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release date: Aug 01, 2017
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Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Volume 6 - Sonic Boom (Doctor Who New Adventures)
Collecting Year Two #11 - 15 of the ongoing Twelfth Doctor comic adventures!

Paris, France, during the reign of the King Louis XIV: the Doctor dives into pitch-black terror when he discovers an ancient, near-immortal shadow entity wearing Cardinal Richelieu like a suit. With the help of sword-slinging opera singer Julie D'Aubigny, can the Doctor defeat the dark tendrils of the Cabinet Noir?

Then: remember the successful comic book based on internet rumors of the Doctor's life - the smash-hit 'TIME SURGEON'? Well, the Doctor does, and he's not happy with all the entertaining lies the writer and artist have made up about him! Will a trip through time show them the error of their ways... and possibly heal the rift that has sprung up between them?
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