release date: Nov 12, 2007
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The Wall Street Waltz: 90 Visual Perspectives, Illustrated Lessons From Financial Cycles and Trends
Language:Chinese.HardCover. Pub Date: 2007-11-1 Pages: 240 Publisher: Wiley The Wall Street Waltz Introducing the new Fisher Investment SeriesComprised of engagingand informative titles written by renowned money manager andbestselling author Ken Fisher. this series offers essentialinsights into the worlds of investing and finance. Any investor who fails to read and heed Ken Fisher's book willhave only himself (or herself) to blame if he loses his shirt inthe market. Using simple words and dramatic charts. Fisher packs awhole financial education into one neat package. James W. Michaels. Editor Emeritus and Group VicePresident-Editorial. Forbes. Inc. Ken's book vividly presents a complete picture of the stockmarket's history-a vital tool for the savvy investor. Charles R. Schwab. founder. Chairman. and CEO. The Charles SchwabCorporation If a picture is worth a thousand words. ...
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