release date: Sep 04, 2001
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Mary of Mile 18
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Mary lives with her family on a remote farm in Mile 18, just off the Alaska Highway in northern British Columbia. One freezing cold February night, she watches and listens to the northern lights flash and crackle across the sky. She likes to pretend that if she hears the music of the lights, the next day will bring something special. Indeed, this time it does--on the way home from school, Mary finds a lost puppy that turns out to be a wolf cub. Her father, declaring that "wolf pups are useless," orders her to leave the pup in the woods. But "Wolf," as Mary names him, refuses to abandon her and finally wins her father's approval by bravely defending the family's chickens from a marauding coyote.

Author Ann Blades was only 19 when she began teaching at Mile 18 (or Buick, as it is known today). Determined to do something about the lack of books that reflected her pupils' environment and experiences, she wrote this simple and touching story of hardship, love, and longing. Like the narrative, the author's own starkly primitivist watercolours reveal her deep understanding and empathy for the land and the people who live upon it. First published in 1971, Mary of Mile 18 has been reissued in this newly designed hardcover edition to commemorate its 30th anniversary as an international classic. (Ages 6 and older) --Martha Johnson

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