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release date: Feb 03, 2004
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Follow Me, Boys!
After one year too many on the road with a ramshackle jazz band, Lem Siddons (Fred MacMurray) decides to put down roots. He marries sweetheart Vida Downey (Vera Miles) and embarks on a lifelong roller-coaster ride as a scoutmaster to a steady stream of high-spirited youngsters. Set against lovingly recreated scenes of 1930s America, this family classic shines with all the warmth and humor of Disney entertainment at its nostalgic best.|The movie marks Kurt Russell's Disney film debut, as Whitey.|Variety wrote, "The production catches the spirit of rural America in the '30s with moving charm, blending comedy, drama, and romance in a buildup toward an emotionally charged climax."
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Sales rank1958
RatedG (General Audience)
DirectorsNorman Tokar
ManufacturerWalt Disney Home Entertainment
List price$6.25

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