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release date: Jun 11, 2015
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Tarot 101: Divination and Card Reading For Beginner's (Ancient Practices) (Volume 1)

Learn To Read The Tarot in A Simple and Straightforward Way!!

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Have you tried to learn to read tarot cards before but found it frustrating? When you downloadTarot: Divination and Card Reading For Beginners, you'll find the truth about the Tarot deck and how to use it to better your life, not a collection of nonsensical, mystic mumbo jumbo. The truth about the Tarot is much more simple than many want to admit. Anyone that is willing to put the work in can get results. That’s all there is to it. No magic or psychic powers are needed!

Tarot: Divination and Card Reading For Beginners is available for Purchase Today.

How can you learn the meanings of the cards? Does it require years of practice? Can anyone do it? Tarot: Divination and Card Reading For Beginners explains how to break the Tarot deck down into different sections to make it easier to assimilate. It also describes how to lay the cards out properly, and shows you how to correctly interpret what the cards are saying. There are also several example readings to give you an idea of how a professional Tarot reading really works. With a little practice and study, you’ll have a solid foundation of the basics and will be able to give accurate, helpful readings to just about anyone!

Learn How to how to read the Tarot the right way!

Purchase Your Copy of Tarot: Divination and Card Reading For Beginners now, and start your Tarot Journey - TODAY!

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release date: Oct 23, 2017
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SEG Completes (5 Book Series)
From Book 1: “Toli looked at Delareux askance.
“I just need you to drive a truck,” Toli said.
“Why?” asked Delareux, leaning forward, “The truck have gremlins?”
Toli stared at Delareux.
“No, Mr. Delareux,” he began, “I need you to make retrievals and deliveries. My normal employee stopped showing up two days ago and I need you to fill in. Your ad says you do ‘odd jobs,’ correct?”
“What’s so odd about driving a truck?” asked Delareux.
“Look, Mr. Delareux, can you drive my truck or not?”
“Are you implying I can’t drive a truck? Because I can learn....”

New Orleans 1939

When Anatoli Palazzo, a business man who harbors a distaste for everything supernatural, occult, or illogical, hires Voodoo P.I., Thomas Jefferey Washington to drive a truck, things don’t go as planned.

Goblins are everywhere, a new drug threatens to destroy the city, and Rasputin? Really?

The Crescent City Creeps is one of the monthly serials featured at The Saturday Evening Ghost.
release date: Jul 19, 2020
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Tarot 101: Divination and Card Reading For Beginner's (Ancient Practices) (Volume 1) by T Volpone (2015-06-11)
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release date: Jul 19, 2020
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The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society: Book One
In 1997, Jeff Kilpatrick suggested to me that we should start a group, comprised of cartoonists from the Philadelphia area. Jeff and I had been drawing together for a few years; often time collaborating on a single piece. We have always had a deep admiration and respect For each other's work and these images. Combining our talents prompted Jeff to reconsider his notion Chat art is a solitary endeavor. Art can also be a collective effort. For the first couple of years, our group, calling itself "The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society,'' consisted of three people; Jeff, Chrissy Pomroy, and myself. Sean Gallagher joined in 1999, at an exhibit of Charles Bums' work. Shortly thereafter, Scott Derby met Jeff and I in Welcome Park, one bitter cold winter morning. We hustled into Sugar Mom's for some libations and to Flip through our sketchbooks. There was an immediate rapport, and we were five. Jeff then published his drawings in a local city rag, the Funny Papers of Philadelphia. This was a free, independently produced newspaper comprised entirely of regional, amateur cartoon submissions. Thus began our friendship with Richard Marcej, Bob Dix, Andy Noffman, Jacob LamberCs and Amy Ignatow. Others in the group met us through friends or at various outings to places like the Mutter Museum or the Charles Addams exhibit. This book represents our evolution, individually and as a whole. It is a culmination of the camaraderie, labor, support, and encouragement that is imbued in our coterie. The work assembled here showcases not only our respective talents, but also what we are capable of producing and inspiring as a unit. We are proud of each of our members. We are proud of the PCS. And now we proudly present to you - the first Philadelphia Cartoonist Society Anthology.
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release date: Sep 29, 2017
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HooDoo, Hoodone, Hoodid: A T.J. Washington Story (SEG Completes)
“Put the gun down, Sam. Ain’t going to do us no good.”
“Can’t hurt.”

“I’m not saying that you shouldn’t shoot him or that it isn’t the right move to do so or even that I don’t want to shoot him myself, just saying that it won’t help.”

Sam pulled the hammer back on his .45 and rolled his eyes at me. I covered my ears and waited while I rolled my eyes at everything.

People with .45s are different from people with .38s in the same way people with .38s are different from people with .32s. People with .32s are the same as people with .22s and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Sam’s gun barked twice and spat once. A stream of embalming fluid trickled from between the man’s eyes and then there were two holes in his chest all a sudden. The wall behind him now wore his hat and most of his skull, there were no brains.
Mummies don’t have brains. Most vital organs are removed during the mummification process. This is something every school child knows. The man dropped to the ground, missing huge chunks of himself and leaking pretty good.”

Discreet detective, T.J. Washington has a knack for messing with monsters. This time, he takes on his arch enemy, a mummy crime boss who’s been a thorn in his side for years.

#3 in the SEG Completes series.
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release date: Sep 29, 2017
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Mo' Mummies, Mo' Problems (SEG Completes)
“It was looking bad. I didn’t like this at all.
What was I going to do?

I think both my thumbs were left thumbs.

There was no way to be sure. Not this time of morning. Curse my recently uncursed luck. Wanda, my witch doctor, was practically paying her mortgage unhexing me. As long as I still had one thumb on each hand did it matter?

Maybe they were both right thumbs? Who had the right to say? I’m not an armchair thumbologist on my best day, let alone a professional one on a workday.”

T.J. Washington isn’t a private detective, he’s a discreet detective.

He doesn’t even have a phone. What he does have are problems. Mummy Problems.
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release date: Sep 29, 2017
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Jimmy Jam and Sally Slam: Vol. II "The 7th Circle Bedlam" (SEG Completes)
Jimmy and Sally went too far this time. Their parents get mad at them because they die too much. So they leave them dead to teach them a lesson- and now they’re stuck in hell. Sorta.

It’s complicated. While they’re away things get freaky with the parents.

Things get so bad, Jimmy’s Grandfather has to step in and fix it up. He’s not happy about it. That’s for sure.
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release date: Sep 29, 2017
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The Adventures of Jimmy Jam and Sally Slam.: #1 Bath Time Scam, #2 Bedtime Ka-blam, #3 Jimmy Meets Sally (SEG)
Jimmy Jam is the Coolest kid in town. He has a race car, a knife, and a cool leather coat. He does what he wants, when he wants, no matter what his mom says.

Sally is Jimmy’s best friend. Together they die a lot. Many times. But it’s ok, because there’s wizards and witches involved.

Zany, madcap and improper, these not-for-kids-kid’s-stories will have you laughing for all the wrong reasons.
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release date: Sep 29, 2017
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The Ruiner: Easy Way Out (SEG Completes)
Vincent Harris is the Ruiner, a top secret assassin who works for the U.S. Government.

He has near-magic powers.

He hates his job.

After a missed e-mail nearly causes an international disaster, The Ruiner has to cancel his vacation plans.

That doesn’t mean he keeps working.

“The last thing the man heard was a bit of a “whoosh” coming from behind his left ear. That sound was the index finger of one Vincent Harris smoothly entering the back of the nameless man’s head like it was nothing more than wet sand, the action made a sound somewhere between a smush and a crunch. A gurgle and some blood bubbles oozed out of man’s mouth before he began slumping to the ground, never to get up. Vincent withdrew his finger from the inside the man’s head and wiped some goo on the recently deceased’s jacket. His face indicated his displeasure towards the goo.

Ten years of killing people with his finger and he still couldn’t get used to the goo. It smelled bad. It stayed on him even after it was wiped off. It was gross. Dogs loved it and bothered him constantly, licking his hands and wagging their tails while smiling dog smiles. It was too weird. He didn’t like it. “
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