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release date: Sep 03, 2002
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Cats Don't Dance
Cats Don't Dance
Cats Don't Dance is typical fare: a dancing cat who wants to be a Hollywood star circa 1939. Of course, animals only play animal roles in the movies, but our hero Danny (a cat) won't accept that as an answer. Plenty of big laughs for adults here, but there are also some wonderful characters including the bratty baby starlet Darla Dimple (Shirley Temple meets Baby Herman) and her Schwarzenegger-type bodyguard Max. There's also a jittery hippo, a cute penguin, and a keen elephant who helps Danny fulfill his dream and land the girl--err, cat. Randy Newman's songs are just as inspired as the film: a pleasant, kid-friendly picture with lots to satisfy the older crowd as well. --Doug Thomas
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Sales rank7262
RatedPG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
DirectorsMark Dindal
ManufacturerWarner Home Video
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