release date: Oct 12, 1999
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On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects
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A hilarious introduction to the insect world, On Beyond Bugs will have your preschooler giggling away while learning all kinds of interesting entomology facts. Answering questions like "why do flies buzz?" and "how do bees communicate?" in the musical rhymes long associated with him, Cat in the Hat makes a delightful tour guide. Who else could manage "ants are so strong they can lift things that weigh over ten times their weight and they do it each day?" The sturdy, easy-to-clean-cover makes this book a good choice even for very young children. For those just beginning to read, the phonics-based repetitions are a big help. (Preschool to early reader) --Jill Lightner
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ManufacturerRandom House Books for Young Readers
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