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release date: Sep 01, 2007
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Money: Deal with it or pay the price (Lorimer Deal With It)
Money can't buy happiness, and it can lead to all sorts of trouble at home, school, work and among friends. This important new book looks at the way we value, display and covet wealth, and it will help kids make change when costly conflicts arise.
release date: Mar 01, 2007
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Teasing: Deal with it before the joke's on you (Lorimer Deal With It)
Whether intentional or not, teasing can cause offense, hurt feelings, and create misunderstandings. This book offers young people help in dealing with problems that stem from teasing and other kinds of humor.

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release date: Sep 29, 2009
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The Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash: The Story of How Two Monsters and YOU—Make the Perfect Joke Book! (Chickadee Books)
Monsters Mish and Mash have wandered off the pages of chickaDEE Magazine and into their very own book. The Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash contains hundreds of sidesplitting jokes, tongue twisters, optical illusions, and brainteasers presented in typical Mish and Mash fashion, reminding readers why the page has long been one of the magazine’s most popular features. A one-stop, nonstop compendium of fun, it’s the perfect go-to guide for children looking to get a laugh from family and friends with groaners like "Why did the shark brush its teeth?" (It wanted to look sharp!) It’s not all fun and games, though: between the laughs, Mish and Mash realize that the mischievous Mush is out to sabotage their fun. It’s up to readers to save the day by sorting out scrambled punchlines and solving cryptic codes. With its winning combination of laugh-out-loud jokes and interactive, brain-busting puzzles, the book is guaranteed to keep children entertained and occupied for hours.
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release date: Sep 15, 2011
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I Love Saskatchewan (I Love to Read Series)
With vibrant illustrations and a gentle, simple rhyming scheme, I Love Saskatchewan takes children on a whirlwind tour of the Province, building pride in place and encouraging discovery. From outdoor adventures on Lac La Rouge, enjoying a skate on a local pond during the winter, visiting Scotty the T.Rex in Eastend or the Mounties in Regina, this is the book that absolutely every Saskatchewan household with children must have. From the Crooked Trees of Alticane, Mac the Moose in Moose Jaw, the Saskatoon Pelicans and the famous Hoop Dancers, I Love Saskatchewan makes the province come alive.
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release date: Nov 26, 2008
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The Dreadful Truth: Gold Rush

The search for gold in Canada has resulted in misadventures in many unlikely places across the country. Ted Staunton tells the story of gold rush times across Canada with accounts that are funny and often fantastic. From odd black rocks concealing 'gold' on Baffin Island to glittering flakes found in Eldorado, Ontario and nuggets in Moose River, Nova Scotia there have been more fools than gold. Even when there really was lots of gold, like at the Klondike, the prospect of fast wealth drove men (and women) to surprising extremes.

Ted Staunton digs up quirky facts such as the different ways to find gold, and modern uses for the valuable stuff, including consumption. He explores just what is the secret of its appeal, and notes how (as the recent Bre-X scandal shows)gold continues to fascinate.

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release date: Sep 19, 2007
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The Dreadful Truth: The Northwest Passage
The Northwest Passage, part of Canada's territory since 1880, has greater profile than ever as a warmer climate increases the opportunities to let ships through, and Canada decides how to protect these waters.

There was a time when the Northwest Passage was a key issue for all of Europe. European countries all wanted to be the first to find this legend of a shortcut. Explorers of this area were heroes: they wrote books and they were treated almost like today's movie stars.

Impractical clothing on their backs, foolish notions in their heads, and weevil-infested food in their stomachs, these explorers met with the most extreme conditions many of them could ever have imagined. The cold. The dark winters. The lack of food. The disease. No wonder they were sometimes forced to eat skinned rats, or even their shoes!

This exciting new addition to the Dreadful Truth series tells the stories of these early expeditions, without leaving out all the best bits!

release date: Oct 08, 2006
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The Dreadful Truth: Canadian Crime
Wild and bizarre crime stories from Canada's past

A look at the funny, sad, and sometimes mysterious history of crime in Canada. Author Ted Staunton presents history with humour and candour as he tells about the thieves, murderers, tricksters and traitors that rarely find their way into history books.
With cartoon-like illustrations in every chapter, this book reveals the antics of some of our more infamous citizens. There are tales of swindle, political bribery, rum-running and missing persons in a time when police forces were non-existent. Readers will also discover how Canada learned to cope with its crime through early criminal investigations, the rise of the RCMP and the world's first crime lab. The history lessons in this book are designed to entertain in this fast-paced adventure through our criminal past.
1 - 7 of 7 results

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