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release date: Jan 20, 2004
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Pokemon Heroes: The Movie
The fifth installment of the phenomenally successful POKEMON series takes place in a mysterious city on water. Set against a baffling maze of canals and alleyways, Ash, Pikachu, the rest of the gang take on a slick new pair of thieves in this glamorous, high-stakes adventure story. The film introduces two new Pokemon characters -- Latias and Latios, who possess strong psychic abilities and the power to disguise themselves as humans!
The fifth Pokémon movie takes Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu to the city of Altomare, a thinly disguised Venice guarded by the shape-shifting Pokémon Latios and Latias. Two new agents of Giovanni's, Annie and Oakley, are out to capture these rare Pokémon--reducing Team Rocket to the role of spectators. Latios and Latias are linked to an elaborate, computer-generated mechanism that defends the city, controls the tides and brings fossil Pokémon back to life. Ash and Pikachu foil the evil plan with some help from Misty, Brock, and Bianca, a girl who lives in Altomare with her kindly grandfather. The contrived story suggests that as far as features are concerned, the Pokémon franchise has pretty much run dry. (The film earned less than $1 million in its U.S. theatrical release.) Extras include a Camp Pikachu short and a Pokémon Heroes trivia game. (Rated G, all ages: minor cartoon violence) --Charles Solomon
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RatedG (General Audience)
DirectorsJim Malone,Kunihiko Yuyama
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