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release date: Aug 23, 2013
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Italian All-in-One For Dummies
Learn to speak Italian like a native? Easy.

Italian All-in-One For Dummies appeals to those readers looking for a comprehensive, all-encompassing guide to mastering the Italian language. It contains content from all For Dummies Italian language instruction titles, including Italian For Dummies, Intermediate Italian For Dummies, Italian Verbs For Dummies, Italian Phrases For Dummies, Italian Grammar For Dummies, and Italian For Dummies Audio Set.

  • Offers readers interested in learning Italian a valuable reference to all aspects of this popular language
  • The content appeals to students, travelers, and businesspeople who visit Italian-speaking countries
  • An online companion site allows you to download audio tracks allows for more practice opportunities, as well as additional content empowering you to speak Italian like a native

Whether you're a pure beginner or have some familiarity with the language, Italian All-in-One For Dummies, with downloadable audio practice online, is your ticket to speaking, and writing, Italian.

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release date: Sep 06, 2011
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Italian For Dummies
The fun and easy way to take your Italian language skills to the next level

The tips, techniques, and information presented here give students, travelers, and businesspeople a primer on how to speak Italian. Complete with updates, a bonus CD, and the traditional For Dummies user-friendly format, this new edition of Italian For Dummies gives you reliable lessons, practice, and language learning techniques for speaking Italian with ease and confidence.

Featuring a revamped, user-friendly organization that builds on your knowledge and ability, Italian For Dummies offers expanded coverage of the necessary grammar, major verb tenses, and conjugations that beginners need to know. Plus, you'll get a fully updated and expanded audio CD that includes real-life conversations; a refreshed and expanded mini-dictionary; more useful exercises and practice opportunities; and more.

  • Builds on your skills and ability as you learn
  • Covers the grammar, verb tenses, and conjugations you need to know
  • Includes a mini-dictionary
  • Audio CD includes real-life conversations

If you're looking to reach a comfort level in conversational Italian, Italian For Dummies gets you comfortably speaking this Romantic language like a native.

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release date: Mar 13, 2018
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1-2: Comprehensive Organic Transformations, 4 Volume Set: A Guide to Functional Group Preparations

This greatly-expanded new edition of a best-selling guide offers an encyclopedic and systematic collection of useful synthetic methodology, including tens of thousands of reactions and synthetic transformations.

  • Covers and cross references so practicing chemists can easily navigate through the book’s comprehensive coverage of reagents and reactions
  • Updates and expands a best-selling guide through the year 2011

"...the book is undoubtedly still of great value and every chemist working in the area of synthesis should have it within reach in the laboratory."
Angewandte Chemie review of the 2nd edition

" indispensable reference work for designing and carrying out modern organic chemical synthesis.... It is amazing that so much information is contained in a single volume that is arranged in a logical and easy to use fashion."
Analytical Biochemistry review of the 2nd edition

release date: Oct 12, 2020
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The Mosque of Cordoba Told To Children
English version, printed in Spain. No publication date actually given.
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release date: Oct 02, 2017
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Daughter of Darkness (Daughter of Magic) (Volume 2)
Lilli never imagined that a place like the Wilds—where magic and witches, shapeshifters and demons exist—could be real. She also never dreamed she’d fall in love, or find the happiness and peace she’s yearned for since she was a child. Now that she has, the only thing standing in her way is her own father. Zoran is on a quest to overtake their magical realm, but he wants his wife and daughter at his side. With Zoran's dark powers growing, Lilli must find a way to quietly outwit him—turning her back on the man she loves in the process—before her father destroys the people, home and happiness that she refuses to give up without a fight.
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release date: Nov 01, 2006
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The Interior Castle
St. Teresa of Jesus, also known as St. Teresa of Avila, is one of the most popular Doctors of the Church. Her teaching on prayer has continued to inspire and guide Christians in their spiritual journeys for over four hundred years. In The Interior Castle, St. Teresa desribes the road by which she was led, well aware that the others may be led in a different way. In the heavenly Father's house, there are many mansions; not only seven, and many paths lead to them. What gives the work such high value is that it is the result of a most searching inquiry into the various phases whereby a soul is gradually transformed into the likeness of God Himself. Here St. Teresa is at her best. She takes nothing for granted, her own personal experiences are admitted only after having been fully investigated and found to be consistent one with the other, and conformable to the teaching of the Church and the words of Holy Scripture.
release date: Mar 12, 2016
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Daughter of Magic
Lilli sees things nobody else does. Desperate to make sense of the dreams and visions that have plagued her since childhood, Lilli confides in her closet friend Devin: the boy she's fallen for. Instead of questioning her sanity, as Lilli feared, Devin confesses to secrets of his own, which are far darker. His revelations about magic, witches and demons stun Lilli. But it's what he knows about Lilli's mother, long believed to be dead, that leaves her feeling betrayed. Despite her anger, Lilli will have to learn to trust Devin again, because he is the only one who can protect her from a dark danger that's coming for her from a world away.
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release date: May 17, 2017
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Sozial-emotionale Kompetenzen: Das Übungsbuch für den MedAT 2017 in Wien, Graz, Innsbruck und Linz (German Edition)
Der Testteil "Sozial-emotionale Kompetenzen (SEK)" ist das neueste Element des österreichischen Medizin-Aufnahmetests MedAT. Er besteht aus dem 2016 hinzugekommenen Untertest "Soziales Entscheiden" und dem 2017 neuen Untertest "Emotionen erkennen". Die beiden MedAT-Erfolgstrainerinnen und Autorinnen Romana Hofmann und Teresa Sassmann bringen mit diesem umfangreichen Skriptum erstmals ein Vorbereitungsbuch heraus, das dir ermöglicht, gezielt für diesen Testteil zu trainieren und deine Punktezahl zu maximieren.
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release date: Jan 01, 2002
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release date: Mar 30, 2001
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Cultures and Nations of Central and Eastern Europe: Essays in Honor of Roman Szporluk (Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute Publications)

Written in honor of one of the foremost observers of nationalism and culture in Central and Eastern Europe, this volume brings together 35 eminent scholars from the United States, Canada, Ukraine, and Poland.

Supplemented by a bibliography of the work of Roman Szporluk, these fresh, urgent essays mirror Szporluk's broad and comparativist approach. Topics range from the rise of Ukrainian national consciousness in Galicia, to nationalism in contemporary Serbia; from the rise of private property in the Russia of Catherine II, to contemporary Russian attitudes toward Ukrainian nation building. Other essays explore the impact of theories of nationalism on the discipline of history and critique Ernest Gellner's "constructivist" theory of the nation.

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