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release date: Sep 05, 2017
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Wild: Endangered Animals in Living Motion (Photicular)
Come face to face with our vanishing wildlife. Using unique Photicular technology, Wild brings to vivid life the animals who are under threat of extinction. It turns abstract numbers and names into touching and unforgettable images.

From the cover panda, lazily munching on leaves, to an albatross swooping its magnificent wings, to the hovering bumblebee, among the most critical of threatened animals in terms of its effect on the global food supply, Wild captures eight endangered animals in living motion. We see gorillas at play, a rhinoceros and its baby trotting across the savanna, a pangolin skittering along the landscape, an elephant bathing in a river.

An opening essay explores the environmental and economic threats to animal populations and how conservationists are working to slow—and when they can, reverse—the damage. Profiles of each animal accompany the images, which are warm, accessible, and friendly.

Wild joins four other books in the Photicular series—Safari, Ocean, Polar, and Jungle—with over 2 million copies sold.

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ManufacturerWorkman Publishing Company
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