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release date: Jun 25, 2011
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The Story for Children, a Storybook Bible

With sweeping brush strokes, God painted his creation across the emptiness. “Let there be light,” he called into the darkness, and a sweep of brightness blazed across the blank canvas. The Story for Children isn’t just another collection of Bible stories―it’s The Story―the big picture of God’s enormous love for his children! Presented by bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado with Randy Frazee and Karen Hill, these 48 pivotal stories show how God has a great and grand and glorious vision, beginning with Creation and ending with the promise that Jesus is coming again. Each story is personalized with God’s Message and accompanied by vibrant illustrations from accomplished artist Fausto Bianchi that help bring the Bible to life for readers young and old.

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release date: Aug 09, 2010
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The Man Who Invented Florida (Doc Ford)
When solitary marine biologist Doc Ford focused his telescope on the woman in the white boat, he didn't know his life was about to be capsized: that his conniving uncle Tucker Gatrell would discover the Fountain of Youth, that the National Enquirer would write about it, and that the law would beat down his door in search of three missing men. But Doc Ford is about to find these things out-the hard way. Because in the shadowy world of Southwest Florida, where gators yawn, cattle craze, and Indian bones are buried, mysteries great and small have found the man to solve them.
release date: Dec 17, 2011
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La Historia para principiantes: Historias bíblicas ilustradas (Historias Biblicas Ilustradas) (Spanish Edition)
¡La Historia para niños no es solo otra colección de historias bíblicas. La Historia muestra un panorama del enorme amor de Dios por sus hijos! Presentado por el pastor y autor de éxitos de ventas Max Lucado, con Randy Frazee y Karen Hill, estas 48 historias muestran cómo Dios tiene una visión grandiosa y gloriosa, empezando con la creación y terminando con la promesa que Jesús regresaría. Cada historia está personalizada con el mensaje de Dios, y acompañada por ilustraciones vibrantes del consumado artista Fausto Bianchi, los cuales ayudan a darle vida a la Biblia para lectores jóvenes y adultos.
release date: Nov 27, 2012
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God's Messages for Little Ones: The Story of God's Enormous Love

You are never too young to talk with God!

This 31-day devotional, using the words of Max Lucado, Randy Frazee, and Karen Hill in The Story for Children, guides young children to the knowledge that they are a special and important part of God’s story of love for the world.

release date: May 17, 2010
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Sanibel Flats (Doc Ford)
Its cool gulf breezes lured him from a life of danger. Its dark undercurrents threatened to destroy him. After ten years of living life on the edge, it was hard for Doc Ford to get that addiction to danger out of his system. But spending each day watching the sun melt into Dinkins Bay and the moon rise over the mangrove trees, cooking dinner for his beautiful neighbor, and dispensing advice to the locals over a cold beer lulled him into letting his guard down. Then Rafe Hollins appeared. How could he refuse his old friend's request-even if it would put him back on the firing line? Even if it would change forever the life he'd built here on Sanibel Island?
release date: Mar 17, 2005
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Dead of Night (Doc Ford Series)
Later, my conscience would play the inevitable game of “What if . . .” What if I had stopped by Jobe’s home on Friday morning instead of Sunday night? What if I hadn’t interrupted the two people who were alternately interrogating and beating him? Would he have lived? Or would he have died? And what would have happened then? It started when Doc Ford got the call from his old friend Frieda Matthews - her reclusive biologist brother Jobe wasn’t answering the phone. Could Doc check on him? Ford can’t think of a reason not to, but soon he will think of a hundred. Not only will it be one of the worst scenes he has ever encountered, but the consequences of that visit will draw him into the heart of a nightmare. A catastrophe is coming to Florida, and just maybe there is something Ford can do about it - but he doesn’t know how or where or when . . . or even if he is already too late. Filled with the remarkable prose and rich atmosphere that have won White so many fans, and featuring some of the best suspense characters in fiction, Dead of Night is White’s biggest thriller yet - “like strapping yourself onto the exposed bow of a South Florida airboat” (The Miami Herald).
release date: Jun 10, 2004
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Tampa Burn (Doc Ford Series)
"They've taken our son, Marion." In all his life, no matter who he was with, Marion "Doc" Ford had been passionately, irresponsibly in love with only one woman. Her name was Pilar, and she was married to a thuggish politico named Balserio in a country where Ford was working undercover. When Ford had to run, it was with a bounty on his head and, unknown to him then, a legacy: Pilar was pregnant. Now, many years later, out of power and consumed with the desire for revenge, Balserio has kidnapped the boy and taken him to his new home base in Florida. What makes it worse is the man he has used: a local legend named Prax, his face a network of burns, whose own favorite instrument of amusement is the lighted match. Ford hoped he'd left his violent past behind him long ago, but he knows he has no choice. The man has his son. And unless Ford can track them down quickly, anything could happen, even worse than he can imagine. If that's possible...
release date: Jul 01, 2002
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Enhancing Your Business Value...The Climb To The Top
Growth is an ongoing process that occurs in many facets of our lives. There are so many individual factors that go into creating, increasing, and sustaining business value it virtually impossible to list them all. Determining how to prioritize your business efforts is an even greater challenge.

The first step is accepting there are always two groups of influences impacting your organization – external and internal. External factors include such items as overall economy, labor and raw material supply, political climate, industry cycle, marketplace, and interest rates. Considerable time should be spent understanding and "managing" the impact of these external factors; however, it is beyond the scope of this book to address them extensively.

Our energy will be spent addressing the internal factors the areas you can change. This book encourages you to take a top-down view in your strategic planning as you strive to gain maximum benefit from the internal factors.

There are three primary, internal Value Pillars that affect business growth:

• Offering – what product or service does your organization provide? • Competency – who are the people involved? What infrastructure and information systems are needed for management to make productive decisions? • Financial – what is the revenue and profit potential? Can shareholder value goals be met?

The management team, a key component of the competency pillar, is ultimately the engine that drives the success or failure of any organization. The management team must cast the vision, develop the strategy, and oversee implementation of the plan. Every management team has different skill sets containing natural and learned strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, the more weaknesses that can be overcome, the greater chance for success one has. It is, of course, impossible to address and overcome every weakness. The key is to focus on the ones that have the greatest impact. In the same way, achieving premium value for your company depends on your ability to focus on the strategies that matter most.

Naturally, the financial pillar has the greatest impact on your business value. When you improve your cashflow margins, enhance the productivity of your assets, and invest for growth, you will experience greater business value.

Outside of the financial element, how do you determine which components of the other two Value Pillars will impact your business value the most over the long term? Why not ask professional buyers – people who evaluate and assess companies every day? This book reflects my observations in dealing with professional buyers coupled with my sixteen years of working with business owners in exit strategy planning. The results yield significant insight into practical steps that make a difference. The mission of this book is to provide perspective from the eyes of professional buyers, mergers and acquisitions advisors, and exit planners on practical steps that will put you on a path to Enhancing Your Business Value. This book should be read as a strategy guide that inspires you to take action. Use it as an idea generator – a launching pad to guide you in your next steps for improved growth. Chapters 1-3 focus on the macro factors. In the remaining chapters we turn our attention to the micro issues – specific strategies and techniques that can be implemented to enhance long-term value.

Ground rules need to be established. This book was written with the small to medium size business owner in mind. The owner or manager tasked with managing business revenues up to $50,000,000 will benefit the most from this book. The objective of the book is to give you an overview of many different strategies, not to lay out a detailed implementation plan. There are no new discoveries in the chapters that follow. There are no concepts that will provide instant success. You are probably familiar with

many of the ideas discussed. In fact, some you may have tried to implement. The goal is not to convince you to implement every step but to see you commit to action those steps that are most feasible. Timing is everything. Is now the right time to implement all of the suggestions – probably not. Is now the right time to implement some of the strategies – absolutely!

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release date: Aug 15, 2011
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Perfectly American: The Art-Union and Its Artists
The American Art-Union, based in New York City, was founded in 1844 with the goal of fostering the arts in America through education and publication. Modeled after European organizations, the American Art-Union sought to establish a national aesthetic in the United States and unite all regions of the country through art.

A small subscription fee entitled members of the Art-Union to at least one engraving of a prominent piece per year, as well as entry in an annual lottery distributing larger works of art. The Art-Union appealed especially to genre painters; William Sidney Mount, George Caleb Bingham, Charles Deas, William Tylee Ranney, and other noted artists submitted their works for jury and acceptance. As the United States grew increasingly divided in the 1840s, the Art-Union’s selections came under heavy scrutiny and there were accusations of supposed abolitionist and Whig sentiments. Low on funds and facing an ultimately successful lawsuit over the legality of the lottery, the American Art-Union disbanded in 1852.

This book provides a new look at the American Art-Union and the culture of the United States in the 1840s.

release date: Feb 23, 2015
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Pheasant Tales
The stories in this anthology demonstrate why the pheasant has become America's favorite game bird. Some of the finest writers in the field take their best shots at the Ringneck, covering guns, dogs, lore, history, conservation, and even some tried and true methods for preparing your pheasant for consumption.
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