release date: Jul 31, 2001
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The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups

Parents are always spouting these rules. Do they really care about nutrients and mattresses, or are they hiding something? Luckily, one fearless grown-up will risk his neck and his dignity to find out. Disguised as everything from a chocolate milk scuba diver to a giant nose, this counterspy uncovers the disturbing truth. And what he learns will shock you like nothing before. Startling suckface emergencies! Dangerous digit gangs! Powerful sumo cells! Those are just some of the secrets revealed in this book by Caldecott medalist David Wisniewski. But don′t let anyone catch you reading it-especially grown-ups. Who knows what could happen if they knew that you knew? Review
Caldecott Medal winner David Wisniewski is back, with a second helping of secret information about the real reasons behind parental rules and commands. Brush your teeth because it prevents cavities? Naaaw. By breaking into the National Dental Association (disguised as the Tooth Fairy), Wisniewski has discovered that kids should brush their teeth because not doing so causes... unrest: "Reckless incisors cavort with Ginger Vitus... Pulp Rocker Tommy Rot sings inflammatory lyrics...." Yes, Wisniewski crams in every possible pun, and his inimitable style of paper cut-out illustrations is the visually punning equivalent. The underlying idea here is fun, but it remains a mystery as to why adults would have a global conspiracy to conceal explanations that are, in the end, just more imaginative versions of the ones they do give. For example: kids should avoid junk food not because it's plain bad for them but rather because it causes each CFG (Cruddy Food Group molecule) to steal a bit of your brain and "drive it to an abandoned warehouse in an unpleasant industrial section of your body." Ordinary parental advice with a fancy hat on? Maybe. But fans who found themselves privy to the first "classified folder," The Secret Knowledge of Grownups, will be tickled with round two. (Ages 6 to 10) --Richard Farr
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