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release date: Oct 01, 2005
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Bike-O-Vision - Virtual Cycling Adventure - All Across America, Vol. 1 - Perfect for Indoor Cycling and Treadmill Workouts - Cardio Fitness Scenery Video (Fullscreen DVD #10)
With so many places to explore in America, where to start? Bike-O-Vision journey 'All Across America' takes you through the stately southern city of Savannah, Georgia, then out through bluegrass-inspiring highlands of North Carolina into Great Smoky Mountains National Park and over to Nashville, Tennessee. Glide down the San Antonio River near the Alamo, then out into the wide open prairies of Oklahoma and New Mexico including a stretch of famous Route 66, and finally rambling down the dusty streets of Tombstone, AZ and through the Saguaro cactus forests near Tucson. 'Whew!'
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RatedG (General Audience)
DirectorsNorth Bay Productions
ManufacturerRockstone Productions

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