release date: Oct 19, 2020
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Mastering Sin
If you're looking for solid answers to your questions about sin, help is only a click away. Sin is a dismal and difficult topic that we prefer to steer clear of. Unfortunately, there is more to sin than wrong behavior. Sin is a power that is bent on destroying us. You may not be able to dodge this methodical enemy, but you can learn what is necessary to defeat the sin lurking along your path each day. As you read through the pages of Mastering Sin you will journey deep into the realm of sin with the author. Here, you'll acquire the war chest and the strategy needed to defeat this ancient foe on its own turf. With each turn of the page you will gain: •INSIGHT into the many facets of sin •CONFIDENCE as your new war chest and strategy equip you for victory •STRENGTH through the divine power that is committed to defeating sin in and with you •JOY in realizing you can have victory over sin's grip on your life •HOPE for your tomorrows •REST in knowing your ultimate reign over sin is without question If you are new to the concept of mastering sin, and open to learning about God's saving love through His Son, Jesus Christ, this easy-to-read SIN BUSTER is a must have. Do you already know the key to defeating this heartless enemy? Don't assume there isn't more you can learn. Mastering Sin is packed with plenty of exceptional teachings tailored to fit your war chest. You may find yourself returning to buy a copy for a loved one. Don't waste another minute reacting to sin. Get in the fight and start reigning over this deadly power. Order your copy of Mastering Sin right now!
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