release date: Sep 21, 2000
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How to Become a Millionaire: It Really Could be You
How to Become a Millionaire shows you in an easy-to-read way how to take a few simple steps to financial freedom. The authors explain the eighth wonder of the world, the power of compounding, showing how with relatively small regular savings you can produce a very significant capital sum. Did you know, for example, that with growth at the same rate as the UK stock market over the last 20 years, £5,000 a year would produce £2 million in 25 years? But that is only half the story. By using an ISA mortgage to finance the purchase of your house or flat you can harness two of the world’s best-performing financial assets, property and shares. How to Become a Millionaire shows you how to set them to work for you at the same time. And believe it or not, the capital profits you make on both will be tax free! Endowment mortgages should be avoided like the plague. If you are already saddled with one, the authors show you how to calculate whether or not to run it to maturity and how to get the best price if you decide to surrender the policy. There is no need to worry about the complexities of the stock market. You will be shown how to invest in tracker funds or a simple high-yield system that will take you less than an hour a year to use. If you want to become a more active investor, the authors give you a taste of the two most popular methods and point you in the right direction to progress further. There is no need to fantasise about winning the lottery. Written by Jim Slater, one of the country’s leading investment experts, and Tom Stevenson, the former City Editor of Independent, this book is a clear blueprint for making your first million. It really could be you.
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