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release date: Apr 01, 2005
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Oh My Baby, Little One
When Baby Bird says good-bye to his mama at school each morning, he feels sad. Mama Bird feels sad, too. Sometimes it's hard to be apart. But as Mama Bird says, the love they share is with them always, keeping them close until the best part of the day--when they are together again. •From the illustrator of the bestselling Time for Bed, with more than 725,000 copies sold •A heartwarming story about the universal experience of parents and children being temporarily separated Review
It's always hard for Baby Bird and his mama to say good-bye on their way to school and work in the morning. But Mama finds a lilting, lyrical way of showing how her love is with her child all the time--and his love is with her, too.
But even when I'm far away,
this love I have will stay.
and wrap itself around you
every minute of the day.
Warm, reassuring feelings emanate from this lovely picture book. Mama Bird tells her child how her love slips inside his lunch box, sits upon his shoulder when he sings a happy song, and snuggles on his pillow while he naps. Jane Dyer, illustrator of the bestselling Time for Bed, creates positively touchable watercolors of a pudgy-cheeked preschooler bird and his working mom. Hints of hearts nestle playfully on the pages: on the blackboard under the letter H, and sewn onto his pillowcase. Oh My Baby, Little One will resonate deeply for moms and kids alike, and may make daily separations just a little bit easier.
So blow a kiss and wave good-bye--
my baby, don't you cry.
This love is always with you,
like the sun is with the sky.
(Ages 3 to 6) --Emilie Coulter
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