release date: Jul 02, 2003
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What's Up, Doc? (Bilingual)
What's Up, Doc? (Bilingual)
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The DVD has only 12 minutes of star Barbra Streisand commenting, and most of that is her telling us how much she enjoyed her time, and trying to remember what happened next on screen. But as she states, it's really director Peter Bogdanovich's place to comment on this film. His full-length commentary showcases his low-key charm as he spins stories about the creation of the film including run-ins with Cary Grant and director Howard Hawks (who both knew a thing or two about screwball comedies). Bogdanovich has as many good anecdotes as comments about what gags in the film got a "big laugh." This film looks marvelous in its first widescreen home video presentation and also contains the original, cutely produced, featurette. --Doug Thomas
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RatedPG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
DirectorsPeter Bogdanovich
ManufacturerWarner Bros. Home Video
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