release date: Jul 25, 2000
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The Med School Survival Guide : How to Make the Challenges of Med School Seem Like Small Stuff
Whether you're in your first year, doing your rotations, or finishing your residency, medical school is one of the most challenging -- and potentially enlightening -- things you'll ever go through. How do you turn the frustrations of med school into motivation? How do you remain focused on the things that made you go into medicine in the first place? How do you maintain your relationships with others and yourself? And most important, how do you use this education to become the best doctor you can be? The Med School Survival Guide advises readers on how to handle school, home, and the wards:
Celebrate the small victories (. . .med school is too long to wait 'til the end to celebrate)
Nurture your friendships (. . .they're what's going to get you through)
Listen to your patients (. . .they'll tell you their story if you do)
Subscribe to two medical journals (. . .having access to the most up-to-date information is critical during the clinical years of med school)
Remember who you are (. . .med school is a long experiment in understanding yourself)

Here is real-life advice and professional guidance for aspiring M.D.'s. The Med School Survival Guide shows you how to make it through medical school with your heart and soul intact.
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