward and an unconventional lifestyle and seedy underbelly is slowly uncovered.
But which of the residents is Rory’s father? Two fit the bill precisely; Phil ‘Popeye’ Embers, the village butcher and Miles Harrington, the recently arrived, secretive peddler of pornography. Not until the final pages is the ‘who done it’ revealed.
‘Stumped Identity’ is a fast paced yarn that has humour threaded throughout whilst addressing a serious social issue.
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release date: Apr 18, 2006
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Don DeLillo: The Possibility of Fiction (Routledge Transnational Perspectives on American Literature)

One of the few available books of criticism on the topic, this monograph presents the fullest account to date of Don DeLillo's writing, situating his oeuvre within a wider analysis of the condition of contemporary fiction, and dealing with his entire work in relation to contemporary political and economic concerns for the fist time.

Providing a lucid and nuanced reading of DeLillo's ambivalent engagement with American and European culture, as well as with modernism and postmodernism, and globalization and terrorism, this fascinating volume interrogates the critical and aesthetic capacities of fiction in what is an age of global capitalism and US cultural imperialism.

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