release date: Jan 16, 2011
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The Land Before Time X - The Great Longneck Migration
Join your prehistoric pals on the most spectacular adventure yet! Littlefoot and his grandparents share an unusual "sleep story" that leads them on a fantastic journey! The always curious Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie quickly follow behind. Throughout this enchanting adventure, they discover many new creatures, wonders of nature, dangers and delights! They eventually meet up with the largest gathering of dinosaurs ever, including one very special Longneck that Littlefoot thought he would never see! Featuring the unforgettable voices of an award-winning cast, including Kiefer Sutherland, Bernadette Peters and James Garner, and an original song, "Best of Friends," performed by 4-time Grammy Award winner Olivia Newton-John. The Land Before Time: The Great Longneck Migration is filled with lessons on friendship and diversity that deliver a fun and captivating story for the whole family.
Dreams--or "sleep stories," as these talking dinosaurs dub them--inspire Little Foot and his grandparents to begin a journey to see a climactic event in the 10th installment of this consistently high-quality series. Along the way, they discover that other longnecks have been having similar dreams, thus providing the opportunity for guest voices (Bernadette Peters as "Sue" and James Garner as "Pat") and Little Foot's reunion with his long-lost father (voiced by Kiefer Sutherland). In a subplot, Little Foot's other dino friends decide to follow him, but this story really belongs to the young longneck. He gets to view a solar eclipse--and take credit for saving his species--but has to make a decision between traveling with his newfound dad and returning with the grandparents who raised him. It's a tough decision for a little one, but children who have gone through divorce will identify. (Ages 2 to 7) --Kimberly Heinrichs
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