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release date: Dec 01, 2000
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The Boy Who Wouldn't Go to Bed (Picture Puffins)
This boy is not ready to go to sleep. So he revs up his little red car and drives away so fast that his mother cannot catch him. He drives to a magical land filled with larger-than-life toys. But the toys are all too tired to play with him. The tiger is too sleepy to practice roaring, the train would rather rest than race, and the musicians insist on playing a lullaby that puts the boy’s car to sleep. How will he get home now? Luckily someone is still awake, and she’s on her way to pick the boy up and tuck him (finally!) into bed.

“This charming story will soon become a favorite part of the bedtime ritual.”—School Library Journal
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ManufacturerPuffin Books
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