release date: Aug 18, 2020
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The Black Sheep Formula - A Nonconformist's Guide To Creating Products And Selling Online.

Q: How can I achieve financial success, personal growth, and my love for travel and adventure - all at the same time?

A: Follow The Black Sheep Formula.

The Black Sheep Formula is the comprehensive how-to guide to creating simple but unique problem-solving products and selling them direct-to-consumer online - every hour of every day, all over the world.

As a Black Sheep, you'll learn how to prototype, create, ship, store, deliver, and market you niche-owning product. You'll set up sophisticated sales systems to fully automate your business. Ultimately, you'll trade your products for dollars and not your time, and as a result you'll stop being a slave to the machine by creating your own machine. The Black Sheep Formula book consists of:

* Business theory that every entrepreneur needs to know - addressing not just how, but why you should trade products for dollars instead of hours.

* A fictional thread that intertwines throughout the narrative illustrates some of the key elements of launching one's own enterprise.

* Comprehensive real-life case studies of two separate entrepreneurs who succeeded with launching their own Black Sheep Formula enterprises.

* Tool, tricks, and secrets for dominating online sales from one of Amazon's earliest and top vendors.

* Step-by-step instructions on how to execute the creation, production, distribution, and marketing of your own product.

* In-depth information on sourcing, Chinese manufacturing, dealing with factories, minimum order quantities, payment terms and more.

* Numerous product idea examples.

* Tools and techniques for creating and developing great, niche dominating, products. Don't wait another minute - learn the formula now!

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