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release date: Oct 01, 2001
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Who Hops?
From the cow that doesn’t hop to the giraffe that doesn’t crawl, animals on brightly colored page after page offer up giggles galore and a delightfully silly look at the way some creatures do--and don’t--get around.
When the time comes to guess who hops and flies and slithers and swims and crawls, observant young readers just might know the answer! Review
Who hops? Does a cow hop? A giraffe? And if not, what do they do instead? These simple questions are answered in Katie Davis's fanciful Who Hops? Exploding with color, this engaging read-aloud book takes a fun-filled look at the world of animal movement. Introducing animals that really do hop or fly or swim, Davis ends the sequence with one that certainly doesn't. Birds fly. Bats fly. Flies fly. Rhinos fly. NO THEY DON'T! (At that point, a bedraggled purple rhino, complete with tiny pink wings strapped to his huge body, says, "Great. NOW you tell me.") The cartoonish animals will delight preschoolers, and the bold, black type encourages even the youngest children to attempt reading. Moving quickly through various modes of transportation, Who Hops? finishes with the question, "Who hops and flies and slithers and swims and crawls?" "Why, you do, of course!" Kids are sure to giddily shout out answers, and they may learn a few things about the flying, leaping animal kingdom through their giggles. (Ages 2 to 6) --Aimee Damman
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