release date: Sep 24, 2013
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Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures
Language:Chinese.HardCover. Pub Date: 2013-9-1 Publisher: beginning as the best superhero stories like Candlewick. a tragic accident has brought an unexpected ending. Flora cynical read a comic book called terrible things can happen to you. and all of them are well aware of the accident; while squirrels Ulysses did not always see the way toward its vacuum cleaner. Of course. Flora has become the best person to save the little squirrel. However. contrary to our expectations. Ulysses since gained a new life. this accident gives it strength. ability to fly. and ...... poem full of grammatical errors. Flora also has a new change. she slowly realized that life is full of hope found possible. and determination with a broad mind to embrace life.
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