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release date: Jul 12, 2021
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Eat at Home
Voula believes that fresh food is the ultimate start to good health and that standing in your own kitchen cooking your own food is a powerful way to take care of yourself and your family. In Eat at Home Voula shows you how easy it is to cook fresh, healthy, tasty meals every day of the week, including how to buy only what you will use, use everything you have on hand, swap ingredients without sweating it, and transform extras into Loveable Leftovers so you waste nothing. Voula's recipes are Tested, Tasted and True. Advance praise from Eat at Home: "Voula makes cooking at home simple again with delicious, nutrient-dense, real food that is practical, budget-conscious, and satisfying. Whether repurposing leftovers or whipping up a hearty dinner in a flash, Voula explores flavours from around the world in a way that easily translates and elevates eating at home. Eat at Home will quickly earn its stripes in your kitchen. May all the pages be stained, dog-eared, and well loved." JO LUSTED, chef, author, TV host "CBC viewers have come to love Voula for her warm personality and smart approach to home cooking, which shine through in this book. I'm so grateful Voula has finally shared her recipes for these vibrant dishes and shown how easy, cost-effective, and cozy it can be to eat at home." VALERIE HOWES, food writer and co-author of Lure: Healthy, Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast "Eat at Home will change the way we cook-and this amazing book did that in the first 25 pages! Voula's 'flavour fixes' (spice mixes to keep in your pantry to boost flavour in your day-to-day cooking) are brilliantly simple and easy to incorporate into your life-as is the rest of this book. Eat at Home gives you a coveted seat in Voula's kitchen and will inspire you to nourish your family with practical dishes that are packed with deliciousness." DANA HARRISON AND JOEL MACCHARLES, authors of Batch: Over 200 Recipes, Tips & Techniques for a Well Preserved Kitchen
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