release date: Mar 02, 2010
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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Full Screen Edition)
An inventor takes his kids and a candy tycoon's daughter for a musical ride in a flying car that floats.
This remastered, pan-and-scan 30th-anniversary edition of that kiddie-car caper is flawed but solid family fare. It retains a quaint charm while some of the songs--including the title tune--are quite hummable. A huge plus is Dick Van Dyke, who is extremely appealing as an eccentric inventor around the turn of the century. With nimble fingers and a unique way of looking at the world, he invents for his children a magic car that floats and flies. Or does he? The special effects are tame by today's standards, and the film is about 20 minutes too long--but its enthusiasm charms. The script was cowritten by Roald Dahl and based on the novel by Ian Fleming, best known for his James Bond adventures. --Rochelle O'Gorman
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RatedG (General Audience)
DirectorsKen Hughes
ManufacturerMGM (Video & DVD)
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