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release date: Oct 13, 2009
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The Things They Carried
A classic work of American literature that has not stopped changing minds and lives since it burst onto the literary scene, The Things They Carried is a ground-breaking meditation on war, memory, imagination, and the redemptive power of storytelling. 
The Things They Carried depicts the men of Alpha Company: Jimmy Cross, Henry Dobbins, Rat Kiley, Mitchell Sanders, Norman Bowker, Kiowa, and the character Tim O’Brien, who has survived his tour in Vietnam to become a father and writer at the age of forty-three.
Taught everywhere—from high school classrooms to graduate seminars in creative writing—it has become required reading for any American and continues to challenge readers in their perceptions of fact and fiction, war and peace, courage and fear and longing.
release date: Sep 01, 1999
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If I Die in a Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home

Before writing his award-winning Going After Cacciato, Tim O'Brien gave us this intensely personal account of his year as a foot soldier in Vietnam. The author takes us with him to experience combat from behind an infantryman's rifle, to walk the minefields of My Lai, to crawl into the ghostly tunnels, and to explore the ambiguities of manhood and morality in a war gone terribly wrong. Beautifully written and searingly heartfelt, If I Die in a Combat Zone is a masterwork of its genre.

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release date: Sep 01, 2006
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In the Lake of the Woods
First published to critical acclaim by Houghton Mifflin, Tim O’Brien’s celebrated classic In the Lake of the Woods now returns to the house in a gorgeous new Mariner paperback edition. This riveting novel of love and mystery from the author of The Things They Carried examines the lasting impact of the twentieth century’s legacy of violence and warfare, both at home and abroad. When long-hidden secrets about the atrocities he committed in Vietnam come to light, a candidate for the U.S. Senate retreats with his wife to a lakeside cabin in northern Minnesota. Within days of their arrival, his wife mysteriously vanishes into the watery wilderness.
release date: Sep 01, 1999
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Going After Cacciato

"To call Going After Cacciato a novel about war is like calling Moby-Dick a novel about whales."

So wrote The New York Times of Tim O'Brien's now classic novel of Vietnam. Winner of the 1979 National Book Award, Going After Cacciato captures the peculiar mixture of horror and hallucination that marked this strangest of wars.

In a blend of reality and fantasy, this novel tells the story of a young soldier who one day lays down his rifle and sets off on a quixotic journey from the jungles of Indochina to the streets of Paris. In its memorable evocation of men both fleeing from and meeting the demands of battle, Going After Cacciato stands as much more than just a great war novel. Ultimately it's about the forces of fear and heroism that do battle in the hearts of us all.

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release date: May 01, 1999
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Shades of Gray
The Civil War may be over, but for twelve-year-old Will Page, the pain and bitterness haven't ended. How could they have, when the Yankees were responsible for the deaths of everyone in his entire immediate family?
And now Will has to leave his comfortable home in the Shenandoah Valley and live with relatives he has never met, people struggling to eke out a living on their farm in the war-torn Virginia Piedmont. But the worst of it is that Will's uncle Jed had refused to fight for the Confederacy.
At first, Will regards his uncle as a traitor -- or at least a coward. But as they work side by side, Will begins to respect the man. And when he sees his uncle stand up for what he believes in, Will realizes that he must rethink his definition of honor and courage.
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release date: Nov 01, 2011
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The Things They Carried / In the Lake of the Woods
“Tim O’Brien is the best American writer of his generation.” —San Francisco Examiner

With more than two million copies in print, The Things They Carried is a classic work of American literature that has been changing minds and lives since it burst onto the literary scene. It is a groundbreaking meditation on war, memory, imagination, and the redemptive power of storytelling. In the Lake of the Woods is an unforgettable novel of love and mystery. When long-hidden secrets about his past come to light, John Wade—a Vietnam veteran and recent candidate for the U.S. Senate—retreats with his wife to a cabin in northern Minnesota. She mysteriously vanishes and several explanations, all of them disturbing, rise to the surface.

release date: Oct 16, 2015
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Dick Kinzel: Roller Coaster King of Cedar Point Amusement Park (Legends & Legacies Series)

Roller coasters took Dick Kinzel slowly to the top and a $1.24 billion acquisition ultimately lead to his direst years. During his 39-year career (25 as president and CEO) with Cedar Point and Cedar Fair parks, he built the world's first 200, 300, and 400-foot tall roller coasters. He is responsible for adding more than 35 multi-million dollar scream machines to the company's 11 amusement parks. It was he who delivered the first shot in the coaster wars of the 1990s when he built the Magnum XL-200, the first to top the 200-foot barrier. .

He brought big, edgy and expensive coasters to Cedar Point knowing that the bigger the thrill ride, the bigger the crowds. He made sure Cedar Point remained the "Amazement Park" and the Roller Coaster Capital of the World.

His story is one of tenacity, conservatism and risk taking. It's one of big business and one of fun making. Dick spent his life putting smiles on people's faces and fear in their eyes.

For the first time his journey is told in full: from his highs and lows to the laughs and tears, this is the story of the man who brought more roller coaster to Ohio than any other man. This is the official biography of Richard L. Kinzel.

release date: Jul 16, 2017
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BRAT and the Kids of Warriors
Brat and the Kids of Warriors is the first in a series of novels about the military brats. Jack McMasters and his sisters, perfect Queenie and out-of-control Rabbit, are military brats creating adventures wherever they go. But their dad s new assignment to Cooke Barracks, in West Germany, means leaving behind every friend they have. Again. But the seven-day voyage to Germany (Objective: Explore everywhere marked Off Limits on their U.S. Navy troop-transport ship) is better than any holiday cruise. Their dad s new assignment as a tank commander with 4th Armored Division comes soon after Germany lost World War II and the Russians split Germany in two with the Iron Curtain. As they travel to the base, they see unimaginable beauty, but also the rubble left from bombs. As the story progresses the kids gradually discover Germany is still very much a war zone, this time of the new Cold War. Jack soaks up war stories he overhears about WWII. Longing to make his father proud and become a son worthy of a warrior, he struggles to adapt to this totally different world. A world that is sometimes violent, at school, at home and beyond. Jack gathers a small band of friends, and together they create their own adventures, on and off the Army base. Teaming up with two German kids, Jack s gang sets out on a quest to prove they are as tough as any Russian kid. It takes successfully applying the lessons they learned from the war stories they were raised on. But things turn serious when they accidentally uncover a spy, one they can t prove exists. The discovery helps them realize why their dads are really in Germany: holding back, not the Nazis, but the Russian and East German communists, both of whom seem invincible. Their tanker dads are poised to fight more than 3,000 communist tanks lined up on the Iron Curtain, a threat to West Germany s freedom and all their lives.
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release date: Oct 30, 2015
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Tony Baxter: First of the Second Generation of Walt Disney Imagineers (Legends & Legacies Series)

Tony Baxter joined Walt Disney Imagineering when he was 22 years old and is among the first of a second generation of Disney creatives who fashioned the magic found today in Disney parks worldwide. He would stay with the company for nearly fifty year and today serves as a mentor and consultant to the new, younger generation of Imagineers. .

Tony is credited for helping create such Disney attraction icons as Star Tours, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, and the Indiana Jones Adventure. He has been lauded for his creative leadership at Disneyland Paris Resort, is a Disney Legend and has a personalized window on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Park, considered by many to be one of the highest honors a Disney employee can achieve.

From ice cream scooper in 1965 to Senior Vice President of Creative Development in 2013, this is his story.

release date: Jun 24, 2014
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July, July
“Insidiously, compulsively readable.” — MSNBC

At the thirtieth reunion of the Darton Hall College class of 1969, ten old friends join their classmates for a summer weekend of dancing, drinking, flirting, reminiscing, and regret. The three decades since graduation have brought marriage and divorce, children and careers, hopes deferred and replaced. July, July tells the heart-rending and often hilarious story of men and women who came into adulthood at a moment when American ideals and innocence began to fade. These lives will ring familiar to anyone who has dreamed, worked, and struggled to keep course toward a happy ending.

With humor and a sense of wistful hope, July, July speaks directly to the American character and its resilience, striking deep at the emotional center of our lives.

"A symphony of American life.” — All Things Considered, NPR

“A small-scale tour de force by an American original . . . O’Brien is one of the most accomplished members of a generation of writers that includes Don DeLillo and Thomas Pynchon.” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Astonishing for [its] clarity of character, for [its] narrative thrills and surprises, for [its] humor and hard-won wisdom . . . July, July gives readers plenty of reasons to celebrate." — Chicago Sun-Times

"Perceptive, affectionate and often very funny." — Boston Herald

"A deeply satisfying story . . . O’Brien is intelligent and daring, but he is also eminently accessible.” — O, the Oprah Magazine

"Taut and compelling." — Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Beautifully realized, heartbreakingly honest." — Providence Journal-Bulletin

“Almost impossible to put down.” — Austin American-Statesman
1 - 10 of 255 results

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