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release date: Nov 01, 2005
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A Child's Christmas in Wales
A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN WALES takes you on a lyrical journey back to the magic and marvel of boyhood where no two moments were ever alike and life was embraced with belief instead of doubt. On this special Christmas Eve, Old Geraint shares these heartwarming memories with his dearly loved grandson, Thomas. In one evening he does more than recall his cherished youth . . . he relives it.
This timeless tale is as wondrous as the story's snow globe, delivering with pristine gentleness a glimpse of a child's Welsh Christmas told from the remembrances of a kindly grandfather to his attentive grandson. Dylan Thomas' 1955 poem of the same name--originally written for radio--is richly adapted to the small screen by director Don McBrearty who brings to life an already masterful piece of prose, infusing it with even more grandeur through vivid costumes, scripting, and cinematography. Denholm Elliott is captivating, both as narrator and as Old Geraint, the grandpa who settles in on a rainy Christmas Eve to share with young Thomas (Mathonwy Reeves) his memories of Christmas past. Who can forget the fire in Mrs. Prothero's parlor; the unending snow, "a dumb, numb thunderstorm of white"; the Useless Presents, including the mewing moo; the Uncles "trying their new cigars"; and, always, the Aunties-- including Hannah, who customarily "laced her tea with rum." Gift-wrapped in delicate music by Lou Natale, the language, imagery, and subtle humor of this film--absent of stain and cynicism--makes for a suitably classic "annual family tradition." (All ages) --Lynn Gibson
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DirectorsDon McBrearty
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