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release date: Jul 08, 2017
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Creativity as a Second Language: A Guidebook for Discovering, Nurturing and Unleashing Your True Creative Spirit
The Ultimate Guidebook for Unleashing Your True Creative Self! 

Creativity, unlike any spoken language, is one we are born fluent in. We have the innate ability to create, but as we grow, develop and discover the world, some learn to nourish that spirit while others have their natural creativity suppressed. 

The language of Creativity is never gone. There's no such thing as a person who is not creative, merely someone who has lost touch with that artistic, expressive, imaginative creator inside. 

With this book as your guide, you will learn: 
  • How to see the objects in your daily life as inspirations for originality 
  • How to unlock your inner adventurer by investigating the topics that interest you 
  • The nouns and verbs that free your mind to create without boundaries 
  • What courage has to do with conquering self-doubts and limitations 
  • How to be flexible, to improvise and to open your mind and heart to what you are naturally able to create 
This book is the first step in your journey back to being the creative person you were born to be. The work is fun, inspiring, sometimes challenging, and as long as you keep with it, you cannot fail, and you will be fluent in Creativity - once again - in no time!
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release date: Dec 21, 2014
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How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having "Female Brains")
What readers are saying about How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace:
  • "While there are other books on the topic of male versus female brains, this is a concise, focused look at the issue that's thorniest for women -- dealing with male-dominated workplaces."
  • "This book is a quick but valuable read. It reinforces the idea that conforming isn't necessary or even beneficial. Rather we should better understand and embrace the gender differences in the workplace for a more productive outcome."
  • "Every women who wants to continue advancing in her career should read this book and keep it on her nightstand." 
How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace (Despite Having "Female Brains") takes a frank and honest approach to examining what women are doing to hold ourselves back in the workplace, and how we can compete on a playing field designed by men to reward their achievements.

Using relevant studies in evolutionary biology, anthropology and sociology, as well as examples from her life as a securities lawyer, investment banker, Internet executive and screenwriter, Valerie Alexander explains the evolution of the "gendered" brain and the corporate structure, showcasing and dissecting areas where women's natural tendencies prevent us from succeeding in male-designed workplaces.

How Women Can Succeed in the Workplace tackles a difficult subject with candor, humor and confidence -- and two of those traits are actually welcome in the workplace!
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release date: Jul 25, 2014
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Winning Ways in Commercial Real Estate: 18 Successful Women Unveil the Tips of the Trade in the Real Estate World
Winning Ways in Commercial Real Estate: 18 Successful Women Unveil the Tips of the Trade in the Real Estate World is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to learn from top experts in retail commercial real estate. These women share their tips, strategies, and real-life experiences, to help you gain insight so you can easily succeed in the commercial real estate industry.
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release date: Mar 02, 2016
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Parenting as a Second Language: A Guidebook for Joyfully Navigating the  Trials, Triumphs and Tribulations of Parenthood

The Ultimate Guidebook for Joyful, Effective Parenting!

Humans expect ourselves to be great parents - naturally! - as if good parenting were an instinct we're all born with. But you weren't born with that skill any more than with the ability to speak your family's native tongue.

Before you became fluent in any language, you had to learn it: one word at a time and with a lot of repetition. You learn how to parent the same way - one lesson at a time, through practice and trial-and-error.  And error... And error...

Which is why every parent, at any stage of their child's development, needs Parenting as a Second Language, A Guidebook for Joyfully Navigating the Trials, Triumphs and Tribulations of Parenthood.

With this book as your guide, you will learn:

* How to name yourself an effective parent, and make that true
* The nouns and verbs that connect your children to you, and the one adjective that describes - and creates - every effective parent
* How to turn negative numbers into positive outcomes
* How to "tell time" so that your whole family's needs are met
* How to use adages we all know to instill the values most important to you
* How to derive joy from life's most challenging role

This book is the first step in your journey towards becoming the amazing parent you always knew you'd be. Some of the work may seem hard, but with time and effort, you can be fluent in Parenting, and your children will be native speakers!
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release date: Jun 14, 2017
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Hotel: A Literary Erotica Anthology (Mofo Pubs Presents) (Volume 2)
Hotel. The very word conjures a sense of transience. Hotel takes you into a world without permanence. Between these pages, lovers meet and lovers part. Elegant, sensual prose takes you from grand ballrooms with lavish appointments to shabby heaps where you pay by the hour. Sneak a titillating glimpse behind closed doors, where whatever can happen just might. Indulge your inner voyeur and explore what happens in those most impersonal of private spaces—hotels.
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release date: Dec 31, 2015
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Service as Mandate: How American Land-Grant Universities Shaped the Modern World, 1920–2015 (Nexus)
Established by the Morrill Land-Grant College Act of 1862, America’s land-grant universities have had far-reaching influences on the United States and the world. Service as Mandate, Alan I Marcus’s second edited collection of insightful essays about land-grant universities, explores how these universities have adapted to meet the challenges of the past sixty-five years and how, having done so, they have helped to create the modern world.
From their founding, land-grant schools have provided educational opportunities to millions, producing many of the nation’s scientific, technical, and agricultural leaders and spawning countless technological and agricultural innovations. Nevertheless, their history has not always been smooth or without controversy or setbacks. These vital centers of learning and research have in fact been redefined and reconceptualized many times and today bear only a cursory resemblance to their original incarnations.
The thirteen essays in this collection explore such themes as the emphasis on food science and home economics, the country life movement, the evolution of a public research system, the rise of aerospace engineering, the effects of the GI Bill, the teaching of military science, the sustainable agriculture movement, and the development of golf-turf science. Woven together, these expertly curated scenes, vignettes, and episodes powerfully illustrate these institutions’ ability to flex and adapt to serve the educational needs of an ever-changing American citizenry.
By dint of their mission to remedy social, economic, and technical problems; to improve standards of living; and to enhance the quality of life, land-grant universities are destined and intended to be agents of change—a role that finds them at times both celebrated and hotly contested, even vilified. A readable and fascinating exploration of land-grant universities, Service as Mandate offers a vital exploration of these dynamic institutions to educators, policy makers, students, and the wider communities that land-grant universities serve.
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release date: Apr 01, 2007
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The New Georgia Encyclopedia Companion to Georgia Literature

Georgia has played a formative role in the writing of America. Few states have produced a more impressive array of literary figures, among them Conrad Aiken, Erskine Caldwell, James Dickey, Joel Chandler Harris, Carson McCullers, Flannery O'Connor, Jean Toomer, and Alice Walker.

This volume contains biographical and critical discussions of Georgia writers from the nineteenth century to the present as well as other information pertinent to Georgia literature. Organized in alphabetical order by author, the entries discuss each author's life and work, contributions to Georgia history and culture, and relevance to wider currents in regional and national literature. Lists of recommended readings supplement most entries.

Especially important Georgia books have their own entries: works of social significance such as Lillian Smith's Strange Fruit, international publishing sensations like Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind, and crowning artistic achievements including Jean Toomer's Cane. The literary culture of the state is also covered, with information on the Georgia Review and other journals; the Georgia Center for the Book, which promotes authors and reading; and the Townsend Prize, given in recognition of the year's best fiction. This is an essential volume for readers who want both to celebrate and learn more about Georgia's literary heritage.

release date: May 01, 2013
Check price a Second Language: A Guidebook to Achieving Lasting, Permanent Happiness

Happiness as a Second Language
 is one of the top reviewed Happiness books on Amazon -- and for good reason! 
Check out what readers are saying:
"Easy to read, yet deep and meaningful, and very powerful"
"This book gives real advice, for real people!"
"It's like a GPS for your happiness journey"

The Ultimate Happiness "Textbook" for Everyone! 
Happiness as a Second Language teaches happiness the same way you would learn any language that wasn't spoken in your home. 

Using this book as your guide, you'll quickly become fluent in Happiness, including:
  • How, when and why to say, "I'm happy" 
  • The days of the week and the months of the year in Happiness
  • The verbs, nouns and adjectives of Happiness
  • Happiness in the past, present, future and "future uncertain" tense
  • How to find happiness by treating yourself and others with respect
  • How to overcome those who actively try to negate your happiness
  • Releasing anger and unhappiness when forgiveness is out of reach
  • Key phrases in your new language, and 
  • How to work past the setbacks that happen when learning anything new 

This book is the ultimate textbook. The writing is simple and straightforward, the instructions easy to follow, and the sample situations are familiar, touching, often heartbreaking and sometimes hysterical.  Start now, and you will be fluent in Happiness before you know it.
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release date: Aug 05, 2016
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A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a place to find Jesus...the miracle of hope. Inspired by true events, the author captivates readers with her life stories. To her peers and patients, she is a nurse; and to a special few called mother and grandmother. Through faith and the power of prayer, God's blessings came in the form of miracles. Miracles that tell a story. It's her story. Embark on an adventure that spans over twenty years of her life. Out of tragedy comes triumph, life and love. Valerie's story will inspire you to believe in Jesus, the miracle of hope.

release date: Jun 21, 2020
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A Personal Guide to W. (Bill) Alexander's THE MAGIC OF OIL PAINTING II [ Third Printing, 1982 ] (KOCE-TV Foundation)
learn to use oil paints
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